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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The Rock Slams puppet ‘Mad Dog Red- Neck- Trump’ with Scathing Video Message:

Der Spiegel declares Trump the DEVIL just like People News of Amsterdam have done before he got ‘elected’ in the ‘US-Freak- Election’ (VIDEO’s).

History doesn’t repeat itself – but it certainly rhymes. George Floyd is yet another name in a long, tragic list of unarmed black men killed by a police force plagued with endemic racism, a military mentality and zero accountability. To the rest of the world America today looks like a failed police state. Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter to discuss police brutality and what can be done about it:

Top Houston Police Chief to Mad Dog Red Neck-Trump: ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’& |Houston Police Chief: Forrest Gump is smarter than Trump.

Transparency and change in the US under Elite Tax-free War Crane Democrats with puppet #Metoo- Joe Biden? ‘Don’t be fooled,’ says UN torture expert
The notion that the corrupt ‘Taxfree-War Crime- Democratic Party’ would be better than Taxfree-War Crime Red Neck-Republicans at delivering transparency and accountability is flawed, because ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite- government’ impunity is “systemic,” UN Special Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer has said.
With the November presidential Freak puppet- election looming and protests raging across the US following the police killing of George Floyd, many on the Left are insisting that change will only come if people “vote Democrat” and “vote blue no matter who.”
Yet, the Lying Democrats taking the wheel in January 2021 would not necessarily bring any significant change in terms of transparency and accountability, Melzer implied. “Do not be fooled,” he wrote in a tweet blasting the party on Sunday, adding that US-Taxfree-War Crime& Steel the OIL&Gold-Killer-Elite – government “secrecy and impunity is systemic.”

Geen Complot: Corona maakt ‘Taxfree- ict-miljardairs-gangsters’ &Taxfree-King Willem met’ Pedo- Eilanden’ nog rijker en Jan met de Pet nog armer. Rutte: Het is Oké(VIDEO’s)

Psychopath Statement by Ex CIA Mass Murder& Drugs Dealing- Secretary Pompeo on the World Press Freedom while Killing Assange &Free Press(VIDEO’s).

‘Psycho Boris Johnson’ steels public money for bizarre seks with Callgirl. It doesn’t matter, as his ‘Dutch King Willem-kind’ always get away with it & Dead to China! (VIDEO’s)

The UN torture expert noted that despite their alleged differences, “both” elite -criminal parties “persecute whistleblowers,” “describe dissidents as terrorists” and “murder with drones, etc.” Both also “impose impunity for war crimes and torture,” he added.
To back up his argument, Melzer included a screenshot of a Guardian article about former VP and current ‘Taxfree-Elite-War Crime-Democratic- candidate’ #Metoo-Joe Biden(VIDEO’s) referring to WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange as a “hi-tech terrorist” – a reminder that the puppet “Uncle Tom”- Obama administration was no kinder to those exposing wrongdoings than the puppet ‘Mad Dog Red Neck-Trump- administration’ is.
Melzer has been an outspoken critic of corrupt Fake Democratic Western governments’ treatment of Assange and has repeatedly chastised the extremely corrupt ‘Killer-Elite-British- government’  with the US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite  pervert ‘Poodle Johnson’ or holding the ailing whistleblower at London’s maximum security Belmarsh prison.

In earlier tweets, he warned that press freedom is “under deliberate attack” and that the persecution & Murder of Assange would lead to further infringement of rights.Attacks on journalists by police forces across the US in recent days is now “proof” that this is happening, he said.
Assange is being “burnt at the stake” for exposing war crimes, he said in another tweet, but there is no difference between him and those who are now exposing police brutality and systemic racism.
“It’s the same corrupt  Elite Devil- culture of impunity: high time to connect the dots!” he wrote.

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