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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Voor een Lach en Traan STEM VAN DE STRAAT-AMSTERDAM-NOIR/SALTOTV  tijdens de Corona verveling:’ Oplichter -Pedo- Rapist-Kees van der Spek’ beledigd #Gelehesjes en vlucht voor Brown(VIDEO).

‘Hamburger King-Desk-Killer-Trump’ threaten hold funding to WHO & Kissinger& Soros& Kelder go’s for ‘Corona-Nazi-NWO’(Video’s).
Yellow Vest demonstrators aren’t letting a ban on mass gatherings or fears of coronavirus stop them from expressing their opposition to the President ‘Puppet -Boy Macron’ from the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich-Elite-Gangsters’ and are staging their weekly protests in Paris.The France’s Interior Gestapo Minister Christophe Castaner on Friday banned all gatherings of more than 100 people but hundreds of demonstrators are continuing the weekly Yellow Vest vigil and are protesting at Paris landmarks.Thousands of French SS-security forces personnel hit the streets of the capital in a bid to clamp down on the movement, which has now been running for 70 consecutive weeks.Eyewitness footage shows riot police firing tear gas and Beating in a bid to subdue the activists as the protests spiralled towards violence.

Der ‘Endlösung -Corona-Bom-crisis’: The ‘Desk- Killer-Elite’ turned the Dollar&Euro into toilet paper and the common People pay the Bill(Video)

In a dr. Goebbels televised address to the nation on Thursday, President  Puppet Boy Emmanuel Macron announced school closures and urged people to avoid close contact for fear of spreading the virus, which has killed 79 people in France and infected more than 3,600.

Terwijl de’ Elite Ratten in Pak- Maffia’ de massa Kaal plukt verspreidt de ‘Volks –Maffia’ voedsel onder arme Italianen(Video) . 
Oplichter & Pedo-Rapist-Kees van der Spek.:” Ik ben de man die Tijgervlees eet en voor niemand bang en die  Italiaanse Volks-Maffia is met mij nog niet Klaar, kijk aub  maar naar mijn’ RTL Riool- Nep en Fop Show’: “Oplichters aangepakt”, want daar kijkt geen hond meer na”.

March of the mutilated:’Injured Yellow Vests by ‘Nazi-police’ brutality form ‘Boy Macron. Laffe ‘Pedo-Kees van der Spek’:” maar goed ook”.

Before that announcement Paris ‘SS-police’ had already rejected requests from protesters to demonstrate at prominent sites in the French capital.The demonstration comes just a day before voters are set to go to the polls in local elections, in which Boy Macron’s corrupt party is forecast to fare poorly.The French president Puppet decided to press ahead with the elections despite schools and universities being shut and public transport curtailed due to contagion fears.