(van Internationale  Police-Killers redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- America First: Elite- US-Kill the black and the poor law helps police to get away with using excessive force just Like in the Netherlands(VIDEO’s) .

WATCH protesters block Los Angeles freeway, attack police cars as George Floyd rallies escalate into riots (Video’s).
Waar waren de protesten in Nederland toen de’ Black-man Mitch Henriquez’ straffeloos werd vermoord door  4 of 5 extreem laffe en corrupte ‘NSB- agenten’ in Nederland en Steve Brown bijna straffeloos werd vermoord door de ‘AIVD- informanten-Junkie- Peter R. de Vries & Hoerenjong Bruine Rat-Bas van Hout-politie’. (Video’s.)Daarnaast zijn die ‘Moordenaar–agenten’ tot heden niet eens ontslagen door de CDA Minister van Klasse Justitie ‘Gestapo–Generaal -Grapperhaus’.

Griezel Teeven’ het Symbool van de teloorgang van Ministerie van Klasse Justitie&Media komt met ‘Huil & Lieg-Boek’(Video’s).


Race war or bust? MSM smothers racial unity over police killing of Minneapolis man by reminding  poor blacks & whites to hate each other.
Hundreds of protesters gathered at an intersection in Minneapolis on Tuesday, a day after a black man was killed in an altercation with a police officer there. Outrage began after a video emerged of a police officer with his knee on 46-year-old George Floyd’s neck for over seven minutes as he says “I can’t breathe.” Floyd died in hospital shortly after the encounter on Monday. Four officers involved in the incident were fired. “Murder charges are not going to stick. They pulled that trick on us too many times. We want these people to be prosecuted for manslaughter, because them charges are going to stick. And that sentence is going to be long, still,” said one protester at Tuesday’s demonstration. “This man can serve 15 years in prison, and still get out and still be able to continue life. It’s going to be hard, but he still can breathe. He can still talk to his family. George can’t. So some change needs to happen.” Floyd’s death is the latest of many highly publicised cases of unarmed black men and women dying at the hands of police officers in the United States in recent years, and echoes the case of Eric Garner, who died by strangulation as the result of a choke hold by a police officer in New York City, in 2014. Garner could also be heard saying “I can’t breathe” in video of the incident.

Politie bekent op audio: aangifte Steve Brown tegen uitlokking moord op Brown door AIVD informant Bas van Hout gaat gelijk ‘OM-Hieke Vriezen AIVD-Doofpot in(Video’s) .

Four Minneapolis psychopath  Killer-police officers were fired Tuesday, authorities said, amid protests and outrage after a viral video showed one of them kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed black man who cried that he could not breathe and later died.A bystander’s video of the incident on the city’s south side captured George Floyd telling the officers “I cannot breathe” as he is pinned to the ground, and as an increasingly distraught crowd of onlookers pleads with the officer to move his knee.