(By Graham Dockery and Steve Brown)
AMSTERDAM-NOIR-BBC onafhankelijk en geen ‘Royal- Taxfree -War Crime- Elite- Fake News’? Wat denkt u zelf: BBC new ‘dr Goebbels- chair’ ‘ex-Goldman Sachs Banker-Elite-Gangsters Richard Sharp’ who advised ‘Psycho  Boris Johnson’ and  Bribe £400k to UK’s ruling  Snake in Suits-party

Schokkende beelden van ‘MI6 -BBC-Grazy ‘Junkie- Heroine Chic-Angelina Jolie’ opnieuw opgedoken(Video).

‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ with there puppet ‘Mad Dog-Killer-Trump’ grant $35 million to promote its ‘dr. Goebels-fake news’-CIA-MI6&AIVD- Showbizz- White Helmets’  bubble in Syria & Douma chemical weapon Hoax -OPCW& control local media just like in the Netherlands .
The  corrupt ‘MI6-BBC -Fake News’ has hired Crazy ‘Junkie Angelina Jolie’ to teach kids how (not)to spot fake news and make up their own ‘ “Metoo- Weinstein & Johnny de Mol Jr.-Junkie-Hollywood'(Video) minds on pressing issues. But given its own history of bias, is the corrupt ‘MI6-BBC’& ‘Crazy Junkie-Jolie’ from ‘#Metoo-Junkie- Holywood’ the right authority to lecture children on the real and the fake? The venerable ‘Taxfree  Royal-Elite-War Crime -Pedo Rapist Prince Andrew -Fake News- broadcaster’ will air a new  ‘dr. Goebbels-Fake-series’ every Sunday at 11:30am- right after the morning cartoons – on  ‘dr. Goebbels-State-MI6-BBC World- Fake News’, and on YouTube and the BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Schrijver Stephen Kinzer & Tulsi Gabberd leggen uit dat de ‘Taxfree-US-&EU- War Crimen-Killer-Elite een ‘CIA- BBC-Staatsgreep- Moordteam’ naar Iran stuurde(Video).

‘Zakkenvuller-Junkie- Pauw’ weg bij BNNVARA. Zijn gabbers ‘AIVD-Spion Bas van Hout’& AIVD-NPO-‘Witwasser-Frans Klein zijn woest’(Video).

Doofpot- Politie’ blijft ‘AIVD informanten ‘Junkie- Peter R. de Vries & Moordenaar in Spe Bas van Hout’ beschermen tegen Steve Brown&Waarheid(Video).

Wat u niet ziet in de Westerse Media :’Ukrainegate-Biden’& ‘MH17-Doofpot-Rutte’& ‘CIA Troll- Petro Poroshenko’ corrupt tot op het Bot(Video)
The Fake Junkie Jolie series will use the ‘Fake News- White Helmets-reporting’ of the ‘MI6-BBC -World Service’ to illustrate how reporters sift fact from fiction, and help kids aged 13 and up not to “distinguish the real from the false MI6-BBC and CIA-CNN and the Ducht ‘State-AIVD-NPO ‘from  ‘Mega- fraudster & Pimp Frans Klein‘ online, ”in the psychopath words of MI6-BB -World Service-Group Director’ ‘Elite-Criminal-Fake News-Jamie Angus’.“I hope it will help not the children find the information and Cocaïne en Heroïne just like our Jolie and tools they need to make a difference on the issues that matter to them, drawing on the ‘dr. Goebbels BBC&CNN&NPO- World Service’s- network’ of thousands of  corrupt ‘Fake News- CIA&MI6-AIVD- journalists’ and multiple language services around the world,”Junkie-Jolie said in a Grazy-statement this week.See Video. ‘ Junkie-Jolie’s- fake-news-busting-credentials check out. As some of her fellow ‘Junkie-celebrities’ spouted garbage about vaccines causing autism and Gwyneth Paltrow implored women to steam clean their vaginas, Junkie-Jolie has been credited for speaking out about her own experiences with Cocaïne and heroïne and Fucking around in Hollywood and even on the street as ‘Heroine Chic- Hoocker’, cancer, drawing attention to the disease and justifying her decision to opt for a double mastectomy using solid scientific research.This time, she’ll have to call again on those research skills – a more complicated task, given the political games the ‘MI6-BBC’ used to play.

