( from our International  Nukes Snake in Suits editors)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  ‘Mad Dog-War Crime- Trump’ Psycho-Plans for Nuclear Arsenal Require $1.2 Trillion, Congressional Review States

Geen Complot: Corona maakt ‘Taxfree- ict-miljardairs-gangsters’ & Taxfree-King Willem met’ Pedo- Eilanden’ nog rijker en Jan met de Pet nog armer. Rutte: Het is Ok(VIDEO’s).

Geen ‘Saskia-Noort &Oerdomme Linda- de Mol-  Complot(Video’s): ‘Taxfree-Ultra- Rijken-Gangsters’ hebben hun eigen bescherming tegen corona: ‘Privé-Pedo-eilanden’. 

Snake in Suits-Party’ like it’s 1929! ‘Covid-19-Buying’ into bankrupt companies is insane. It’s dot-com bubble x 10mn, and it’s doomed to fail(VIDEO’s)

Rapper Lowkey & Underground Presenter & autor Steve Brown. The USA&Britain& the Netherlands where and are oppressive ‘empire of Elite thievery & Mass-(War Crime)- Kiling and Slave Traders and Drugs dealing(VIDEO’s)

Terwijl de US in vuur en vlam staat van de “ #georgefloyd  opstand’ van het Volk tegen de ‘Taxfree-Heersende- War Crime- Killer-Elite-Klasse’ met hun Puppet ‘Red Neck- Mad Trump’ hebben zij besloten om 1200 miljard te gaan uit te geven met geleend gedrukt geld voor nieuwe Kernbommen!!!!!!! De schuld die de US heeft is al 26 triljoen Dollar: Amerika Firts in schuld en Kernbomen en honger en armoede en dak en thuisloze  en  ‘Red Neck-Killer-Politie’& War Crime geweld. Zijn Boys Rutte &J ohnson en Macron: “Dat willen wij ook, Heil onze grote Leider Trump”.

Politiebond & Tweede Kamer:Drie jaar voor Moord op een Labbekak is een gepaste straf(‘qualified immunity’) voor onze ‘Killer-Cops’, Heil King Willem(VIDEO’s)

The global ‘black-Covid-19 hole’ debt will soon top $100 Trillion & We’re get sucked in to the hole and get destroyed accept the 1% ‘Ultra-Rich – Elite-Gangsters’(VIDEO’s) .

As stock market Snake in Suits  investors go euphoric for bankrupt, moribund companies, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert note that there are other ways to look at the real world measured by ‘honest money’ like gold.Max says that, after 20 or 25 years of experimentation during which gold was abandoned and fiat money was used as the unit of count all over the world, it has become clear that “the Elite central crime bank has gone rogue and the psychopath  Wall Street is happy to counterfeit billions of shares of worthless paper.”That’s why gold is now “moving higher against everything, including stocks, and it’s also why smart people are accumulating gold. Smart countries are accumulating gold,” he explains.Max adds that “we may never see inflation; we may go from the phantom deflation right to hyperinflation. So, it’s phantom deflation, there’s no deflation, and then dollar collapse.”