( van onze Internationale  ‘Taxfree- US&EU Elite- War crime& Pedo- Rapits’ redactie)

‘Mad Dog Trump’ aka “Rocky Balboa the Pedo- Rapist”: I will sent also Drones&F16 to the Narco States Mexico& Netherlands to Bom the Hel out of them just like in Syria,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Yemen, Libya, Libanon, South America and Africa .
‘Mad Dog Trump’ aka “Rocky Balboa the Pedo- Rapist”: I will sent also Drones&F16 to the Narco States Mexico& Netherlands to Bom the Hel out of them just like in Syria,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Yemen, Irak, Iran, Libya, Libanon, South America and Africa.


AMSTERDAM-NOIR- De ‘Vergeten’ Moorddadige -Royal-Elite’ daden:de ‘Witte’ ‘Rubber-Baronnen’ van de Amazone& Koningshuis grootste Drugsdealer ter Wereld(Video).

Terwijl gisteren in de Tweede Kamer ‘Irak-Syrië –debat’ de altijd liegende  loopjongen ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte&Co’ van Trump zijn Oorlog ‘s misdaden was ‘vergeten’ in Syrië en Irak(Video  )om de Olie te stellen in Irak en Syrië worden wellicht eerdaags in de ‘Narco- State-Holland’ de ‘VVD –Witwas-Zuid –as’ te Amsterdam(Video) en de ‘Drugs& Witwas-Misdaad-banken ING en RABO’ en hun ‘Elite- Bankier-Gangsters’ plat gebombardeerd door de Drones& F16 van ‘Mad Dog Trump’ aka “Rocky Balboa the Pedo-Rapits”. Nu is ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte&Co’ en zijn propaganda Outlet de ‘Staat-AIVD NPO’(Video) van ‘Pimp & Mega fraudeur- Frans Klein’ en de ‘Junkie BN- Hoeren’ van ‘RTL-Riool-Lynch –Boulevard’ met hun  ‘Nep en Fop misdaadjournalisten’ de AIVD&politie-informanten ‘Junkie- Peter R. de Vries’(Video)& ‘Media-huurmoordenaar John van den Heuvel’ even stil. Krijgen die ‘Junkie- BN-hoeren’ van RTL-Boulevard  nu ook een Drone van Trump in hun corrupte gat .

Commit all Murders& Mega-fraud and Cocaïne Trade you want as long as you support the US dollar’ – King Willem &Queen Elizabeth &JP Morgan& ING & Rabo- crime groups(Video).

Help – YES, intervention – NO! Lopez Obrador reacts to Mad Dog Trump’s  aka” Rocky Balboa the  Pedo Rapist” ‘CIA&DEA-Murder-plan’ to designate Mexican drug cartels ‘terrorist organizations’.



The Old #Meetoo- Pedo-Mad Dog-Trump tweets picture of his head on Rocky Balboa’s body, internet explodes in speculation: Rutte& zijn billenmaatjes ‘VVD -Pr Vat-Jort Kelder‘& ‘Junki Gordon:” Trump mag ons wel in ben KO slaan in onze corrupte Anus, hihihihihihih”. Mexican president has rejected any “intervention” from the ‘US-Taxfree-War crime-Pedo-Rapist Epstein-Killer-Elite’  after Puppet Mad Dog Trump promised he would designate the country’s drug cartels as terrorist organizations.“Cooperation, yes, intervention, no”. Manuel Lopez Obrador responded to US President’s earlier comments that he had been working on branding the cartels as terrorist organizations over the last 90 days.rump revealed his plans when Bill O’Reilly, a conservative dr. Goebbels- ‘Mad Dog- media -personality,’ asked him if he was “going to designate those cartels in Mexico and Holland  as terror groups and start hitting them with drones” in an interview posted on his personal website on Tuesday.

De Groene Amsterdammer ontdekt  nu  pas ‘Steven Brown Gangsta’s Paradise’ (2008).


Mexico demands respect of national sovereignty, seeks high-level meeting with US to clarify ‘terrorist cartels’ designation.

I don’t want to say what I’m going to do, but they will be designated,” Trump answered. The US president called on war on cartels earlier this month to “wipe them off the face of the earth” after nine people with dual US-Mexican citizenship, including two babies, were brutally murdered by cartel gunmen.As Trump’s comments were typically vague, Mexican officials called for immediate consultations to “to understand the meaning and scope of the remarks.” Designating cartels as terrorist organization means that financial institutions must immediately block and report any funds connected to the group and citizens can’t support its members, but also makes operations to kill the leaders possible as it was done with Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) heads.

Wat heeft  ‘Bagger psychopaat John de Mol ‘& ‘Junkie-Peter R de Vries’ met ‘Coke-Importeur’ SBS presentator Frank Masmeijer te maken?(Video).

Shock & awe’ for Sinaloa? Mad Dog  Trump to declare Mexican& Netherlands  cartels ‘terrorists’, won’t rule out DRONE&F16& STRIKES (Video).

Although Mexico relied on US aid and assistance through its Fake war on drugs that claimed thousands of lives since its launch in 2006, the president’s statements show the country is less than willing to have American special operatives on its soil. Lopez Obrador was elected in 2018 on a “strategy for peace” and promises of amnesty to non-violent cartel members. Yet, there has been little progress.

Nazi-Anti-Russian –sanctions’ based on Fraudster’s& MH17 tales? Spiegel finds Magnitsky (and Bellingcat&NPO) narrative fed to West by ‘Elite-Gangster-Browder’ is riddled with lies(Video).


In  Grazy Washington, ‘War Mongul-Republican- lawmakers’ already mulled legislation to designate cartels as terrorist organizations or use other laws, like Global ‘Nazi-Anti Russian-Magnitsky Act’, that might put pressure on the corrupt Mexican an the Netherlands  government to change its policy.