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AMSTERDAM-NOIR –Corona-Aasgier-G5-Saskia Noort’:”Godzijdank ben ik geen Complotdenker zoals Lange Frans & Lang Leve mijn Rutte & Oerdomme Linda & Bloed-Poen en Dood aan de Russen”(VIDEO’S).

Taxfree- French drugmaker crime group Sanofi has walked back its promise to give US patients priority access to a potential Covid-19 vaccine. The firm’s favoritism triggered a backlash in France that drew in the country’s government.  Snake in Suit Sanofi Chief Executive Paul Hudson said on Thursday that it is vital any coronavirus vaccine be made available worldwide, and called on European Union countries to work collectively toward such a vaccine.

When will the Rulling Killing Class enforced 1.5 m( 6 ft) to stop Torture of animals and keep Making save from Covid-19 ??!! (Video)

‘Boy Macron’ the Puppet from the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich’ cracks down on Yellow Vest protests with his ‘Nazi-Police’.  Oplichter & Pedo-Rapist-Kees van der Spek: Macon heeft gelijk(Video).

A day earlier, ‘Snake in Suit-Hudson’ had told a different story. Speaking to Bloomberg News on Wednesday, the pharma executive said that, as the fine gentleman Trump has funded his blood money-company’s vaccine research, it has “the right to the largest pre-order because it’s invested in taking the risk, hahahahahaha .”

Your money, your right? France disputes PRIVILEGED ACCESS to Covid-19 vaccine for  the ‘Hamburger King &Desk Killer Trump’.

‘Traitor & Elite-Gangster-Hudson’s’ statement upset even the corrupt French officials. Junior economy minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher described it as “unacceptable” that  Trump would be given “privileged access” on a “financial pretext.” Hudson has also been summoned to meet with French President puppet ‘Boy Macron’ next week, Reuters reported on Thursday.With the controversy raging, the ‘Traitor-‘Blood money-company’ altered its original position, explaining that production on American soil will go towards ‘the America First- War Crime- Trump- US-market’. The vaccine will also be manufactured in France, and made immediately available to Europe. The corrupt   Taxfree- Killer-Billionaire  head of Sanofi France insisted that if an effective medicine is discovered, it would be “available to all.”

 ‘Oplichter & Pedo-Rapist- Kees van der Spek’:  Die ‘Fransen-Labbekakken’  moeten niet zeuren dat mijn Held Trump voor hun gaat en eet tijgervlees net als ik:

The scramble to develop a vaccine has left some countries at risk of being sidelined. ‘Hamburger King & Desk Killer Trump’ is currently funding two vaccines in evaluation, while China is funding four. For both countries, priority access is implicit. UK residents have been given priority for an experimental vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford, according to AstraZeneca, which will manufacture the shot.
Europe, in contrast, has been slow to act. Germany’s BioNTech has partnered up with China’s Fosun Pharma and the US’ Pfizer to develop a vaccine, but no solely European vaccine has entered testing yet.