(by Russia Today  i.s.m onze wordt Wakker redactie)
AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The Chinagate from Populisten Biden en Trump: Covid-19 outbreak started EARLIER and NOT in Wuhan indicates Cambridge study(Video’s) .
The ‘Hamburger King & Desk Killer President Puppet Trump’ (Video’s)  has opened up his Grazy daily Covid-19 task force dr. Goebbels press conference by blasting the media for reporting official data that makes the US-Taxfree—War Crime Steel the OIL&Gold-Killer-Elite look bad, instead of pursuing his Fake War Mogul-allegations of a Chinese conspiracy. “When the fake news gets out there and they start talking about the United States is number one… China’s number one by a lot. It’s not even close. They’re way ahead of us in terms of death,”  The ‘Hamburger King &Desk Killer-Trump’ said just minutes into his daily Grazy ‘dr. Goebbels- briefing’.
Der ‘Endlösung-Corona-Bom-crisis’: Keizerin Halsema: ‘Makke Schapen vier onze Koningsdag, maar blijf binnen als u een huis heeft (Video’s).

‘Kapitalisme- Waanzin’: Slotervaart ziekenhuis failliet en dicht en nu Hotel in Slotervaart ingericht voor opvang coronapatiënten(Video’s).

Trump No 1 Terrorist of the World: Syrian militants ‘trained at US base for sabotage & terrorism’ try to surrender & get ambushed by OTHER US-backed extremists(Video’s).

‘Hamburger King-Desk-Killer-Trump’ threaten hold funding to WHO & Kissinger& Soros& Kelder go’s for ‘Corona-Nazi-NWO’(Video’s’)
China could not have possibly done better than “highly  (destroyed )developed healthcare delivery systems of the US , United Kingdom, in France in Belgium, in Italy, in Spain&the Netherlands , with extraordinary doctors and nurses and equipment,” argued the Grazy War Mogul-White House Coronavirus Task Force response coordinator psychopath Deborah Birx, who was trying to back Trump’s Grazy statements with a chart of death rates per capita around the world.“Who believes these numbers?” Trump interrupted, pointing at China and Iran, and arguing “we saw more [body] bags on my ‘Red Neck FOK -Fake News -television’ than that.” 
China from Emperor XI Jinping  revised its official coronavirus dally on Friday with authorities in Wuhan adding another 1,290 fatalities to the city’s death toll, accounting for the “incorrect reporting, delays and omissions of cases” in the early stages of the outbreak in the virus’ first major epicenter.After the revision, China’s total death toll officially stands at 4,632 out of 88,242 confirmed cases. Meanwhile in the US, the toll from Covid-19 nears 38,000 fatalities out of over 720,000 confirmed cases, as of Saturday. This represents nearly identical 5.25% and 5.22% mortality rates among the officially detected and lab-confirmed cases. But when put into a “proper perspective,” the record sheer numbers from the US do seem better than much of Europe’s, while China’s are “unrealistically” low (keep in mind that American tests are the “best in the world,” and forget the “draconian”measures that allowed China to halt the virus spread).

NYT & NPO-Caught covering up Joe Biden’ #MeToo allegation. #Metoo-Johnny de Mol: Joe kom ook bij The Passion(Video’s).

The World Health Organization ( falsely accused by Trump of colluding with Beijing to mislead the #MeToo-Trump& Joe Biden about Covid-19 threat) noted that other countries will likely have to follow China’s suit and eventually review their figures as well. The health watchdog, as well as multiple researchers, also noted that it makes little sense to track the constantly fluctuating case fatality rate until the pandemic is over, given the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of undetected asymptomatic cases.Launching yet another harsh Crazy attack against China, ‘Puppet Trump’ claimed that the question wasn’t about if Beijing is to blame for unleashing the coronavirus on the world and not stopping it “before it started,” but whether it was deliberate or not.
 Trump:If it was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake. But if they were knowingly responsible, yeah, I mean, then sure there should be consequences, they must pay us just like the rest of the World, I am the Master of the art of the Deal Steel and Kill.”