(From our Internationale Police-Killers redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Steve Brown was lucky and survived attack from police (and AIVD mob journalists Peter R. de Vries & Bas van Hout (video)), Mitch Henriquez and George Floyd did not!
America First: Elite- US-Kill the black and the poor law helps police to get away with using excessive force just Like in the Netherlands from Premier  Puppet  ‘VVD gang Leader- Mark Rutte'(VIDEO’s) from ‘Taxfree-VOC-SS-King Willem'(Video’).

Minneapolis officers only fired after video shows Killing black man. Nederlandse ‘Politie-Black-man & Steve Brown-moordenaars’ nog steeds in dienst ondanks video’s.

Killing Blacks are Putan’s plan according to the Crazy White House & psychopath ‘liberal-intelligentsia’ like Empress Halsema of Amsterdam (VIDEO’S)and the’ CIA-CNN’& there EU-  State Outlets ‘AIVD-NPO’& ‘MI6-BBC(VIDEO’s)‘.

Feestbeest-Keizerin Halsema’ & ‘NSB-Hoofdcommissaris Paauw’ akkoord met ‘Blacks-& Mocro- Nazi-fouilleeracties’ in Getto Bijlmer & West(VIDEO’s)

Poor & Black-George Floyd died at the saditic& coward hands of  ‘Red Neck&KKK-uniformed officers’, proving yet again that the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Steel the OIL&Gold and Kill the poor-Elite ‘ has the “deadliest Red Neck-KKK- police culture,” the like of which is nowhere to be found in the modern world, his family lawyer told RT’s Ruptly video agency and People e new of Amsterdam-Noir.Public outrage over ‘Red-Neck-KKK- Lynch-police brutality’ – fueled by the arrest and death of a poor African American man George Floyd in Minnesota – is wreaking havoc across US cities.

Most arrested Minneapolis rioters are extremely poor  LOCALS, jail logs show, contradicting claims of ‘80% out-of-state’ provocateurs 
Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney and one of the counsels for the Floyd family, told Ruptly that the country’s law enforcement agencies stand out as notorious among their foreign counterparts.“America’s  Taxfree-Killer –Elite  has the deadliest police culture in the modern world. There is no nation on the planet that kills and incarcerates more of its people,” he said.

“They only know three things: Killing the poor, incarceration and brutality.”

Merritt and his partner attorney Ben Crump will push for “comprehensive police reform” in  ‘Crazy War Mogul -Washington’, DC together with the families of Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, another African American shot dead while jogging near Brunswick, Georgia.The legal team, Merritt pledged, also hopes to take the explosive issue to the UN Human Rights Council, “so that we can receive sanctions against the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ for its pre-basis and continual denial of basic human rights to the African American community and poor People .”Washington ceased to be a member of what it called “a hypocritical” council two years ago, but it is unclear whether any repercussions will have an immediate effect on the’ US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite- law -enforcement’ ecosystem.Derek Chauvin, the officer accused of keeping Floyd in a choke hold, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. But to Merritt, the charges are anything but adequate.“Third-degree murder is an inappropriate charge,” he said, explaining that it implies “reckless behavior that could result in somebody’s death.”

“But when I apply pressure for a sustained period of time to a critical area of someone’s throat, that’s… and it’s all about foreseeability. It’s foreseeable that that kind of action will resolve in serious death or bodily injury, so that’s murder.
As demonstrations against police brutality swept across America, people were heard chanting “I can’t breathe” – a chilling invocation of Floyd’s final words before he died from asphyxiation. The video of an armed white officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for several minutes is still making rounds on social media, causing widespread uproar.Still, Merritt acknowledged that he was “shocked” by how quickly officer Chauvin was suspended, because “that’s a decision made by other law enforcement officers and they typically back each other up.”

CIA-CNN’ blames ‘RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA’ for George Floyd riots because they ‘Can’t blame China’ –  Mad Dog-Killer-Trump

Riots in Covid-19 era are the ‘language of the unheard’, looted bare by white Taxfree-Killer- elite with there Puppets Hamburger  King & Desk Killer Trump(Video’s) &  his Dutch Boy Rutte(Video’s).  

While highly explosive, the Floyd case doesn’t seem to be unique for Minneapolis ‘Red Neck-Killing- cops’, it has emerged. The city paid out three million dollars to settle a lawsuit over the 2010 death of David Smith, a 28-year-old black man who was electrocuted and was also kept in a choke hold face-down for several minutes. The ‘Red Neck-KKK-Police’ then pledged additional training for officers in how to restrain suspects more safely, according to Smith family’s lawyer. The death of Floyd, however, has once again brought the issue into the spotlight.

WATCH the video that started all the ‘CHILD SOLDIERS’ rumors of Mad Dog Trump:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: My Message To ‘Mad Dog Red Neck-Donald Trump’ Is “F You(Video)”Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot reacted to the protests and riots in Minneapolis over the Killing of George Floyd in police custody at a press conference on Friday.