( from our ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Steel the OIL-Killer Elite -Election-editors’)

‘JPMorgan- Elite Killer-Crime group’ ‘CEO- Godfather Jamie Dimon’ to his Puppet ‘Mentally retarded – War Crimenal- Joe Biden&DEAD Son’: Yes you can do wat we want just like our “Uncle Tom”- Obama did”.

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Daily Beast’s- ‘CIA Troll Julia Davis’ Russian TV watcher says RT spreads ‘conspiracy theories’ about ‘Mentally retarded -War Criminal- Biden&DEAD Son’ , fails to mention any(Video) .

Elite-Gangster- Banker-heavy Biden cabinet ‘leak’ triggers outrage, echoes of  War Crime- “Uncle Tom”- Obama’s ‘Citi- crime-group cabinet.The FAKE DEM Billionaire Election”:How 2020 Is a Referendum on Wealth Inequality.& Psychopath WINNERS TAKE ALL!(Video)

BREAKING : Puppet ‘Mentally retarded-Joe Biden’ is considering Taxfree-War Crime- Pedo-Rapist-Epstein & Bil Clinton- Killer-Elite Taxfree- billionaires'(Video) like the Devils(=psychopaths)  Jamie Dimon and Mike Bloomberg for his corrupt ‘Taxfree-Elite -War Crime- Steel the OIL& Kill the poor -cabinet. A vote for this corrupt  man Puppet  is a vote for ‘Elite-Pedo-Rapist- crime- cartel’ and ‘War Crime-Steel the OIL-oligarchy'(Video).

Commit all Murders& Mega-fraud and Cocaïne Trade you want as long as you support the US dollar’ – King Willem &Queen Elizabeth &JP Morgan& ING & Rabo- crime groups(Video).
To put that in simpler terms: Puppet  Joe Biden’s administration is going to kill people for ‘Blood-money’ on purpose. https://www. and WikiLeaks emails with Totured Assange(Video)  shows ‘Citi – psychopath-crime-group’s’ major role in shaping “Uncle Tom” -Obama -War Mognul and Kill the poor- administration’s- cabinet

Bernie calls out ‘Taxfree-Killer-Elite billionaires’ buying elections as ‘Biden&Dead Son’ attacks his ‘negative’ bros: Tulsie Gabber again screwed by DNC(Video) .