( by Russia today en ondersteunt door onze wordt Wakker redactie).

Amsterdam-Noir- Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staat-AIVD-NPO’  van boss ‘Pimp & Mega-Fraudeur Frans Klein’:Engelse- Killer-Elite’ Jat straffeloos het goud van Venezuela en Martelt & Vermoord Assange voor de ‘US-Killer-Elite’. EU& Rutte het is Oké, wij doen ook mee(VIDEO’s)

Venezuela eist terecht vrijlating van de op verzoek van ‘Oorlog ’s misdadiger-Trump’ gekidnapte zakenman. De NOS bralt het weer goed!(VIDEO’s)

The Taxfree-Killer-Elite corrupt UK court recognizes ‘CIA Juan Guaido’ as Venezuela’s president in   legal fight to steel for tons of gold and  Killing Assange for the ‘US-Taxfree –War Crime – Steel the OIL & Gold- Pedo -Rapits Epstein- Killer Elite’ (VIDEO’s).

Pyscho Pompeo’ demands from his EU-Slave- States’ ditch trade with China and choose ‘Mad Dog- KKK- Trump- Freedom’ over Tyranny (in favor of US-Killer-Elite). (VIDEO’s)

UK denying Maduro access to Venezuelan gold is not only THEFT, it’s MURDER of London’s reputation as trusted  ‘Taxfree-Snake in Suits- financial-  elite crime- center’

The ‘US Killer-Elite Kangaroo- UK High Court'(VIDEO’s)  has Fake ruled that Venezuela’s US legitimate president is in fact its self-proclaimed leader CIA Puppet Juan Guaido, and not the elected Nicolas Maduro, in a bizarre legal battle for steel the $1 billion of gold bullion.The Elite Crime-Bank of England (BOE) holds close to $2 billion of Venezuela’s gold for safekeeping for the Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite with their puppet Red Neck-Mad Dog- Trump. . With both the Venezuelan government and the CIS- opposition laying claim to the fortune, the US Kangaroo UK- High Court has been tasked with deciding who deserves the funds, and said on Thursday that the UK “unequivocally recognizes” self-proclaimed leader CIA puppet Guaido as there puppet president.

“Whatever the CIA- basis for the recognition, her majesty’s Pedo-Rapist- Elite-Killer- government with Trumps Poodle Boris Johnson has unequivocally recognized CIA puppet Mr Guaido as there president puppet of Venezuela,” No Justice US-Kangaroo Nigel Teare said on Thursday. “It necessarily follows that her CIA majesty’s government no longer recognizes Mr. Madura as president of Venezuela.”

Venezuela’s oil exports crash to 77-year low amid crushing US criminal  sanction.
Venezuela’s central bank wants the gold back so it can be sold to buy medicine and equipment to battle Covid-19. It has said the funds would be transferred to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to ensure it isn’t used for anything else, but the opposition objects to this and claims Madura wants to use the money to pay off his foreign allies.

Horny & Corrupt UK Prime Minister Johnson: the U.S. is a “Bastion of peace & freedom & equality. En VVD Minister Aasgier&Racist  Blok weigert Trump te veroordelen voor het massaal schenden van mensenrechten in de US(VIDEO’s).

CIA puppet Guaido, who has self-identified as the country’s interim president puppet  since 2019, with backing from  US Slave Western nations, claims the gold is his to control and alleged the bank would be “financing torture” if Maduro won. The ‘Taxfree-Elite-Killer-Pedo-Rapist- British- government’ is among more than 50 US-Slave nations that have recognized CIA puppet Guaido as Venezuela’s leader.A lawyer for Venezuela’s central bank said that they would appeal the judgment, which “entirely ignores the reality of the situation on the ground.”The BOE rejected Venezuela’s request to withdraw the gold in January, which was reportedly at the request of US-taxfree-War Crime Steel the OIL and Gold Killer-Elite- officials. This prompted Venezuela’s central bank to file a claim against the BOE in May. Its case points to the fact that the UK Foreign Office maintains full diplomatic relations with the Maduro government, arguing that the UK can’t have these relations while also recognizing someone else as the head of state. The Venezuelan government first made moves to remove its gold stores after the 2018 election, which Maduro won and the opposition boycotted. Trump’s Poodle Boris Johnson, who was then the extremely  corrupt Horny Crazy foreign minister, said at the time that the UK “may have to tighten the illegal economic screw on Venezuela for our US Boss,” and with further ‘US-Killer-Elite- sanctions’ placed on the country, its central bank informed the ‘UK-Elite-Crime-Steel the Gold-bank’ that it wished to take its gold back.Opmerkelijk dat de zogenaamde misdaadjournalisten a La ‘Junkie Peter R. de Vries’ en ‘Media -huurmoordenaar John van den Heuvel’ en Hoerenjong- Bruine Rat- Bas van Hout (VIDEO’s)  ect . geen woord weiden aan deze grootse Goud roof alle tijden, of juist niet? Immers ze ‘werken’ markant allemaal voor de AIVD en/of Justitie en/of de Politie in ‘Banana Fraude Nederland’ van ‘Master Rutte&Co’(Video’s).