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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Dieren nemen wraak met ‘Corona-Bom-virus ‘op de misdadige Slachterijen van ‘Barbaric-Hamburger-Trump & Boy Rutte-Kapitalisme’(Video’s) .

‘Corona-Elite-Aasgier-Taxfree- King Willem’ steelt 4,7 miljoen voor privé ‘jagen‘ op zijn ‘Kroondomein-Het Loo’ & Miljoenen met Huize den Bosch & Amalia 1.5 miljoen per jaar. Rutte &NPO& RTL-Boulevard het is Oké (VIDEO’s)

EU money intended for underfunded public-benefit research such as preparing for a pandemic has been diverted by the ‘Taxfree- Elite-Blood-money- pharmaceutical-Killer- Junkie-industry ‘into areas where it can make more Blood-money, according to a scathing new report.

‘Psycho Boris Johnson’ steels public money for bizarre seks with Callgirl. It doesn’t matter, as his ‘Dutch King Willem-kind’ always get away with it & Dead to China!(VIDEO’s)

GroenLinks Top Bendeleden ‘Keizerin Halsema’ & ’Zakkenvullers -Green Queen Meliani’ huren extreem veel te dure ‘bevriende’ (Z)-ZZP’ers in(VIDEO’s).

War Criminal -Blair’ is just like the Devils Rutte, Maxima Gates &Trump& Child Killer-Albright the last persons to advise on the safety of our children… I saw his demonic ‘Pedo- grin’ when he heard about dead Iraqi kids(VIDEO’s)

Corrupt ‘Snake in Suits- Officials’ in Brussels with de ‘PvdA- King of Corruption& Lies ‘Mh17 Cray Comedian -Timmermans’ and his ‘Sid Kick ‘Imam- Play Boy Samsom’ & ‘Call Grill Saar van Bueren’(Video’s)   wanted to co-fund research that would have ensured the  ‘Taxfree- War Crime Steel the OIL&Gold& Kill the poor-European Union (EU)’ was better prepared for a pandemic akin to the one we are experiencing today. But their partners in crime, the ‘Taxfree- big pharmaceutical blood money Junkie- companies’, rejected the proposal, ensuring that taxpayer money would go instead into studies with more potential for commercial ‘Kill- the Junkie- application’. In short big-pharma  crime groups lying lobbyists were allowed to steer billions of euros of public funds as they saw fit, a damning new report claims.

Honest Head of EU’s top science body quits after Covid-19 response plans get bogged down by corrupt Brussels

The target of the criticism is the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a public-private money Laundering partnership that was equally funded, between 2008 and 2020, by the ‘Taxfree-European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries-Killers’ and Associations (EFPIA) lobbying criminal Elite Killers- group and the corrupt European Commission to the tune of 5.3 billion euros (US$5.8 billion). The money is supposed to go to areas of “unmet medical or social need,” but, in practice, corporate priorities dominate the decision-making, according to the non-governmental organization Corporate Observatory Europe (COE).

“We were outraged to find evidence that the Elite Criminal pharmaceutical industry lobby EFPIA not only did not consider funding biopreparedness (ie, being ready for epidemics such as the one caused by the new coronavirus, COVID-19) … but opposed it being included in IMI’s work when the possibility was raised by the European Commission in 2017,” a new COE

Traitor French pharma chief Hudson promise Covid-19 vaccine will reach first ‘Corona-vulture-Trump’.Kees van der Spek: het is Oké(VIDEO’)

‘DD66-EU-Fraude Queen- Sophie’ in ’t Veld’ jat 4 ton Taxfree met ‘Nep &Fop onkostenvergoedingen’: Sophie: Pas op voor de Russen(Video’s).

Italian lawmaker demands ‘NWO-Matrix-Gates’ be ARRESTED for ‘crimes against humanity and Animals ’ and Dr. Shiva declares War on ‘Pedo Rapist-Monsanto-Gates’(Video’s).
The rejected proposal would have directed money into refining computer simulations and the analysis of animal testing models, potentially speeding up.
regulatory approval of vaccines, according to the Guardian. But an always-lying spokeswoman for the IMI called the report “misleading”.
“The research proposed by the EC in the biopreparedness topic was small in scope,” she said. “IMI’s projects have contributed, directly or indirectly, to better prepare the research community for the current crisis, the  Kill the poor Blacks- Ebola+ programme or the ZAPI project.”
ZAPI, or the Zoonotic Anticipation and Preparedness Initiative, was launched in 2015 with a budget of 20 million euros (US$21.8 million) after the Ebola epidemic a year prior. The COE report said it exemplifies a pattern of “belated interventions when an epidemic is already underway,” much like this year’s emergency funding of coronavirus research.

Hotly-touted Oxford coronavirus VACCINE trial has only 50 percent chance of success, project leader warns
The think tank questioned whether EU public money was well applied through IMI. Much of it went into research into cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes – areas that are potentially profitable and thus are given close attention by private business. But epidemic preparedness, HIV/AIDS, and poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases have been overlooked by the initiative, the report said.