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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Zeldzame Eerlijke EU Parlementariërs and Activists Clare Daly & Mick Wallace vegen de vloer aan met de ‘EU-Elite-SS-Rusland Haters’ en ( CIA)-EU&NL-Trollen van de ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime -Killer Elite -Militair -complex’ en  de ‘US-Taxfree-Fracking Gas- Elite  Maffia ‘a La D66  DDR66 – EU-Mega Fraudeur- Zakkenvuller- Sophie in ’t Veld’ , etc.., zie:

EVERY FIFTH PERSON: The USSR’s loss of civilian and military life during World War II – our Great Patriotic War:

Spanish court examine that Assange was spied on by the ‘Killer-Drugdealing- CIA’ from Psycho-‘Fat-man -‘Pompeo(VIDEO’s)

‘Dictator -Trump’ vows to deploy ‘his’ ‘SS-National Guard’ to quell Portland’s ‘beehive of ‘US-terrorists’ if feds fail to stop unrest by ‘tomorrow’& Defense Secretary Crazy Esper saying ‘SS-NATO’ must ‘avoid PEACE in Europe’(Video). 

‘AVID-NPO – Rusland – Nieuwsweekend-Waanzin ‘met Randdebielen ‘Her De Bie’ & Callgirl Van der Weij met ‘SS-Haatzaaier- Der Helga Salemon’ : de Russen komen op ons af(Video’s)

US-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist-Epstein-Killer-Elite’ (VIDEO’s) ‘ex CIA-Mass Murderer & Drugs dealing Secretary of State Fat-Man- Mike Pompeo’ is on a ‘SS-China-mission’. He claims his Western (NATO)-Slave world must change China or “China will change us Killer-Elite. “How should we interpret this? A (Cold )-War to be waged against Beijing, jus like against Vet-nam, Moscow Iran, Cuba, Grenada, Indonesia, Venezuela, Africa,South America Middle East, etc.? Does this also imply forced regime from Emperor Xi Jinping change  by  President puppet ‘Pedo Rapist-Mad Dog Trump’ (VIDEO’s) ?

China is certainly a major global competitor, but is it really  the enemy  of the Western ‘Taxfree-Royal- King Carlos& Prins Bernhard  Pedo- Rapist-Killer Elite’ (VIDEO’s) with Pr-Trols Lilke ‘Op1 – Pedo-Rukker-Sander Schimmelpenninck (VIDEO’s) now?

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