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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Dieren nemen wraak met ‘Corona-Bom-virus ‘op de misdadige Slachterijen met ‘Poolse- Slaven’ van ‘Barbaric-Hamburger-Trump & Boy Rutte-Kapitalisme’(VIDEO’s):

How big agriculture & capitalism are making pandemics more likely (Rob Wallace) E894

Creepy Elite Pedo-Rapist- dresscode’: ‘Pedo Bill Clinton’& ‘VVD- Massa-Moordenaar CEO-Shell- Gerrit Zalm’ dragen zelfde blauwe Drag Queen Jurk(VIDEO’s)

In this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Rob Wallace, author of ‘Big Farms Make Big Flu’. He discusses how in recent history, deforestation and land use changes driven by global capital have caused more epidemics, his own experience battling Coronavirus, why the emergency response to Coronavirus has a side-effect of making the population see the structural causes of deadly pathogens, for-profit science and why it is ineffective at solving problems such as deadly pathogens, China’s level of responsibility for Coronavirus, how leaving airports open was instrumental in the rise of Coronavirus as a pandemic, whether Coronavirus will kill of the World Health Organisation and more! Finally, we speak to Chikwe Ihekeazu, the Director-General for the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. He discusses the generally lower Coronavirus mortality rate in Africa, why dealing with previous infectious diseases before has made Nigeria more efficient in contact tracing, China’s national response to Coronavirus, lessons learned for Nigeria from Coronavirus and his prediction that there will be many more pandemics in the future!