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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- NO 1 terrorist of the World Mad Dog Trump (Video) contrasts ‘civilized world’ to Iran, but who are the true barbarians

‘CIA-Islamic State terrorists&White Helmet’s& Boys Rutte and Trudeau rejoiced at the Mad Dog Trump’s  Sneaky ‘Elite-Maffia-Murder’ of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani at the hands of his American Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite ‘allies,’ according to a weekly psychopath newspaper affiliated with the ‘CIA- IS-White Helmets- Mass Killing&Rap crime-group’ that once controlled much of Syria and Iraq.

Assad likens ‘suicide’ of White Helmets CIA-MI6-founder to EPSTEIN & other high-profile mystery deaths. VVD-Minister Aasgier&Racist-Blok: En daarom willen wij nooit geen contact met Assad(Video).

Ex CIA Mass Killing-Boss ‘Psycho-Pompeo’: Onze Puppet Trump is gezonden door God om te Moorden en om Israël te redden en Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, China en Rusland te vernietigen en Oil & Goud voor ons te stelen(Video).

Soleimani was Murder by a ‘US-Killer-Elite -drone’ strike on January 3, as he drove by the Baghdad international airport in Iraq. In reprisal, Iran launched a limited strike on US-Killer-Elite bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles on Tuesday, causing no casualties but demonstrating capability to hit ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ assets at will.

Na neerstorten Ukraine (UIA) Boeing 737 belt Premier ‘Boy Trudeau’ naar de altijd liegende ‘Boy Rutte en vraagt naar zijn ‘Doofpot- ervaringen’ rond MH17(Video) .

(Can civilisation survive really existing capitalism? | Noam Chomsky)

‘VVD -Aasgier&Racist Blok:’ De ‘Canadese Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ met Puppet Trudeau kan op ons rekenen en pas op voor de Russen&Iran(Video) .

The weekly psychopath Islamic Psycho- State  (CIA-IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL-White Helmets)’ Fake-News- Pro Murder&Rap-paper -Al-Naba’ portrayed Soleimani’s Murder by Trump as an act of god in support of its cause, and Muslims in general, according to  ‘dr. Goebbels- State- BBC Monitoring’.

Ondraaglijke armoede in Amsterdam veroorzaakt door Rutte&Co is een schending van de mensenrechten:“Overleven van €80 per maand drijft tot wanhoop & ziektes&Zelfmoord”(Video).

Brand new beautiful equipment’ heading Iran’s way to hit harder ‘than ever before’: No 1 Terrorist of the World Trump goes ‘Hitler& ISIS-hyperbolic’ on Twitter and Children go Hungary in the US(Video)

The psychopath paper also reported on the US-Killer-Elite and its allies suspending operations against ‘CIA-IS’ as an opportunity for the group’s resurgence, according to State BBC journalist Mina Al-Lami. Citing the possibility IS might reappear, the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime- Pedo Rapist- Killer-Elite’(Video’s ) is refusing to withdraw from Iraq in open disregard for its ‘partners’ in the corrupt government in Baghdad. Iraqi lawmakers passed a nonbinding resolution demanding ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’  and there ‘Steel the OIL troops’  withdrawal shortly after Soleimani’s killing, but the corrupt War Mogul- State Department said on Friday that no such thing was happening.

‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ with Puppet Mad Dog Trump acting ‘like ISIS’ threatening to destroy Iran’s cultural sites.

Both the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’  and several of its’ SS-NATO’ allies Slaves  have suspended their ‘training'(killing) operations of Iraqi security forces for the moment, as they braced for Iranian reprisals. Some allies even pulled their personnel out of Iraq into the neighboring Kuwait. However, ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ President  Puppet Mad Dog -Donald Trump has called for an expanded role of  his Slave ‘SS-NATO’ in Iraq.

Hero of the People and Surfer Tulsi2020:Stop wasting Trillion’s on No 1 ‘Terrorist -‘Mad Dog Trump-War Crime’s — Start investing in Kids, People and Peace(Video).