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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ‘I like to Steel Oil and Kill the poor!’ Trump reaffirms predatory intentions in Syria is‘the best’ US president for his honesty. Rutte& Van Oijk: Trump is ook ons voorbeeld(Videos).

Dictator -Trump’ vows to deploy ‘his’ ‘SS-National Guard’ to quell Portland’s ‘beehive of ‘US-terrorists’ if feds fail to stop unrest by ‘tomorrow’& Defense Secretary Crazy Esper saying ‘SS-NATO’ must ‘avoid PEACE in Europe’(Video).

Syria: Trump is Steeling our Ollie and Killing our People with NATO and Israel. Venezuela: Trump is steeling our Cold and Killing our People. Iran: Trump is Murdering our Generals  & People abroad and in Iran and want to steel our OIL. &Afghanistan(VIDEO’s) : Trump is Killing our People and Children and want toe steel our minerals.

Bolivia: Trump  did  a CORPORATE COUP D’ÉTAT and is now steeling our minerals and Killing our People. ‘VVD Godfather Rutte’ (VIDEO’s)  & Pedo Rapist& Co a La  ‘Op1 – Pedo-Rukker-Sander Schimmelpenninck’ (VIDEO’s)  & secret service- AIVD- Fake-journalist- informant& Pedo-Rapist- Peter R. de Vries(VIDEO’s)&   “Uncle Tom”-Janice Deul& dr’ Goebbels Saskia Noort-Media(Video’s): ” Wij staan achter onze groet Westerse Leider Trump en past u vooral op voor de Russen en Chinezen en Wilders  en Tagie en Holleeder en Steve Brown. ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime- Steel the OIL and Gold -Pedo-Rapist-Epstein- Killer Elite’  ‘NATO-Slave- States’ : Our  Killer & Robber Mafia-Boss ‘Pedo Rapist- Trump’ can doe any crime he want, Heil Trump” 

Mad Dog Trump’s US military first in Rape : The murder of a female soldier has shown just how bad sexual violence is in the US military(VIDEO’s) .

Syria says US ‘stealing’ oil after American Elite-crime- energy firm Exxon Mobil  signs ‘Steeling-deal’ with  ‘CIA-Kurdish rebels’: ‘Taxfree-Shell-King Willem’ en zijn Hofnar-Rutte: Top(Video’s)!

The corrupt Syrian government has accused the ‘US-&EUTaxfree-Pedo-Rapist-Epestiein& Demmink& Ed Nijpels & Prinsen Bernard & Claus& Andrew -Killer-Elite ‘( Video’s) of “stealing” the country’s oil reserves, which  ‘Crazy- War Mongul-Washington’ claimed to be protecting from terrorists. American lawmakers admitted that a  Steel The Oil-deal has been signed with  ‘CIA-Kurdish rebels’.When President  Puppet ‘Pedo-Rapist- Mad Dog- Trump ‘pulled  his  ‘Steel the OIL&Gold-US troops’ out of Syria last October, it was not the full withdrawal promised in his anti-interventionist campaign speeches. Instead, a contingent was left behind in areas of north Syria controlled by the ‘CIA- Kurdish-led Syrian corrupt Democratic Forces’, ostensibly to protect the region’s oilfields from Islamic State (CIA IS, formerly ISIS) White Helmets-terrorists.

Der Endlösung-Bom- Covid-19(Video’s)  gives’ cover for US-Killer-Elite-led NATO-coalition to keep up pressure on Syria .

Koning heeft geen ‘Shell-aandelen’, want die staan op een ander naam net als bij de Maffia(Video’s)
However, the  corrupt Syrian government has accused the ‘US- Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ of pilfering the oil for itself. In a statement to the state-controlled SANA News Agency on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry condemned a  Steel the OIL-deal signed between an unnamed American oil firm ‘Taxfree-Exxon Mobil Corporation crime group’ and the CIA-SDF, calling the oil extraction “stealing” and the rebels “a cheap CIA-puppet in the hands of the American occupation.”The ministry added that it would consider the deal “null and void.”The government in Damascus has long accused the ‘US-Taxfree- War Crime-Killer-Elite’  of looting Syria’s oil reserves and killing the People . While the troops left behind on the oilfields supposedly stopped the black gold from falling into terrorist hands, sanctions on the Syrian government mean that the US hasn’t handed it over to Damascus either. Instead, rumors have circulated that the US quietly sold the oil off to foreign buyers Like Exxon and Shell , with Syrian little  Psychopath President Bashar Assad accusing  Big- psychopat Trump and the NO 1 Terrorist of the World  of flogging the oil  with  the Snake in Suit from ‘Taxfree- Exxon’& ‘Royal Ducht-Shell’-crime group  from Taxfree-VOC-SS King Willem to Sultan Erdogan of Turkey, just as Islamic State and ‘CIA- Al-Nusra terrorists ‘did beforehand. Back stateside, President Puppet Trump’s assertion that “I kept the oil” did little to dispel these rumors.

‘US& EU-Killer-Elite- sanctions’ are part of a multi-front war on Syria, and its long-suffering civilians are the main target

Int.Oorlog ‘s –misdadiger-Stef blok’ weigert contact met Nationale Oorlog ‘s misdadiger Assad, maar ziet geen probleem in contact met Int. Oorlog ‘s misdadigers Trump& Prince Salman(Video’s)

The ‘Steel the Oil-deal’ mentioned by the ‘Taxfree-Elite- War Crime Foreign Ministry’, though, is acknowledged by ‘Crazy- War Mongul-Washington’. In a corrupte Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Thursday, Psychophat Senator Lindsey Graham said that a deal had been signed to “modernize the oil fields in northeastern Syria.” Graham asked ‘Secretary of  Elite-Killer- State”Psycho Mike Pompeo’ whether the Puppet Trump administration supported the ‘Steel-deal’, to which Pompeo replied “we are.”It is unclear, however, what “modernization” entails, and whether or not any oil will leave Syria. Before its descent into civil war, Syria was producing 387,000 barrels of oil per day, of which 140,000 were exported to buyers including Germany and Italy. The seizure of its oil reserves, coupled with US sanctions on its energy and export industries, have hammered the Syrian economy.

Armoede is geen Natuurverschijnsel en de zwaar door de AIVD en zijn informanten John van den Heuvel en Peter R de Vries en Bas van Hout (Video) bedreigde  Underground Presentator Steve Brown van de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV Premier van NL:

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