(By Andrew Dickens and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Vreedzame ‘Corona-Waanzin-Demonstratie’ Den Haag: ‘NSB-Killer-Politie’ van’ CDA-Gestapo-Generaal Grapperhaus’ & ‘Pedo-Boss Rutte’ met Pedohandboek slaan oude vrouwen straffeloos verrot (VIDEO”S).

‘Royal-Bruidsmeisje-Diana’ was ook op ‘Epsteins Elite-Pedo Prins Andrew & Bill Clinton- sekseiland’: CIA& Mossad&MI6&AIVD wisten van niks (kuch)(Video’s).

Oud-PvdA-Kamervoorzitter Verbeet& ‘Tafel –Hoer’ van Van Nieuwkerk wordt ‘Desk& Olifanten- Killer-Commissaris’ bij ‘Taxfree- Crime group-Unilever.(VIDEO’s).

The five biggest coronavirus myths BUSTED! Exposing the fear mongering, MSM-NPO-CNN-BBC-propaganda and outright lies that are plaguing the world(VIDEO’s).

Viruswaanzin: ‘Big Taxfree-Elite-Mafia Pharma –firms’ will NOT be held accountable for side effects&Deads of Covid vaccine(VIDEO’s).

Taxfree-Royal-Corona -Aasgieren-King Willem & Huisjesmelker-Prins Bernhard’ hebben Lak aan het kaal geplukte Volk met Peperdure Speedboten: ‘Hofnar Rutte’: het zijn mooie boten(Video’s) .


Psychopath Pompeo’ angry with Russia&China & EU over UN rebuke. ‘Boy Rutte’& Sophie in ‘t Veld krijgen spontaan een Natte Doos(VIDEO’s)

The Western- corrupt Pedo-Elite- War Crime- Fake-Democrat Governments are dishing out lucrative Covid-related contracts to their woefully underqualified  ‘Snake in Suits –Desk Killer ‘pals like the Dutch Labor Party Gerdi Verbeek. As Poodle Johnson from Mad Dog Rapist puppet Trump , and his Boy’s Macron, Pedo-Boss Rutte and his ‘Shoes -Fetish Devil – CDA Minister Hugo de Jong’ (Video’s)  et al waste taxpayers’ money, their cronyism and incompetence is costing lives and livelihoods and freedom.In African or South American countries, they’d call it corruption. In countries like the UK and the US, however, it’s called ‘networking.’ Scratch the right back, kiss the right arse, go to the right school, and life gets a lot easier and more lucrative, often thanks to a hefty wedge of public money.Even now, despite – in fact because of – the Covid-19 pandemic that has torn through the planet, wrecking lives and economies, the leaders of these countries have still been dishing out power and public cash to their hapless besties.Being bent isn’t new, of course. It’s their thing. But when the crisis dropped its gargantuan banana skin in front of every government and industry on the planet, with the stakes so high and the scrutiny so forensic (even when they point at people in dinghies to distract us), you’d have thought they’d have changed tack. Perhaps not ‘networked’ things quite so much, at least for a bit.Instead, they’ve networked the living daylights out of them.

High Street is dead: Covid-19 and lockdowns leave once-bustling cities like empty husks, as jobs, housing and opportunity vanish.

While arguments have raged about ‘What does a pandemic best? Capitalism or socialism?’ and whether ostensibly pro-market governments have suddenly gone all Trot by handing out billions to keep their sinking ships from exploding instead, the only isms really in play are cronyism and crapitalism (I made that up and am very proud).It’s jobs for the boys (or girls) as usual, experience and talent not required. More stories emerged this week of how the ‘UK-Taxfree-Royal-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist- government (VIDEO’s) led by Trump’s  Puppet ‘Poodle- Boris Johnson’ – a  Psycho-man whose entire life and career is based on who he knows rather than what he knows – has used catastrophe to grease the palms of its pals.

First, it announced that Public Health England, the executive body whose aim is to ‘protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing,’ is to be replaced by the National Institute for Health Protection.Apart from the obvious buck-passing over the British balls-up of a response to Covid, the exercise seems to be nothing more than giving PHE a new name and a new Royal Psycho boss: Baroness Harding of Winscombe. Or Dido to her Snake in Suit-Killer-friends, among whom you’ll find former prime minister Puppet Psycho David Cameron, who gave her the title (which comfortably beats an iTunes voucher in the gifting stakes). Royal Psycho Dido’s qualifications for the job? Well, she has kind of worked in the NHS before. She was in charge of the government’s Covid-19 ‘track-and-trace’ response. The really expensive one that doesn’t work and which is still trying to develop a functioning app whose first flawed iteration was revealed on May 5.Her experience away from government? In 2017, she quit as boss of telecoms company Talk Talk after a major data breach that led to 157,000 customers having data stolen. But it’s fine, it’s not like she’s working on an app that will hold loads of personal data…What else? Oh yes, she’s married to  Psycho Tory MP John Penrose and has a close relationship with the corrupt Health Secretary Psycho Matt Hancock.Then we learned, in the light of the UK’s exams debacle, that the company Public First had been working with the now much-maligned regulator Ofqual. PublicFirst – a research firm that “influences public opinion” – is run by two former corrupt employees/colleagues of Michael Gove and Dominic ‘Rebel with a Land Rover’ Cummings. Its contract was awarded without going to tender and the amount of money involved hasn’t been disclosed. You know, the taxpayers’ money. Our money.It was also given £840,000 ($1.1 million) by the Cabinet Office, notionally run by Gove and actually run by Cummings, to research public opinion of the government’s coronavirus performance. And another £116,000 ($151,925) by the Department of Health and Social Care to find out how it could “lock in the lessons learned” during the ‘Der Endlösung-Corona-Bom- crisis’.

