(By Helen Buyniski and ing Steve Brown )

 AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The Most Shocking Discoveries About ‘Slumlord- Kushner in Netflix’s ‘Dirty Money’ Wanneer komen Huisjesmelkers Prins Berhard &VVD Boef Haga& Keizerin- Halsema bij Netflix(VIDEO’s).

Central Snake in Suit-Crime- bank’s on ‘suicide mission’ to explode ‘nuclear monetary bom and make millions more People Homeless(VIDEO’s) 

Millions of Americans (and  Europeans) face homelessness with the expiration of the ‘Der Endlösung- Bom- federal- Covid-19- eviction ban’ and unemployment benefits. But instead of encouraging (Slum)-landlord-tenant cooperation, the corporate crime ‘CIA-CNN’& ‘Red Neck- Fake News’- media and there EU  State- Outlets ‘AVIVD-NPO ‘& ‘MI6-BBC'(VIDEO’s)  are hyping ‘dr. Goebbels- stories’ of violence and fear&War.

The ‘Crooked-Real a State- deal’ of the century” from Psycho Kushner &Taxfree-Queen Maxima& King Willem’ in the Middle East and the NL(VIDEO’s) 

The ‘Snake in Suit -economic ‘suffering American  & EU-families have already faced at the hands of incompetent and corrupt government with President Puppet ‘Pedo Rapist- Mad Dog Trump’ & ‘#Metoo-Joe Biden’ responses to the ‘Der Endlösung -Bom- Covid-19 –pandemic’ pales in comparison to the looming “tidal wave of evictions” poised to soak the nation after a federal moratorium expired last month.

Families who thought “moratorium” meant they didn’t have to pay those three months’ rent are getting a rude awakening, learning they’re on the hook for the entire sum just as the $600 weekly unemployment payments many received after virus-related lay-offs have also dried up. A financial bottomless pit is about to swallow millions.

I’ve seen too many families kicked out of their homes. It’s why I despair about the tsunami of evictions that’s coming

Het Woongenot van twee Villa’s voor ‘Halsema& Loverboy -Ninja Oey& Zn.’ in Amsterdam is niet weggelegd voor Amsterdammers(Video’s) .

Wethouder Ivens: Corrupte D66-‘Minister-Jonkvrouw –Ollongren’ staat pal achter ‘Elite-Maffia-Huisjesmelkers-Prins Bernhard & Haga(Video’s) .

US –Taxfree- Ultra Rich-Killer- Pedo-Elite’ with Puppet ‘Pedo-Trump’ ‘theft’ of TikTok turning America into ‘rogue -Red Neck-Killing- Police- country’.

Dictator -Trump’ vows to deploy ‘his’ ‘SS-National Guard’ to quell Portland’s ‘beehive of ‘US-terrorists’ if feds fail to stop unrest by ‘tomorrow’& Defense Secretary Crazy Esper saying ‘SS-NATO’ must ‘avoid PEACE in Europe’(Video).

Those hoping to remain sheltered could negotiate with their (Slum) -landlord Like  Psycho Kushner and the in the Nederland the Psycho Prince Bernhard and ex VVD member of Parlement member corrupt Haga, given that small (Slum)-landowners – those with just a few buildings – are likely to be just as worried about theend of the moratorium as their tenants.A few missed rent payments translate to building owners missing their mortgage payments and the Elite Crime bank – or some rapacious private extremely criminal Snake in Suit-  equity firm – taking away their property. They’re likely to be eager to make a deal to get some payment rather than evict a tenant and get nothing at all. But the corporate crime media establishment ‘CIA-CNN’ and ‘Red Neck- Fake News-FOX’ and there EU Outlets the Dutch AIVD-NPO and the MI6-BBC would apparently rather see these two groups at each other’s throats – literally – than working together. Last week, a Connecticut man supposedly used a samurai sword to decapitate his (Slum)-landlord after a rent dispute, a somewhat dodgy story which nevertheless received extensive media coverage – and no doubt succeeded in striking fear into the hearts of building owners already jittery about their futures in post-pandemic America.The newly-headless landlord, retired insurance exec and semi-famous bridge player Victor King, supposedly ran to Hartford police the day before his death to report tenant Jerry David Thompson had waved the sword at him threateningly when he tried to collect rent.The next day, King was found decapitated in his home, where investigators went just hours after the man’s friends said they couldn’t reach him – although cops typically tell worried friends to wait as long as 24 hours before filing missing person reports if the missing individual is an adult.Thompson, identified as a suspect by these same watchful friends, was quickly arrested – only to refuse to say anything to investigators, supposedly claiming he was a “sovereign citizen” and not subject to US-Taxfree-KKK-Killer-Elite- law.

