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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Recording of a call to Larry King bolsters Tara Reade’s claim #MeToo-Joe Biden sexually assaulted her.
The Corporate Crime & State Mainstream Fake News media’s ‘CIA-CNN’& ‘Red Neck FOX’ &  ‘MI6-BBC’ and the Dutch AIVD-NPO with Boss Pimp and Money Launder Frans Klein(Video’s) dismissal of Tara Reade’s claims she was sexually assaulted by then #MeToo -Senator Joe Biden just got harder, as a video emerged of her mother’s 1993 call into a ‘CIA-CNN’- show(Video’s) hosted by Larry King, bringing up the Rape.The minute-long clip that surfaced on Friday shows a female called from San Luis Obispo, California, calling into “Larry King Live” on August 11, 1993 seeking advice about her daughter who just left Crazy War Mogul-Washington after having “ Rape problems” with “a prominent #Metoo-senator.”

#MeToo –Biden’ Loves Kids’: ‘#Metoo-Trump’ attacks Biden with Pedophile video of his ‘Johnny de Mol- swimming pool Rape’(Video’s) .

Corporate Crime &State media Fake News : Believe #MeToo-Biden& Trump & Johnny de Mol&  ‘Pedo-Rapist-Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’ over believe women(Video’s).

Alleen ‘Hamburger-Killer-King Trump’ mag Staatsgrepen & Propaganda plegen in de Wereld.Van Oijk &Sjoerdsma het is Oké en wij en onze Rutte doen ook mee(Video’s) !
“CALLER: Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent  senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” says the transcript of the segment, published by Ryan Grim of The Intercept on Friday.Grim noted that when he interviewed Reade, she mentioned her mother’s call to ‘CIA-CNN’, but could not remember the exact content of it or the date of the show. Reade’s mother, who passed away in 2016, lived in San Luis Obispo in August 1993. Presented with the recording on Friday, Reade told reporters that the voice in it was in fact her mother’s.Reade worked as a staffer for then-Senator Joe Biden in the early 1990s, but left  Grazy ‘War Mongul-Washington’ abruptly after filing a complaint about sexual harassment. Biden’s documents from that time have been sealed until two years after he retires from public life, but the 77-year-old is currently seeking to challenge President Puppet ‘Hamburger King& Desk Killer- Trump‘ in November as the  ‘Elite -Taxfree-War Crime-Democratic’ presidential Puppet nominee.

Elite-Maffia-Grachtengordel- Held Youp van ’t Hek’ bekent ook een ‘#Metoo- Kavanaugh & Johnny de Mol jr.’ mannetje te zijn(Video).

Speaking with journalist Katie Halper last month, Reade described in graphic detail how Senator #Metoo- Biden  sexually assaulted her in the hallway of the Russell Senate Office Building sometime in the spring of 1993, as she was bringing him a gym bag just like #Metoo –Trump& Pedo Rapist- Bill Clinton behavior. America First in War Mongul- #Metoo- Presidents .The corporate crime Mainstream US media outlets CIA-CNN& red Neck FOX have largely ignored Reade’s allegations. When it finally got around to addressing them in mid-April, The Fake News New York Times ran a feature-length article dismissing them out of hand. This has been in marked contrast with the attention Fake News the Times and other  CIA& MI6&AIVD-mainstream outlets(Videos’)  gave the far more vague and uncorroborated claims by Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford last year, during the confirmation hearings for ‘Red Neck-Supreme Court Justice- #MeToo-Brett Kavanaugh.