(from the ‘US- Grazy-  War Crime-Puppets- Election Front)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- dr. Goebbels -MSM’ Says Hero of the People Tulsi Gabberd Should Quit Congress Immediately, Only in it for the Money(Video).

Whether  the ‘Taxfree-Elite Pedo-Rapits- Clinton Maffia Family'(Video)  is on the ballot or not, her foreign policy will be. Many corrupt Dem candidates adhere to ‘Bush-Elite-Pedo-Rapist Clinton- Maffia  family & Joe Biden-Maffia family –doctrine'(Video) being the World’s Nazi-police (Video) wasting trillions $$, spreading death and destruction and Dictators(Video)  and ‘CIA-Steel the Oil-Coup- Puppets’ like Anez&Guaido’ (Video), and undermining our national security and blackmailing our ‘EU -Slave States ’ with Puppets like the corrupt  Ducht Elite Green Right Party ‘CIA -Trol Bram van Oijk’& the ‘Necon Liberal Crimenal  D66 ‘DDR66 -Joerd Joerdsma ‘. I will end this :” I like to Steel Oil and Kill the poor!’ Trump reaffirms predatory intentions in Syria is‘the best’ US president for his honesty. Rutte& Van Oijk: Trump is ook ons voorbeeld(Video) “.