‘State-BBC’ A history of ‘Taxfree-Elite-Killer-bias’ just Like the ‘State -AIVD-NPO’.Big News in ‘NSB- De Telegraaf’: Opmerkelijke foto Junkie- ‘Ratje-Jaknikker-Jeroen Pauw’ &‘Callgirl Zoé’ in de LSD-Boom maakt ‘Tv-Zombie-tongen’ los(Video).

Hero of the People Gabbard hits ‘Hillary Clinton & Pedo Bill’ with defamation suit over ‘Russian asset’ smear.Sharon Dijkstra namens Rutte2: “Onze Bill Clinton is Top(Video)”.
‘MI6-BBC’ has a less-than-stellar reputation in the information game. Though its coverage is undoubtedly more balanced than the hyper-partisan squawking of Red Neck- Fox News and MSNBC and ‘CIA-CNN’ across the Atlantic, the ‘MI6-BBC’ has over the years allowed itself to be used as a ‘dr. Goebbels- propaganda’ bullhorn by the corrupt ‘War Crime-Killer-Elite Steel the OIL& kill the poor- British&US&Dutch- government’. Earlier this month, declassified government documents revealed how the corrupt Her Majesty’s Government persuaded Reuters to set up a reporting service in the Middle East in the late 1960s, funding it covertly through the ‘MI6-BBC’.  Corrupt Officials at the government’s Information Research Department hoped the service would allow them to exert “a measure of political influence” over this politically volatile region, at the height of the Cold War. At the time, corrupt  British diplomats in the Middle East described the service in familiar language, saying it would combat the “calculated fabrications” of rival “slanted” news agencies.In 1953, the BBC was used by MI6 and the CIA to support a coup attempt against Iran’s democratically-elected Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. Even the ‘MI6-BBC’ itself admits this, with a 2011 documentary describing how “Anti-Mossadegh material was repeatedly aired on the radio channel to the extent that Iranian staff at the BBC Persian radio service went on strike in protest.” The  ‘Fake News-service’ was also accused of sending coded messages to the coup plotters in its broadcasts.Flashing forward to present times, the State ‘MI6-BBC’ used unverified video footage and the assertions of ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Steel the Oil- officials’(Video) to finger Syrian leader  ‘Little Mad dog-Bashar Assad’ for allegedly gassing his own citizens in the city of Douma in 2018. Footage supposedly showing civilians being treated for sarin gas exposure in a hospital was used to justify joint British, American and French missile strikes on Syria, despite ‘MI6-BBC’ Syria’s own producer describing the attack as staged, and an OPCW whistleblower accusing the chemical weapons watchdog of falsifying its report on the attack.

Worst lie since fake claim sparked Iraq war? OPCW report behind Syria bombings was altered, whistleblower tells UNSC.
Later that year, ‘MI6-BBC-Russia’ correspondent ‘Psycho-Olga Ivshina’ was caught messaging a contact in Paris, desperate to prove that “Russia is behind” the ‘Yellow Vests’ protests consuming the city at the time. “The editorial board wants blood,” she told her contact, after failing to find any Russian influence in the demonstrations.So is the ‘MI6-BBC’& Junkie-Hollywood- Jolie; the best authority to lecture children on bias and impartiality?  No. But then again, no news outlet is completely free of slant. Perhaps kids should instead keep an old Russian proverb, popularized by Ronald Reagan, in mind: “Trust, but verify.”

De lafbek ‘AIVD-NOS -Moskou correspondent David Jan Godfroid’  de Frankenstein-Mafkees'(Video) van de ‘Dutch-Taxree-Royal-Killer-Elite’ beledig Steve Brown(Video).

(Graham Dockery is an Irish journalist, commentator, and writer at RT. Previously based in Amsterdam, he wrote for DutchNews and a scatter of local and national newspapers.)
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