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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Pyscho Pompeo’ demands from his EU-Slave- States’ ditch trade with China and choose ‘Mad Dog- KKK- Trump- Freedom’ over Tyranny (in favor of US-KILLER-ELITE) (VIDEO’S).

AIVD Plaats ‘Zakkenvuller & Call Grill Iris de Graaf’ als nieuwe ‘Rusland- Fake News-correspondent’ voor de Staats- NPO als vervanger van ‘AIVD- Spion- Zakkenvuller-Mafkees-Godfroid’(VIDEO’s).

Dr Goebbels Hollywood has been described as a ‘Dream-Opium for the People- factory’, but it may also be accurately called a propaganda one better that the Nazi dr Goebbels propfanda machine. A new RT documentary examines the nexus between the film ‘Pedo-Rapist-Weinstein- industry’ and the US-Taxfree-War Crime-Steel the Oil& Gold and Kill the Black and poor- government(VIDEO).

Rapper Lowkey & Underground Presenter & autor Steve Brown. The USA&Britain& the Netherlands where and are oppressive ‘empire of Elite thievery & Mass-(War Crime)- Kiling and Slave Traders and Drugs dealinG (VIDEO’S).

No D-Day for” the George Floyd’s ”: ‘Ex-CIA-Murder Pompeo’ compares China to Nazis in psychopath anniversary interview and forget everything about ”the George Floyd’s & Starving Children from Hunger”(VIDEO’S) .

75 jaar Vrijheid? Why 25000 Dutch Men fought for the ‘Prins Bernhard-SS’ at the Eastern Front of World War II(VIDEO’s)

Look who’s talking! ‘Psychopath  Pompeo’ slams China’s ‘politically motivated’ charges against 2 Canadians nabbed after Huawei CFO arrest.
In an era before home entertainment systems or Netflix, theaters were packed with each new cinematic release as Americans shared a  after  ‘Hitler’s Germany Firts ‘ an common  America First and Kill the black and poorp-cultural – and often emotional –  brain whash experience. And during WWII, the Bureau of Motion Pictures, a special subdivision of the US Office of War Information, reviewed 1,652 scripts between 1942 and 1945, with the aim of solidifying unwavering support for America’s role in the conflict.As RTD reveals in ‘Hollywood’s Propaganda Factory’, after that film became a weapon-of-choice for Washington, with the majority of scripts passing through the hands of the Department of Defense, the FBI or the CIA in an effort to ensure the silver screen reinforced ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime- foreign- policy’.During World War II, Western leaders including Roosevelt and Churchill recognized the Soviet Union’s essential role in defeating Nazi Germany. Notably, American films at the time were openly sympathetic to the Soviet Union and its struggle against fascism. However, Dr Goebbels-Hollywood was quick to change its tune as world war morphed into the Cold War.

The relationship between  ‘dr’ Goebbels- Pedo-Rapist- Hollywood’ and the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer- Elite Steel The OIL&GOLD- military’ has raised uneasy questions about whether American film is  Fake-art or a dr.Goebbels-public relations. For example, the CIA bought the film rights to ‘Animal Farm’ so that the spy agency could make sure that the ending of the 1950s movie was adequately anti-communist.The same methods of subtle opinion-forming exist in the present day, and have taken prominent form in patriotic films depicting America’s ‘War on Terror’.RTD’s Konstantin Rozhkov pulls back the curtain on decades of carefully-crafted, Pentagon-approved Hollywood storytelling.

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