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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- F-You Main Street Media& Capitalism ! Federal Reserve &ECB will now buy junk bonds while it bails agian out Deks Killers banks& billionaires(Video) .

The ‘Desk Killers-Central banks’ and the corrupt Snake in Suits fiscal policy makers a La the Dutch ‘PvdA NSB Labor member- Miss  Devil Verbeet’ (Video) worldwide are launching huge stimulus measures in an Fake effort to backstop the global economy, as ‘Der Endlösung –Covid-19- pandemic’ takes its toll on the common and  pour people .

‘Corona–Aasgieren’:‘Prins Bernhard & Haga & Kushner-Huisjesmelkers’ verhogen straffeloos huur met 40 procent(Video) .

Der ‘Endlösung -Corona-Bom-crisis’: GAME OVER! The People( Labbekakken) lost on every level!(Video’s).

RT’s Keiser Report talks to insider ‘Super Snake in Suits Mark Yusko’ of Morgan Creek Capital crime group (https://www.morgancreekcap.com/team/mark-w-yusko/) to figure out what lies ahead for the world economies, as entire industries are shutting down and  the owners the Taxfree-Billionaires still fill there pockets.“The real issue today is that it’s not the virus that’s the threat,” Yusko says. According to him, there are lots of viral threats around the world that are actually worse than Covid-19 . The “unprecedented response” from fiscal and monetary stimulus around the world will lead to a greater demise.“We are at the tipping point… where we’ve now turned the dollar( and the Euro)  into toilet paper. We basically said it doesn’t matter how much we print; we will keep printing until the bleeding stops for us Taxfree- Billionaires and pas the bill tot eh common people …“

Desk Killers-World has gone mad’ with so much free money  for  Taxfree- Billionaires with there Puppets Trump& Biden& Obama&Sanders(Video)

What people forget is that rising asset prices is not necessarily a good thing, Yusko says, adding: “It’s definitely not a good thing for the 49 percent of people in this country that don’t own any assets.”“So, what’s happening here is  Taxfree-Elite gangster-Kleptocracy, it’s been going on for decades and it’s the plan. QE was not designed to create economic growth; QE was designed to impoverish the 99 percent and enrich the one percent. And everything that was going on in the last couple of weeks is greater degrees of that.”According to the chief investment officer, we could be “on the verge of turning great recession into Great Depression again for the common people.”