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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Extreem corrupte en laffe VVD-staatssecretaris Tamara van Ark:Geen Miljoenen subsidie voor Kinderarmoede van arme werkenden en werklozen labbekakken(VIDEO’s) .

‘Dr. Goebbels-Labour’ with Leader-puppet ‘Sir -MI6 -Pedo- Stramer’ demand ‘North Korean – censorship’ for RT and don’t care about Assange &Free press& poor People (VIDEO’s).

The Corporate-Elite-Crime coup d’etat with Puppets Bush & Clinton & Obama & Trump & #Metoo-Joe Biden and there (Federal) Killer Police(VIDEO’s) 

 ‘Donkey’ King Willem Jat recentelijk 10 miljoen en nu Onderzoek naar miljoenen ‘Prins- Bernhard-smeergeldaffaire’ Spaanse ex-koning Carlos(VIDEO’s)

The phrase ‘lions led by donkeys’ was used to describe the British front line solders of WWI – they were the brave lions who were sent to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders.After years of austerity, raging inequality and now, a mismanaged pandemic, could the British electorate claim that they too are led by a political class of donkeys? Former MP Chris Williamson joins host Ross Ashcroft to pick this apart.

Verzetsheld Steve Brown herdenkt alle Loins en eist dat de Donkey Operette Admiraal -Tafxree-King Willem wordt ontslagen:

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