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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staats-AIVD-NPO’(VIDEO’s) en/of leest in de corrupte en laffe Gevestigde Orde kranten met hun Talking Heads.  Daarnaast zult u over het volgende ook nooit een piepje horen in de eveneens voor het merendeel laffe en corrupte ‘Judas -Tweede Kamer’:

Strijd om Gas tussen ‘Mad Dog-KKK- Trump’ en ‘Capo di Capi Poetin’ treft Nederlandse bedrijven en Gas consumenten dankzij het laffe regime ‘Taxfree-Rutte &Pedo- Co’(VIDEO’s)

Daar waar Poetin direct na het uitbreken van COVID-19 het zorgpersoneel loonsverhoging gaf, geeft ‘Judas-Rutte &Co’ ze weer een klap in het gezicht& ‘Veronica- Inside-Zwarte-Pieten- Gekte’(VIDEO’)

Wilt u straffeloos een moord(en) plegen: Doe het met een ‘Trump-Drone’. ‘Boy-Rutte’: “Het is Oké, wij doen ook mee! “(VIDEO’s)
The ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime- Pedo Rapist Epstein-Killer-Elite’ and ‘AIVD-counselor- journalist Junkie- Peter R. de Vries'(VIDEO’s) with puppet ‘Mad Dog -Red Neck Trump’s’ ‘Mafia- Extortion -decision’ to remove  Illegal sanctions exemption for the two pipelines under construction to deliver gas to Europe and Turkey is a textbook example of “unfair -Mafia- Extortion  competition” through political means, Moscow has said. The move, which allows the further  Illegal War crime-sanctioning of Russian natural gas projects, has clearly shown the “weakness of the American Kill the poor- system with there ‘EU-SS-NATO-Slave- States’ ,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.“This is the use of political pressure for sake of unfair- Mafia- extortion- competition,” Zakharova stated. “Except for raw power, they don’t have any effective tools, there  Fracking-Gas is to  expensive and Polluting Milieu  .”Earlier in the day, ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite -Secretary of CIA- State’ psychopath- Fat-man- Mike Pompeo(VIDEO’s) announced the ‘Elite-Mafia-decision ‘to lift a provision that exempted the pipelines from the 2017 anti-Russian sanctions package, and threatened investors with  Mafia Extortion- consequences.

AIVD Plaats ‘Zakkenvuller & Call Grill Iris de Graaf’ als nieuwe ‘Rusland- Fake News-correspondent’ voor de Staats- NPO als vervanger van ‘AIVD- Spion- Zakkenvuller-Mafkees-Godfroid’(VIDEO’s) .

Get out now or risk the Elite Mafia Killer-consequences’: ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ threatens investors in Russian energy projects

‘Penthouse&Elite-Schandknaap-Pechthold’ &King Willem:”Dood aan de Russen”: Het andere gezicht van de Russen :Yuri Scherbakov “German declared War.”(VIDEO’s)

Anti-5G- Resistance’ in the Netherlands as Towers get sabotage. Bram Van Oijk & Sjoerdsma:” Hier zitten de Russen weer achter.(VIDEO’s)”
“It’s a clear warning to companies that aiding and abetting Russian malign influence projects will not be tolerated. Get out now or risk the  our Mafia extortion consequences,” Psycho Pompeo said.The  Elite-Mafia extortion legislation, known officially as the Countering America’s Adversaries Through’ Elite- Mafia- Sanctions Act’ (CAATSA), has been designed to ‘punish’ Russia for its alleged activities, such as a claimed interference with the 2016 US presidential Freak puppets election.‘Crazy War Mongol-Washington’ has been particularly displeased with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, repeatedly claiming the multinational business project is actually a sneaky Russian tool to gain political sway in  the US  Slave States Europe.The ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’  itself has been actively lobbying  threatenThere European Slave countries to buy its liquefied natural gas (LNG) instead of Russian pipeline gas. While ‘Taxfree-Killer- American LNG’ has, unsurprisingly, turned out to be significantly pricier than the Russian product, the US-Taxfree-Elite-Mafia insists that  there Western Slave countries should still buy it, and even in all seriousness called it “freedom gas.”The most recent  Mafia- extortion action against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was taken by  Crazy War Mongol-Washington in December, when it disrupted the construction of the project in Danish waters when it was only some 90 miles short of completion. This month, however, Denmark approved a petition that gives the company building the pipeline a technical workaround to the ‘US- Taxfree-Elite-Mafia- extrortion- sanctions’, and the works might restart as early as next month. Another project mentioned by the ‘Ex CIA Mass murder& Drugs dealing Psycho Fat-Man- Pompeo’, the TurkStream pipeline, is ultimately intended for the European market as well. The first part of the pipeline, connecting Russia and Turkey, was launched early this year, and it is expected to continue further into southern Europe. Its route will likely to go through  Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, ending in the Baumgarten gas hub near Vienna.

Dutch ‘CIA&AIVD – Rutte&Timmermans-MH17 – Kangeroo -trial’: Court to consider report from Russian missile producer that points to Ukraine(VIDEO’s)

Wij besluit dit wordt wakker artikel met het Volkslied:”Ain’t Got No Life” van alle Labbekakken van welke kleur en/of seksuele geaardheid en/of geloof dan ook in de Wereld(VIDEO”s) 

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Binnenkort:’Doofpot-John Lucas’ vertrekt als Dief in de nacht net als alle Hoofdofficieren van Amsterdam om ‘gezondheidsreden’ (corruptie & Klasse Justitie) en Peter R de Vries(VIDEO’s

Binnenkort exclusief schokkende reportage: Nadat ‘AIVD-Informant-Ratje-Bas van Hout’( en Top VVD-er ‘Rose Pedo- Ed Nijpels’) (Video’s) mocht proberen zijn straatje schoon te vegen met Politie & AIVD -Informant & crisismanager- en acteur ‘Ratje- Marc Belinfante’ bij Staats ‘dr. Goebbels- EenVandaag’ was nu ‘AIVD-& Politie- informant- Ratje- Junkie-Peter R.de Vries’ aan de beurt(Video’s) .