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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  Steve Brown voorspelde het al : Dieren nemen wraak met ‘Corona-Bom-virus ‘op de misdadige Slachterijen met ‘Poolse- Slaven’ van ‘Barbaric-Hamburger-Trump & Boy Rutte-Kapitalisme(VIDEO’s).

Corona- Elite-Vultures’: Big Pharma-Maffia steel public money from Corona-pandemic research and into Profit-Making projects. ‘D66- EU-Fraude-Queen-Sophie in ’t Veld’: Ik en onze King & Halsema Frauderen ook, zo wat(VIDEO’s)
As the Elite Criminal Bank of England says it’s considering the idea of negative interest rates as a last resort amid the Covid-19 crisis, the Elite Criminal US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has topped $7 trillion for the first time ever.That number represents “a black hole of debt,” according to Max Keiser of RT’s Keiser Report. “There’s no resale value for those securities,” he says, explaining that, “if they try to sell those assets on the market, they’d get zero for them. So, in fact that’s a black hole growing on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve elite crime group Bank.”The global hole in the central elite crime banks’ balance sheet is now topping $20 trillion and is projected to top $100 trillion in the next few years, Max says.

Waanzinnige ‘PvdA-Übermensch Dijsselbloem’: Bloedbad ‘Snake in Suits- Wall Street ‘is bewijs Crisis voorbij(Video).

KLM Miljarden Staats steun ‘Vliegt’ via ‘Belasting Paradijs- Ierland’ in de Zakken van de ‘Taxfree-Elite –Gangsters’. Elite-Gangsters puppets  Rutte&Hoekstra: Het is oké!(Video’s) & Klasse Justitie: ‘Elite-Gangsters& Corona-Aasgier-  Ceo Smith’ steelt €4,8 miljoen aan bonussen bij Air France KL, maar hoort  thuis in de cel.

Motorbendes’ vallen in het niet bij ‘Elite-Gangsters’(VIDEO)  &Mega- Frauderende &stelende –Corona-Aasgier Taxfree-King Willem ‘en zijn hofnar ‘VVD Godfather  Rutte’(Video).

‘Taxfree Billionaire -Branson’ & Frind in crime of the Obama’s offering Caribbean ‘Pedo-Rapits- Island’ to secure UK govt bailout as Covid-19 knocks airline(VIDEO’s)

Elite Corrupt Democrats&Pelosi seek More Tax breaks for rich donors & lobbyists in $3 TRILLION Covid-19 wishlist crimenal bill(VIDEO’s)
According to the former Snake in Suits Wall Street stockbroker, “They [the Elite Criminal  Money printer Federal  Reserve& Elite Killer-ECB  – Ed.] simply create these virtual fiat dollars” and Euro’s and the biggest lie that central Elite-Gangsters bankers tell is that they’re fighting deflation by injecting more debt money into the black hole. “They’re causing the deflation, defined as an expansion of the ‘Back-Covid-19- hole’ of debt.” There’s no stopping that black hole, says Max, and “we’re about to get sucked into it an get destroyed accept the 1% ‘”Taxfree- Royal-Ultra-Richt-Elite-Gangsters’ .”

The taxfree-Elite Criminal- Fed can’t print gold:’ Elite Crime Bank of America sees bullion price surge to $3,000 as paper money crumbles