(By Helen Buyniski and Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Lying Pompeo Blames China, Russia, Iran For Spreading “Disinformation coronavirus”: Trump called it ‘China-virus’(Video).

‘Elite- War Monguls’ Pelosi, Biden, Kamala and  ‘Judas-Tulsi Gabberd’ (Video)BETRAY workers in ‘Corona-Bom-virus’ while GOP fills in the gaps:

Wie wordt er beter van der ‘Endlösung-coronavirus :Trump : 1,2 triljoen Dollar voor de ‘Taxfree-Wall street- Killer-Elite-billionaires en 1000,- Dollar voor de hongerde US Burgers(Video).

As the ‘Corona-Bom-virus’ epidemic monopolizes the attention of the hungry, Homeless drugs addict and pour American people, the Taxfree-War Crime –Steel the Oil and Gold and Kill the poor-government with Puppet ‘Hamburger King- Mad Dog Killer Trump’(Video) is taking the opportunity to sneak through all manner of restrictive legislation, including a law that could end the internet as we know it.

Corona-BOM-virus’komt als een geschenk uit de Hel voor Mad Dog-Killer-Trump & His Dutch Outlet ‘’Taxfree-Shell-Rutte & Co’ ‘.(Video)

Killing the Internet and the poor People … to save the children?

Mentally retarded Puppets Biden or Trump: its al the same: Biden’s Draft Record Looks Like Trump’s. Do ‘War Crime-Killer-Elite- Democrats’ Care?(Video)

The Fascist New ‘Black-(Police)-Codes’ van de ‘Westerse -Elite- Straf de arme maatschappij’.’Staat-AIVD-NPO’:Pas op voor Taghi&Holleeder!(Video)
The ominously-named EARN IT Act (short for Devil “Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act”) that quietly debuted in the corrupt Senate earlier this month is a carefully crafted weapon for crushing encryption without explicitly banning, industry professionals have warned. While this particular fake bill purports to
be all about ending child sexual exploitation by the Royals Pedo-Rapist Like the Princes Andrew and Dutch Claus and the Elite like Bill Clinton, Epstein,Joris Demmink,  ‘Dutch Climate King- Prodemos -Ed Nijpels’, and High members of the Court like Vincent Leenders , the industry is concerned it will make their business model unsustainable – while doing nothing to protect children from the ‘Pedo-Rapist- Royal-Elite’. So are independent media producers, who fear their speech would be declared anathema. It would in practice strip section 230 legal immunity – protection from liability for third party content – from any website that failed to comply with a set of “best practices” imposed on a supposedly voluntary basis by a 19-member “ Big Brother-commission” run by the extremely corrupt Attorney General psychopath William Barr.

The Graham-Blumenthal Bill Is an Attack on Online Speech and Security.
Edward Snowden:“The government is attempting to exploit anger at tech companies to pass a law that intentionally undermines digital security https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/graham-blumenthal-bill-attack-online-speech-and-security …, and censors speech. That such a law is even being considered by the corrupt  Congress is a national disgrace.”

Sleepnet van ‘Big Brother Rutte is watching you’.’Elite-Killer-Politiek’ is een grote onderdrukking en uitbuiting van het Volk !(Video)

Toiletpapier –Hamsters-Coronavirus- Hysterie’:‘Coronavirus-Uitspraken’ van ‘VVD Minister Rat in pak -Wiebes’ over ZZP’ers bij WNL zijn psychisch gestoord(Video)

Platforms that persist in encrypting messages despite  Psycho-Barr’s commission’s heavy-handed “recommendations” could be sued out of existence over user-generated content, which they become liable for with section 230 gone. This ingenious model keeps encryption itself legal – a crucial loophole for government agencies that rely on

-The New ‘Black- (police)-Codes’van de Massa Moordende ‘Westerse -Elite -Straf de arme maatschappij’:

encrypted messaging to keep their own secrets, well, secret.EARN IT is a nosy ‘Nazi-government agency’s’ wet dream, but it does more than just make encryption financially impossible. The open-ended notion of “best practices” leaves room for law enforcement agencies on the commission to draft far-reaching rules regarding what content can be transmitted over the platforms they control.This isn’t mere speculation. Present at the  Fake Senate hearing was the corrupt vice president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who called for online platforms to screen all content for “abusive” messages and be held legally responsible for any offending content. Such a policy would incentivize preemptive banning of suspected “problem” users on a scale that makes YouTube’s controversial decision to de-rank “borderline” content falling within – but near the edge of – its rules look positively permissive.Nor is there anything in the bill to stop overzealous law enforcement from expanding the definition of “abusive” and actionable speech to include political views outside the mainstream. Indeed, similar outcomes have happened in Australia and New Zealand, whose ‘Taxfree-Elite-Killers-governments’ (also members of the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite-led Five Eyes- intelligence consortium’) have also adopted laws severely restricting internet freedom.

