(By Scott Ritter and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Allesdeskundige Joke  Undercover als 007 in Venezuela om ‘NOS-AIVD trol Bessems’&’CIA-puppet Guaido te ontmaskeren(Video’s).
Wat u niet ziet bij de ‘Staat-AIVD-NPO’ en/of leest in de  laffe en corrupte Gevestigde Orde Kranten  met hun Talking Heads: Amerika First in ‘#MeToo-(Pedo)- War mongul- Presidents’: New woman accuses Joe Biden aka” The Pedo-Vinger-man” of sexually harassing her when she was just 14 years old(Video’s). Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that evidence will soon reveal the US-Taxfree-War Crime&Steel the OIL&GOLd  leader puppet ‘Hamburger King&Desk Killer Trump’ himself was behind the failed ‘CIA-incursion- attemp’t, noting that Gracy  ‘War Mongul-Washington’ severed all remaining ties with Caracas thereafter.

Psychopath Statement by Ex CIA Mass Murder& Drugs Dealing- Secretary Pompeo on the World Press Freedom while Killing Assange &Free Press(Video’s)

Steel the Oil and Gold-Coup plan B’: US Desk Killers tells ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’ he may renounce his Venezuela Fake ‘presidency’ claim – but they and Richard Branson still support him(Video’s).

‘US-Drugs dealing-Elite’ ‘Fake-narcotrafficking-charges’ against Maduro straight out of Panama & Assange & Hauwei playbook. Rutte& Van Oijk en Sjoerdsma en Sophie in ‘t Veld : Wij staan achter Trump(VIDEO’S) .

75 jaar Vrijheid? De Plunder & ‘Taxfree-Massamoordenaars—War Crime-Elite’ gaat maar straffeloos door(Video’s).

In an interview with Uruguayan reporter Jorge Gestoso on Thursday evening, Maduro said the freshly-appointed  ‘Killer-Elite -Ambassador James Story ‘– the first formal ‘US-Killer-Elite-envoy’ to the country in some 10 years – and other senior ‘CIA- American-Killer- officials’ were to blame for last weekend’s attempted raid, in which two ‘US-Killer-Elite- security –contractors’ were arrested and eight local fighters killed.“James Story has his feet, his hands and his whole body in this armed incursion,” the socialist leader said, adding that declassified documents would soon provide proof, while implicating  the psychopaht Secretary of State  ex CIA Mas Murder & Druga dealing Fat-man-Mike Pompeo and Special Envoy to Venezuela ‘ War Criminal- Psycho- Elliot Abrams’.The evidence will also show ‘US-Killer-Elite’  President puppet Trump “personally ordered” the “covert-CIA- operation,” he added.

What are Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump doing? Once again rewarding incompetence, rewarding the unsuccessful, because James Story, Elliott Abrams and Mike Pompeo are responsible for the failure.

Though Maduro said there had always been communication channels between Caracas and  Gracy ‘War Mongul-Washington’, even when relations hit their lowest points, he noted the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ has gone completely mute since the botched incursion last week.“They do not answer per WhatsApp, per phone, they are silent,” he said. “We had three communications channels with three Psycho officials from the  Puppet Trump  Gracy administration, we have sent messages to them but gained no answer.”
 It is impossible that 48 hours later, the ‘US&EU-Taxfree-Killer-Eliet  had not said a word to us about the mercenary attack directed by them against Venezuela.

The alway’s  Lying Puppet ‘Hamburger King&Desk Killer-Trump’ has so far offered few comments on  his ‘CIA-operation’, telling reporters on Tuesday only that the administration was aware of the situation, but insisted it has nothing to do with our corrupt ‘Steel the OIL&Gold-& dead to the pour people government’.”(Video’s) 

No smoke without fire? Hambugre King&Desk Killer- Trump nominates new ‘Killer-CIA- envoy’ to Venezuela to steel the OIL, first in 10 YEARS after denying ‘US-Killer-Elite’ involvement in failed incursion .
Appointed as “Ambassador Extraordinary Killing and Plenipotentiary” on Wednesday, Story was previously the interim charge d’affaires for the Venezuela unit at the ‘US-CIA- Embassy’ in Colombia, where he will continue to work in his new role. Maduro has frequently accused Bogota of conspiring with  Gracy ‘War Mongul-Washington’ to plot his overthrow, and has suggested the  ‘US-Killer-Elite-puppet’ Ivan Duque government may have also been involved in the failed raid.Jordan Goudreau, a former US Green Beret who runs a Florida-based private  Killing security firm, CIA-Silvercorp USA, has taken credit for the mission, claiming the two Americans captured in the raid were his employees. One of them, Luke Denman, appeared on Venezuelan state TV on Wednesday in a public interrogation, where he said the purpose of the mission was to seize an airport in Caracas and whisk Maduro dead or a Life back to the US, where he is wanted on “narco-terrorism” Fake charges. Goudreau, however, claims Grazy ‘War Mongul-Washington ‘played no role in the mission, which he says he undertook on his own after a deal fell through with Venezuelan opposition figurehead’ CIA puppet- Juan Guaido’.

‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite- policy’on Venezuela lacks meaningful direction – ‘American-CIA-mercenaries’ involvement in failed coup against Maduro is more proof.
Earlier on Thursday, Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said a total of 23 CIA-mercenaries had been arrested since the raid – including the two CIA- Americans – warning that with their testimony it would be “very difficult” for the Puppet Trump administration to escape responsibility. Trump’s Democratic opponents have also started pressing for answers about any ‘US-Killer-Elite- involvement’, he observed.While  the ‘CIA puppet Guaido’ had previously denied any involvement with ‘Silvercorp –CIA-USA’, a partial copy of the contract Goudreau says he signed with the opposition leader ‘CIA Puppet- Guaido’  has circulated online, and the Washington Post has since obtained the full 41-page document from the opposition itself, clearly listing  ‘CIA puppet Guaido’ as the operation’s “Commander in Chief.”  ‘CIA puppet- Guaido’s’ signature doesn’t appear on the complete contract, however he did apparently sign a shorter “service agreement” with Goudreau, which has also been leaked and published.

Stem van de Straat  benoemt Steve Brown in navolging van de benoeming door de ‘US&EU-Killer-Elite’  van ‘CIA puppet Guaido’ als President  tot de enige echte Premier van Nederland en Brown verklaart direct de armoede  en het ‘Taxfree-VOC-SS- Koningshuis'(Video’s) te gaan afschaffen in Nederland:


 (Scott Ritter a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer. He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector. Follow him on Twitter @RealScottRitter)

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