( van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Sleepnet van ‘AIVD-&CIA-Big Brother Rutte is watching you’. De  corrupte en laffe Gevestigde Orde Politiek is een grote onderdrukking!(Video)

Freedom&$ for me but not for Assange (or thee &Steve Brown):The hypocrisy of CNN’s Billionaire Amanpour& Green party Leader Jesse Klaver(Video) .
t’s not China with Emperor XI Jinping  — but the’ US-Taxfree- War Crime-Steel the OIL-” Deep State”-Killer-Elite’ withe there Puppet the ‘Hamburg King -Mad Dog Killer-Trump'(Video) trying to keep ‘CIA-NSA-Big Brother- spying- capability’ with Soprano threat of ex CIA Mass murderer&Drugs dealing Fat-man-Pompeo.

Their blood is on your hands’: Veteran confronts mentally retarded Biden&Dead Son for ‘enabling’ Iraq Steel the OIL-war & killing ‘millions’ (VIDEO)

 Battlefield  America&EU, The War on the American and EU People(Video):

Author and civil rights attorney John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the enduring effects of the ‘Gestapo-PATRIOT Act'(Video) and erosion of civil liberties in the US. He also explains “Operation Vigilant Eagle,” a surveillance program to keep tabs on US veterans and track what they say online.