Australia threatens tech giants with jail, fines for spread of violent content after Christchurch PvdA ‘Zorg-sloper Martin van Rijn’ volgt VVD ‘Ziekenhuis-Sloper Bruno Bruins’ op als ‘Corona-Bom-Minister’(Video).

Der‘Endlösung-Coronavirus:Iedereen moet binnen blijven, behalve de ‘Dak en Thuislozen & US-NATO Militairen-Coronabommen’(Video).
The ‘Big Brother-Nazi-bill’ was introduced by corrupt ‘Red Neck- Republican psychopath- Lindsey Graham’ (South Carolina) and his partner in crime psychopath  Democrat Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut). With 52 years in government ‘Elite—War Crime and kill the poor’ between them, the ‘Psycho-pair’ have weathered enough ‘Nazi-Capitalist- Billionaires –crises’ to know that peak coronavirus hysteria was the ideal time to introduce their noxious ‘ Devil –bill’. The civil liberties advocates who normally surface to oppose such draconian legislation were preoccupied with panic-buying toilet paper or watching the growing sea of red ink pooling in their stock portfolios. Even the Electronic Frontier Foundation, whose bread and butter is opposing laws like EARN IT, only rolled out its own warning a week after’ Psycho Graham’ had unveiled the measure in the corrupt Senate.

A crisis of opportunity for the Snake in Suits and Elite Crime Bank Like Goldman and Sach (Video) and the Dutch Money Laundering-Elite Crime- Banks ING & Rabo.

It may have been former president puppet “Uncle Tom”- Barack Obama’s chief of staff psychopath Rahm Emanuel who advised his ‘Elite-Maffia-boss’ to “never let a good crisis go to waste the kill the pour and the freedom of the People ,” but the mantra has been embraced by both  Elite crime-parties, in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic as ever. Just as the September 11 terror attacks were quickly weaponized by the  Puppet  ‘Super War Mogul- George W. Bush –administration’ to impose unprecedented restrictions on Americans’ civil liberties in the form of the Patriot Act and accompanying legislation, so is coronavirus becoming an excuse for lawmakers of all levels to dig out their police-state wish-lists and start crossing off items, taking advantage of the biggest distraction the country has seen in nearly two decades.

‘Judas-Tulsi Gabbard’ endorses ‘War Mongol- &Draft Dodger-Joe Biden&DEAD Son’ and give Trump a second term als President(Video)

Corrupt Bipartisan cooperation has flowered amidst the crisis, and not only in the bid to shut down the free internet that EARN IT represents. As average Americans fretted over whether to risk infection by going out to vote in primaries, lawmakers were quietly passing an extension to some of the most intrusive NSA surveillance programs, trumpeting the initiative as a victory for privacy while hoping no one would look closer. While the renewal bill reportedly took months to hammer out, the decision to bring it to a vote just four days before the controversial provisions were set to expire had more than a whiff of misdirection about it.

Elusive bipartisan cooperation spotted in House leaders’ daring last-minute rescue of controversial warrantless wiretapping powers

And while the ‘Hamburger King- Mad Dog Killer-Trump- administration’ and even the media that oppose him are excoriating China for “abusing power,” that same administration has joined together with a “wide array of tech companies,” working together on a program that would use location data from Americans’ phones to “combat” coronavirus, as a glowing article in the Washington Post describes. Apparently, the idea of remotely monitoring citizens via their phones to ensure they don’t break quarantine lost its totalitarian sheen when it crossed the Pacific Ocean.While the anonymous sources cited by WaPo repeatedly insist the project is “not seeking to collect and maintain a database of Americans’ whereabouts,” the involvement of Google – currently expanding a coronavirus testing website that debuted this past weekend into a national system that requires users to create an ID (or use the Google account they use for everything else) – hints that it could easily become such a thing.

Be careful what you wish for:

Meanwhile, social media platforms have become home to the curious sight of Americans calling for more police state, confusing strict control with competent management. Hashtags like #ShutdownNYC and #LockdownLA from city-dwellers panicking at the thought that their neighbors might be out spreading the virus are the product of a 24/7 news cycle of fear, the necessary fuel for the crisis mindset that has allowed lawmakers to get away with so much. One can certainly point out that China’s (and Italy’s, and France’s) heavy-handed emergency measures, restricting citizens to their homes and (in the most extreme cases) sending tanks through the streets are saving lives. Unfortunately for Americans& EU , police state powers adopted during a crisis are almost never relinquished – and never without a fight. When the country makes it through this crisis, its people will have another long, hard battle to fight if they hope to claw back their lost civil liberties.

Assange & Steve Brown bespioneerd door ‘Killer-Elite- Rechtbank’& Moordaanslagen op hen door Geheime dienst(Video).

Tot Slot: Maar er is ook nog goed nieuws voor de  gedwongen binnen zittende Labbekakken: Hoe ga je verstandig om met te weinig geld om te overleven? ‘Miljardair- Taxfree-  Shell-Koningin Máxima’ geeft tips in de om er van te leven zoals zij dat doet(Video)

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