(By RT en ondersteunt door onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Black & Poor-people from the Human ZOO are ‘terrified’ of Mad Dog Trump’s ‘Killer-cops’ who can pull trigger & walk free due to ‘qualified immunity’ just like in The Netherlands from Slave Master Premier Rutte(VIDEO’s).

 WATCH police brutally detain Covid-19 nurse as clashes erupt at Paris health workers protest:France’s& Netherlands year of Yellow Vests protests. ‘Pedo-Rapits Kees van der Spek’: Het hok in met de Gele hesjes(VIDEO’s)

Rapper Lowkey & Underground Presenter & autor Steve Brown. The USA&Britain& the Netherlands where and are oppressive ‘empire of Elite thievery & Mass-(War Crime)- Kiling and Slave Traders and Drugs dealing(VIDEO’s)

A shocking video has emerged showing several French SS-police officers form the Puppet ‘Boy Macron’ of the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich-Elite Gangsters’ round up a woman in a white medical robe during a health workers protest in Paris. ‘SS-Officers’ can be seen dragging her by the hair as she begs for help.The shocking video, filmed at protest in the French capital on Tuesday, shows a ‘SS-policeman’ in full riot gear pulling the middle-aged woman by the hair and slamming her repeatedly against a tree in an apparent attempt to take her into custody.
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VVD- Crimefighter en de grote Jeugdzorg Boss Griezel-Fred Teeven:” Sluit al die protesteerden uitgebuite Labbekakken weer op in een Human Zoo en dan is gelijk weer onze Law en Order hersteld(VIDEO’s):