(By RussiaToday  en ondersteunt door onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-  Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staats- NPO-AIVD’ en/of leest in de laffe en  corrupte’ Gevestigde Orde Kranten’ met hun Talking Heads(Video)  : De ‘Gerechtelijk-(Elite-Pedo)-Moordende- macht’ is corrupt tot aan de Hoge Raad blijkens belasting ontduikende Raadsheer Van der Vorm &’Moordenaars’ Rechter Fels& OvJ Hoekstra( SCHOKKENDE VIDEO’S).

Taxfree-Parasieten Prins Charles&King Willem&’Elite-Rapits-Pedo’s dankbaar voor de ‘Misdaden& Fake News’ van hun Inlichtingendiensten(Video).

Dutch -Court-Kafkaesque’: CBS fires staffer who have leaked Epstein rant video of ABC anchor – report( Schokkende Video’s)

The corrupt  Met had to give an ‘Lie-explanation’ for why it stopped investigating allegations of sex trafficking against  the Internainale  ‘Elite Pimp &Blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein’ after the woman claiming she was forced into seks( rap) with the ‘Pedo-Rapits- Duke of York’ accused the police of ‘Taxfree-Royal-Elite corruption’. En dat voorgaande is nog nooit gebeurd in ‘Taxfree- Royal-Pedo-Banana-Fraude-Nederland’ van ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte1,2,3’ en  zal ook nooit gebeuren zolang ‘Doofpot- Rutte& Co’ aan de macht is:”Oorlog ‘s Misdadiger Rutte’ overleef ‘Syrië &Irak-debat’ en mag blijven Liegen&Moorden&Stelen van het Volk van zijn corrupte & laffe Collatiegenoten CDA,CU en D66(Video)”.

Prison guards who ‘SLEPT’ through Epstein’s ‘Murder-suicide’ charged with conspiracy. Wanneer wordt OM Amsterdam vervolgd inzake ‘foutjes’ ‘Pedo-Rapits-Hoofdofficier Leenders(Video)

 Justice blind or blinded by titles? A tale of Prince Andrew and Julian Assange.’AIVD& Politie informant- Junkie Peter R. de Vries &swingers- vrouwtje Jac’ : “Onze Demmink is net als wij onschuldig aan wat dan ook“(Video en debiele sexs fotos’ van Jac in actie). 

Virginia Giuffre is pictured in a now notorious photo of Prince Andrew with his hand around her bare waist, with Epstein and the Duke’s ‘friend’ Pimp-Ghislaine Maxwell in the background. A teenager then, she claims to have had sex with the royal at least three times back in 2001.

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Some fourteen years later she brought her story to the corrupt Metropolitan Police Service, only to see the probe dropped rather quickly. “At first the Scotland Yard told me they were going to forensically examine GM’s [Ghislaine Maxwell’s] house in London – next thing I hear, just like the FBI, they were not allowed from the CIA& MI6 & the Ducht secret service AIVD  to pursue the investigation. Corruption in the highelevels [sic] of gov,” Giuffre wrote on Twitter this week.

Pedo-Rapist-Prince Andrew’s disastrous Epstein denial poses more questions than answers (VIDEO).Catholic Church hide abuse 500 More ‘Pedo-Rapits- Priests’. ‘Pedo-Demmink&Nijpels-kliek’ lopen nog steeds vrij rond(Video).


The Met confirmed on Thursday that they had indeed launched the probe, interviewed Guiffe, got the advice from the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service( and the CIA&MI6&AIVD) and ‘decided’ Forced  the case was out of their jurisdiction to proceed with a full criminal investigation.

We therefore concluded that the MPS [Metropolitan police service] was not the appropriate authority to conduct enquiries in these circumstances.

“It was clear that any investigation into human trafficking would be largely focused on activities and relationships outside the UK,” commander for specialist crime the extremely   corrupt and coward  ;Pedo- Rapits-Alex Murray; said, noting that Scotland Yard once again reviewed its position in 2019 and it remained unchanged ‘Royal-Elite-corrupt’ just like in the US and the Netherlands(Video) .

Assad likens ‘suicide’ of White Helmets founder to EPSTEIN & other high-profile mystery deaths. ‘VVD-Minister Racist&Aasgier- Blok’: En daarom willen wij nooit geen contact met Assad(Video).

Pedo-Rapist-Prince Andrew’s ‘I don’t sweat’ & ‘Pizza Express’ excuses trigger avalanche of memes as he denies Epstein sex crime links.

Giuffre in the meantime doubled down on her accusations against ‘Pedo-Rapits -Prince Andrew’ in the upcoming interview with the ‘State MI6-BBC’ – as the ‘Pedo-Duke of York’ faces a growing backlash following his own train wreck interview with Newsnight about his friendship with the ‘US-Taxfree- Killer-Elite-War crime- Blackmailer-financier'(Video).

“He knows what happened, I know what happened and there’s only one of us telling the truth”.

 ‘I’m sorry mummy’: UK papers blast Pedo-Rapits-Prince Andrew as Epstein pal steps down from public ‘dr. Goebbels-duties’ .