 For ‘Psychopath- Terrorist -Puppet Trump’ no Rule Of Law: Killing and steeling and Rapping with no prosecution. ‘Taxfree-Shell-King Willem’ & Hofnar- Rutte: wij staan achter onze Trump!(VIDEO’s) 

Pedo-Rapits- Mad Dog-Trump’ RUINED our ‘Venezuela- Steel the OIL&Gold-coup’ and botched ‘winning play,’ cries  corrupt Snake in Suit Democrat  Senator Psycho-Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut)& gets ROASTED online.

The corrupt War Mongul-  Democratic Party’s gripes with President  Puppet Trump are many, yet the latest may be the most bizarre to date. One  Psychophaat War Momgul Senator argued that Trump’s brash personality bungled a perfectly good, American-style Steel the OIL& Gold & coup in Venezuela.If Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) had his way, opposition leader CIA Puppet Juan Guaido would be occupying the Presidential Palace  als CIA Puppet in Caracas right now, after the successful ousting of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Despite the weight the US-&EU-Taxfree-Killer-Eli threw behind  CIA Puppet Guaido last year, the young upstart’s planned Steel yhe OIL&Gold- coup was a failure, and Psycho Murphy blames Trump for that loss.

‘Psychopatht Bolton’ Threatens to Kill or Send Maduro to ‘Guantanamo Bay Prison’(VIDEO’s). Het ‘Taxfree-EU-SS-Elite-Killer-parlement’ met PLO- Minister Kaag-D66 DDR66 -Fractievoorzitter -EU Parlement &Mega- Fraudeur- Sophie in ’t Veld staan er achter(Video’s)

(Zie  hiervoor ‘D66 Fractievoorzitter EU Parlement Psycho-Sophie in ’t Veld’ hysterisch de Hitlergroet brengen ten ondersteuning van de US Steel de OIL-Coup( 2.13)

The  US&EU- War Crime- Capitalism-Devil- Pedo-Rapist-Establishment –media’ (VIDEO’s) has largely framed tenants’ options as binary: “rent strike” or bust. There’s no allowance for a building owner who’d rather get a few hundred dollars from tenants every month than throw them out into the street, allowing him to pay his mortgage and keep his building. Stories like the sword-wielding tenant ensure this hostility runs both ways – tenants are framed as deadbeats, scammers and, now, violent criminals.With a continuation of either the moratorium or unemployment benefits snarled in  the corrupt Congress for the foreseeable future, the only legal barrier left to stop as many as 40 percent of US renters from being turned out into the streets is a  one day to 30-day waiting period mandated by the original CARES Act coronavirus bailout.It doesn’t apply to all renters, and likely does not protect tenants (like Thompson) living in single-family homes or buildings with four or fewer units. It also only lasts until August 24, at which point housing courts will be swamped with eviction cases unless Democrats and Republicans can reach an agreement on another Main Street bailout – an unlikely prospect, given the approaching election and both parties’ unalloyed glee for pinning Americans’ suffering on the other party.

Desperate New Yorkers mark May Day with CANCEL RENT protests at governor’s office & city landmarks (VIDEOS)

An eviction on one’s record makes it very difficult to get another apartment, creating a vicious cycle in which those thrown out of one place become prey for slumlords who take advantage of their desperation to slap ruinous terms on their next rental. As more small landlords fail, this model is perversely rewarded, as it was in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, when ‘Elite Crime- private equity- giant ‘Blackstone Mafia-Group’ scooped up hundreds of thousands of delinquent properties and rented them out, only to put the squeeze on tenants.The vulture firm showered renters with endless, unpayable fees for minor or imaginary violations with such zeal that the United Nations actually cried foul. Blackstone was accused of “wreaking havoc” on communities and making a global housing crisis worse.
Instead of punishing Blackstone and its ilk for bleeding the working class dry, however, the corrupte  US government has rewarded them. Blackstone spinoff BlackRock, the asset management giant that now does much of the Federal Reserve’s trading for it via investment ‘ Elite-Criminal -vehicles’ created as part of the Covid-19 bailout, is getting into the mortgage market.

Dueling criminal corporations: Cuomo’s Devil- elite consultants spar with Puppet Trump’s Bosses the Big Devil Business CEOs to control Americans’ futures

The Snake in Suit-Blackstone executives have consulted on New York and neighboring states’ economic reopening policies – a case of the fox advising the henhouse that has triggered over 100,000 business closings in New York alone (a third of all businesses in New York City are likely gone for good as of Monday, according to the New York Times).Establishment stalwarts from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Bloomberg have acknowledged that this fiscal devastation has been especially harsh on minorities – business owners and residential renters alike.But not even the possibility of being exposed as raging hypocrites, throwing the black community under the economic bus while shouting “Black Lives Matter,” will force the political class to stand up for their constituents. Unity and cooperation don’t get people to the voting booth – division sells. The only color that really matters in Washington is green.

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( Helen Buyniski is an American journalist and political commentator at RT. Follow her on Twitter @velocirapture23)
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