( van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Der ‘Endlösung -Corona-Bom-crisis’: GAME OVER! The People( Labbekakken) lost on every level!(Video’s).
Author and reporter Matt Taibbi explains how ‘corporate  crime Taxfree- America’ will over-indulge on its piece of the $2 trillion dollar ‘Snake in Suits- bailout –package’, thus creating another financial  ‘Desk Killer-catastrophe’(Video’s)

‘Hamburger King-Desk-Killer-Trump’ threaten hold funding to WHO & Kissinger& Soros&  Jort Kelder go’s for ‘Corona-Nazi-NWO’(Video).

De ‘Corona-Bom-virus-Bloed’-buit is al binnen voor de ‘Taxfree- Bankier-Gangsters& ‘Snake in Suits-Beurshandelaren’& ‘Shell-Multinationals’(Video).

AOC on “Shameful” Coronavirus Stimulus rob the People Bill: Largest Corporate Criminal Bailout just like in the EU& Netherlands from Puppet Rutte&Co.