( By Chris Hedges en ondersteunt door Steve Brown)

-The Fascist New ‘Black- (police)-Codes’van de  Massa Moordende ‘Westerse -Elite -Straf de arme maatschappij’:

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘dr. Goebbels- Staats-AIVD-NPO’& ‘RTL-Riool-Lynch-Bouvard’ ,want daar is het grote gevaar voor het Volk Willem Holleeder& Taghi(Video),maar ziet u bij de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV(Video) en leest u hierna:

The New ‘Black- (police)-Codes’ van de  Massa Moordende ‘Westerse -Elite -Straf de arme maatschappij’: “Oey, Oey:Klasse Justitie is de schaamte voorbij: Taakstrafje voor man van burgemeester Halsema voor verboden wapenbezit(Video)”.

The corrupt Fascist Mass Killing police forces from psychopaths ass dutch Ministers ‘CDA-Gestapo-Generaal Grapperhaus‘& ‘VVD-Elite-Gangsters Dekker‘ in impoverished urban communities, equipped with military-grade weapons and empowered to harass and kill largely at will, along with mass incarceration, are the principal tools for the social control of the poor. There is little pretense of justice and even less of protection and safety. The corporate state and our oligarchic rulers fear a backlash from those they abandoned in deindustrialized enclaves across the country, what Malcolm X called our “internal colonies.” The daily brutality and terror keep the poor, especially poor people of color, in bondage. On average, more than 1,100 people, or one every eight hours, almost all unarmed, are killed every year by police in the United States.

Big Ruthless Killing Capital with Puppet Boris will use every tool at its disposal to crush socialists like Corbyn(Video).


Positie altijd liegende D66D ‘DR66  staatssecretaris ‘Menno Snel-(Moordenaar)’ is wankel. Gaat NSB-er-‘Boy Klaver’ Snel weer steunen?(Video).

These killings are not accidents. They are not the results of a failed system. The system works exactly as it is designed to work. And until the system of corporate power is destroyed, nothing will change for the poor, or the rest of Americans.

Klacht en aangifte tegen ‘Moordenaar’& Leugenaar OvJ. H. Hoekstra van ‘OM-Pedo Rapits-Hoofdofficier Leenders-Amsterdam(Video)

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