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Amsterdam-Noir-Terechte Woede bij Indische Nederlanders en KNIL Militairen en Ambonezen : ‘Onze ouders draaien zich om in hun graf door excuses Koning’(Video). 

Dit jaar vieren wij 75 jaar Vrijheid en die ‘Vrijheid’( voor 3 miljoen mensen  in NL pure dagelijks armoede(Video)) hebben wij in hoofdzaak te danken aan de immense  opoffering van de  Russen. De ‘Taxfree-VOC-King Willem’ ( en zijn real Boss de peperdure ‘Poeta- Queen Exotica Maxima’  ) gaf gisteren de KNIL Militairen en het Indisch Nederlands leger en de Ambonezen  en hun kinderen  een Mes in de rug (Video) in het Kader van 75 jaar Vrijheid en weelde voor hem en zijn ‘Taxfree-Parasieten-Misdaad-familie’.Maar de immense  opoffering van 27  miljoen doden Russen  voor  Overwinning  op de Nazi’s  wordt systematisch dood gezwegen door de ‘US &EU-Taxfree-War Crime –Steel the OIL–Killer- Elite’(Video) en hun corporate crime ‘CIA-CNN’-media en hun EU-State Outlets- ‘MI6-BBC’& ‘AIVD-NPO’(Video).

Revising history: ‘dr. Goebbels- German paper’ says AMERICANS liberated Auschwitz& Rutte & Halsema ‘vergaten’ weer te vermelden dat de Russen Auschwitz bevrijdden(Video) .

t’s inhumane of Poland and the EU&US-Elite to obscure the memory of the ocean of blood the Russia shed to defeat Hitler. ‘SS-er’ Stef Blok haalt hard uit naar Rusland(Video)

Freedom&$ for me but not for Assange (or thee &Steve Brown):The hypocrisy of ‘CIA-CNN’s Billionaire Amanpour’& Green Black party Leader Klaver(Video).

While the ‘Russiagate’ hoax kept millions entertained in the fantasy world of US cable news, it also had plenty of real-world consequences. Now another can be added to the list: the White House’s absence from Moscow on May 9. ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’President Puppet ‘Hamburg King -Mad Dog Donald Trump'(Video) has rejected Vladimir Putin’s invitation to the Russian capital to mark the 75th anniversary of the World War II victory over Nazi Germany, according to Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov. ‘Draft dodger -Trump’& Joe Biden non-attendance, which could be seen by many in Russia as an extraordinary affront to Soviet Russia’s disproportionate sacrifice in annihilating fascism, marks an incredible U-turn after he previously showed a willingness to come to the May 9th parade. It can only be presumed that fear of being seen in Moscow during an election year forced the president’s hand, given he has endured years of bizarre smears about his supposed connections to Russia.

(De Dam Staat bomvol met juichende Mensen en NSB-er de Nazi’s binnen te halen en ‘NL- SS-er’ trekken’ feestend ten strijden tegen Rusland)

Poetin: We’ll shut your filthy ‘US-EU-(SS)-Killer-Elite-mouth ‘:Russia will combat the rewriting of WWII history with free-to-all archive center.Sophie in ‘t Veld brengt de Hitlergroet in EU parlemen(Video)

Despite almost perpetually frosty relations between the two countries, the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime Elite’ & ‘Rambo-Hollywood'(Video)  has never recognized the sacrifice of Russia during the Second World War. With an estimated 27 million Soviet deaths, it played a the biggest  role in defeating the Axis powers. 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the victory, and Russia is set for a triumphant celebration. Everyone is acutely aware of the fact this will probably be the last major celebration in which a significant number of veterans will be able to take part, given even the youngest survivors are now in their 90s. Through tensions, crises, and even the looming threat of nuclear war, many American leaders Puppets  attended Victory Day parades in Moscow. In 1995, the 50th anniversary, President Puppet ‘Pedo Rapist Bill Clinton’ (Video)observed the parade on Red Square, along with a vast array of other foreign leaders. In 2005, the 60th anniversary, President Puppet ‘Super War Criminal – George W. Bush’ was in attendance.


“We do not yet know at what level the ‘US-Taxfree War Crime-Steel the Oil-Elite’ will be represented at the Victory Day celebrations. Indeed, through diplomatic channels, we received information that the president Puppet Trump will not come,” Peskov told reporters.The first official invitations to foreign heads of state came at the 2019 G20 Summit, with President Putin formally inviting US President Puppet  Trump, French President  Puppet Boy Emmanuel Macron from the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich-Elite-Gangsters’ , German EU-Chancellor Führer Angela Merkel and Chinese President  EmperorXi Jinping. Confirmed attendees thus far include the Presidents of Austria, Czech Republic, France, China, Cuba, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Venezuela, with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also confirming his presence. Aside from official delegations, contingents from over 20 foreign countries will take part in the parade, including some from the United Kingdom, the other principal wartime ally.



Earlier in the day, in an interview with news agency TASS, Putin spoke about the Great Patriotic War and the attendance of foreign dignitaries at the Victory Day parade. When asked about the importance of an international presence, the president said: “not at all, it’s our holiday and our Victory.”

“I think that concerning former members of the anti-Hitler alliance, the right thing to do would be to attend [our event], from both a domestic political stance and a moral one,” he explained. “We look forward to seeing them and we will be glad if they come. If not, well, that’s their choice. But I think it would be a great mistake for them.”Puppet ‘Mad Dog Killer-Trump’s absence harks back to an era of the highest Cold War tensions of the late 1970s and early 80s. ‘The last US-Taxfree-War Crime’ eader Puppet Trump  not to visit Russia was one-term Democratic President Jimmy Carter – the president Puppet  who ended detente, led the 1980 Moscow Olympics boycott and imposed a grain embargo against the USSR. By following in his footsteps, Russian public opinion of Trump could change dramatically.In December 2019, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that President Puppet Hamburger King Mad Dog Killer-  Trump expressed interest visiting Moscow for the parade. The exact reason for his change of heart remains unknown. Before his 2016 election,  Horney #Metoo- Donald Trump visited Russia multiple times, most famously hosting Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow.