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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-America First in Homeless en in triljoenen besteden aan ‘War crime-Oorlogen’& Militair Industrieel complex.Rutte:Wij doen ook mee! (Video) 
Queen Elizabeth the Mother of the Pedo-Rapist-Prince  Edward(Video) and protector of the ‘Pedo Rapist-Jimmy Saville& Sir Edward Heath’  has delivered a post-election Grazy-speech opening Parliament, but not all were enthralled by the pageantry of the occasion, many complaining on Twitter about poverty, homelessness and the ‘out of touch’ monarch.

Queen Elizabeth: Sir Jimmy Saville and Sir Edward Heath Pedophile’s Royal OK!(Video).

Het Goede Nieuws voor de Britten is dat ze uit de ‘EU-Hel van Timmermans ’gaan, maar het slechte nieuws is dat ze de ’Hel van Boris’ in gaan(Video).

#TULSI2020: Common sense is not that common: Mass- Killing by British Empire should be condemned just like Mass-Killing under Stalin, Hitler, The Ducht VOC and the US Presidents(Video).

New figures from the Shelter charity earlier this week showed that more than 280,000 people will be homeless on Christmas Day in England alone — up 23,000 since 2017. The numbers are a conservative estimate, too, since they don’t reflect those who are couch-surfing or living in sheds and tents, the charity said.

CIA has spied illegal on Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange ten dode opschreven met Trump’s ‘Poodle-Boris’ aan de macht(Video).

Jarige Amalia krijgt vanaf haar achttiende jaarlijks anderhalf miljoen en dat is een Klap in het gezicht van miljoenen Nederlanders(Video).

Needless to say, plenty of anger was directed toward the 93-year-old monarch on social media as she arrived to the Houses of Parliament in a Bentley, and laid out  Mad Dog Trump’ Poodel & psychopaht Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s program for government from atop a golden throne.
Nadeem Ahmed@Muqadaam: “A billionaire pensioner will tell you today austerity is working”‪#QueensSpeech
RD Hale @SkyeCity_:”Queen sits on throne worth £25M, wearing hat worth £3.6M from stolen jewel collection worth £3.6B to introduce the coming year’s austerity policies from a corrupt govt who’ve made 300k families homeless this Xmas & left 1.9M OAPs in poverty. Proud to be British?” ‪#QueensSpeech
That Crown could probably house London’s homeless over Christmas…” one user wrote on Twitter. Her throne is worth “more money than the average person makes in a life,”said another.Another described the event as a “parade of diamonds, furs, pomp, circumstance and privilege in Parliament whilst the nation has record levels of homelessness and poverty.”

PvdA-Riool-ShowBizz-Burgemeester Van der Laan met Kerst : overal opvang vluchtelingen en Dak en thuisloze op straat(Video).

C**ts Are Still Running the World’ could be UK Christmas No 1 after  ‘Royal- Taxfree-War Crime-Elite-Pedo-Rapist- crime group- Tory’ win.
The speech was also panned by another angry Brit as “outdated imperialist claptrap,” and the Queen was slammed as the UK’s“biggest scrounger.”In fact, the Queen opted for a more toned-down look during Thursday’s event, forgoing a crown and ceremonial robes and wearing a hat and day dress instead, her last speech to Parliament having been delivered only two months ago.On that occasion, she wore a crown adorned with 1,333 diamonds and 169 pearls, and arrived to Parliament in a horse-drawn carriage. An even fancier crown estimated to be worth £3.6 million was by her side during both speeches.

  Andrea Murray @AndreaMurray67:“The pomp and circumstance of having a monarch’s crown driven to parliament in a secure cavalcade while people are dying in homelessness, universal credit, and poverty”. #OpeningofParliament ‪#QueensSpeech ‪#ToryBritain
John. E #JC4PM2019@hermit82857782Replying to @SkyeCity_ @campbell582000:”I must agree, outdated, out of touch and out of time now, the queen by herself could alleviate the countries problems with all that wealth, if I was in that position I would be, so what is stopping her?”

 Meanwhile, Shelter charity chief executive Polly Neate said Tuesday that thousands of families will spend Christmas day “trapped in grotty emergency B&Bs, with no space for children to sit and eat, let alone play.”Across Britain, it’s estimated that about 135,000 children will spend the holiday without a home, the highest number in 12 years. Shelter blamed the crisis on a lack of affordable housing and the fact that housing benefit has been frozen since 2016.
Briefcase Michael@BriefcaseMike:”This is the third day of fancy dress flummery, ceremonial, cap-doffing, bowing and oath-swearing in Parliament. And MPs have the audacity to say the country needs to improve its productivity!” ‪#QueensSpeech ‪#BBCNews ‪#PoliticsLive‪@BBCPolitics
Over 10 years of corrupt ‘Mass-Killing War Crime-Conservative -crime group-Party ‘rule, homeless figures in Britain shot up 39 percent. Prime Minister Psycho Boris Johnson lied in the Parliament Tuesday that tackling the crisis would be a part of his “huge agenda of delivering social justice.”

Opmerking van Algemene importantie : Mis deze week niet de: “Ongehoord, eenmalige De Stem van de Straat ‘Kerst & Happy New Year- Special’ met de Kameraden van de Straat.“(Video) bij Salto Amsterdam.