Imposing Mafia tariffs on friends and foes alike, Puppet ‘Mad Dog -Pedo-Rapist-Trump’ is killing both the US economy and his own chance of victory.

I’m pretty sure I could have done all this just as effectively – and I’d have charged half the price.Apparently skipping any kind of proper procedure with these contracts was OK because of  “exceptional circumstances” surrounding Covid. Because in an emergency, why would you want to get the best people on the job when you can? And there’s so much money being chucked around, who wouldn’t see their mates right, eh?Hiring incompetents might be incompetence by an incompetent administration. It’s so incompetent that its incompetence since being elected – over Covid, Brexit, migration and pretty much everything else – has baffled and enraged even the UK’s almost uniquely right-wing and conservative mainstream press. When Fleet Street turns on a Tory regime, you know they’re in trouble.

Caitlin Johnstone: QAnon is a fake, decoy imitation of a healthy revolutionary impulse

Or perhaps it’s a master plan: hire people even worse than you and you can use them as a scapegoat. And boy does this government love a scapegoat (see PHE above).Cronyism is a way of life in the UK. People get jobs through the ‘old school tie’ and the right handshake. We’re so cronyistic that we even make it part of our law-making process. The extremely  corrupt House of Lords is a cathedral to the notion of rewarding your pals with Snake in Suit- power and Blood-money. Leaders get to hand out lifelong seats in parliament to pretty much anyone they like. Johnson’s latest additions include Evgeny Lebedev, the son of a KGB agent, and Jo Johnson, the son of Boris Johnson’s dad, aka Boris’s brother.It’s not a solely British trait, obviously. There are few people more cronyistic than Donald Trump; a narcissist who has a track record of screwing his businesses with some choice appointments and promotions of flatterers, ‘yes men,’ and friends.  And now he gets to screw his country with those same techniques.Once ‘elected’ US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite  president Puppets like “Uncle Tom “-Obama, ‘Pedo-Rapist Bill Clinton’, ‘OIL-Vampir- War Criminals- Bush’s’, #Metoo- Joe Biden or ‘Mad Dog-Pedo-Rapist Trump’, he didn’t hesitate to hand jobs to family members of varying intelligence – and he’s happily hit the eject button on anyone daring to question whether the world revolves around him.

‘Corona–Aasgieren’:‘Prins Bernhard & Haga & Kushner-Huisjesmelkers’ verhogen straffeloos huur met 40 procent (VIDEO’s)

His original 17-strong Covid task force, set up in February, contained a whopping four people with scientific or medical backgrounds. He also has a ‘shadow’ task force run by failed businessman and son-in-law of the president,  ‘Slum Lord -Jared Kushner’.
This crack squad of  Slum-lord-Kushner’s absolutely unqualified pals, according to the New York Times, “were told to prioritize tips on PPE availability from political allies and associates of President  Puppet Trump.” It also allegedly pulled a much-needed testing programme in order to aid Trump’s election chances.

The relationship between people and cronyism is similar to that between the British and the ‘Taxfree-Royal- Pedo-Rapist-monarchy'(VIdeo’s). We know it’s wrong but we’re so used to it and there are so many larger and more pressing issues that it gets a pass. Why worry about a slow puncture when the engine’s on fire?
The problem now is that the puncture is making us veer off a cliff.There are no larger or more pressing issues than the pandemic and its multitude of negative effects on our lives – and the people in charge, a tight-knit breed of elitists, are leaving the management of it in the hands of a few chancers and chums who know how to mutually scratch backs, wear the right tie or deliver a mirror-like shine to the right boots.

Master Rutte & Co: Geen excuses voor ‘Koninklijke VOC-Slavenhandel’ & ‘Moordende-Kuifje in Afrika- Politie’. En geen loonsverhoging voor ‘Corona-zorgmedewerkers’(VIDEO’s).

Like I said, if this was happening in Africa or South America, we’d be calling it corruption. So, to paraphrase, if it looks like the ‘Snake in Suit-Killer Desk- corruption’, walks like corruption, and stinks of corruption, then maybe we should call it corruption, too

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