( van onze wordt Waker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Waar de NATO pal voor staat: ‘Bhopal Mass-Killing’: how ruthless Capitalism with Puppets Like Trump&Rutte exploited weak nations and Steel there OIL&Gold& the lithium& Kill the poor(Video) .

Het Franse Volk is het moedige en strijdbare voorbeeld voor alle andere uitgebuite burgers in de EU. Footage from Paris where French trade unions call for a general strike against pension reforms stealing  proposed by corrupt French President Puppet ‘Boy-Macron’ from the‘ Taxfree-Ultra-Rich-Elite-Gangsters'(Video). Students and members of the Yellow Vest movement are also expected to join the protests, which will be in different locations.The nationwide strike is expected to be the biggest in years and will affect rail, road and air transportation.