(Van onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Hulde aan het moedige, strijdvaardige Franse Volk, die zich niet als Makke Schapen laat Kaal scheren door ‘Macron& Ultra-Rijken’(Video).

Yellow Vests & brass necks: How the Nazi-brutality from ‘Boy Macorn’ in France continues to be invisible, maar Taghi& Holleeder vullen de beeld buis(Video)

The Yellow Vest movement has swept across France like a tidal wave. From small villages to city centers, angry protesters keep taking to the streets in weekly demonstrations that are often marred by violence and fiery clashes with police. What do they want and, why hasn’t the movement died out yet? The Yellow Vests’ initiators and key players give their take on how anti-fuel tax marches became a broad movement and why the struggle is just beginning.

The Fascist New ‘Black-(Police)-Codes’ van de ‘Westerse -Elite- Straf de arme maatschappij’.NPO:Pas op voor Taghi&Holleeder!(Video)