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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-‘OIL-Thief-Trump’‘fully prepared’ for military action against Turkey and the rest of the World.VVD- Godfather Rutte&’Racist-AasgierBok’: het is Oké!(Video).
oorlog en GoudPresident Puppet ‘Mad Dog  Trump’ of ‘Taxfree-US-War Crime–Pedo Rapist-Epstein- Killer-Elite’ identified Syria’s oil as a US-Killer-Elite national security -Steel- priority and has committed to deploying ‘Robbery- Troops’ to protect the country’s reserves, even as he pulls troops from Syria’s northern regions.’Oil -Thief- Trump’ made that Crazy Steel the ‘Oil-announcement’ dressed in an blue ‘Drag Queen- Pedo-Bill Clinton& Gerrit Zalm- Lady dress’ (Video).Nee die Steel de ollie aankondiging deed Trump niet in de ‘Elite-ProDemos-Rape & Snuif-club’ van de Top VVD-Gangster ‘Rose Pedo- Ed Nijpels’ op het misdadige Binnenhof( Video).

But now, it appears the Puppet Mad Dog is interested in making a ‘Steal the oil-deal’ with ‘US Taxfree- Killer-Elite- ExxonMobil- crime group ‘or another energy elite crime company to tap  & Steel Syrian oil reserves.

Steel the Syrian oil: US robbery-troops being deployed to steel the Oil  will strike at ANY force challenging occupation robbery–Elite-Gangster-SecDef Mark Esper.

De‘Vergeten’ Moorddadige-Royal-Elite’ daden:de ‘Witte’ ‘Rubber-Baronnen’ van de Amazone& Koningshuis grootste Drugsdealer ter Wereld(Video).

American mechanized’Robbery-forces’have begun deploying at Syrian oil fields, ostensibly to stop the remnants of Islamic State  for the ‘Art of the Mad Dog Trump ‘Steel the Oil’ from them and will respond with “overwhelming force” to protect  his robbery. Nou, dat zien wij ‘De Willem Holleeders’ en de ‘Mocro Maffia’ de grootste Elite-Maffia-Afperser & Moordenaar van de Wereld ‘Mad Dog Trump’ niet gauw nadoen. Nu is de voor het merendeel laffe en corrupte Tweede Kamer, maar bovenal de ‘GroenLinks Rechts’  ‘SUV- “Deep State-Halsema”-Bakfietsen-Maffia’ met zijn leider  ‘Onderbroek-Boy Klaver’ en zijn Master de ‘CIA Trol -Bam van Oijk’(Video) en hun Gabber in crime D66 DDR66 met  hun Leve de EU-Elite &Trump-bral-woordvoerder Sjoerd Sjoerdsma ff stil. Die hebben het te druk om samen de corrupte AIVD van de D66 ‘DDR66- Censuur Queen-Minister Ollongren’ met hun ‘Miljonair- Informant-intrigant- Hoerenjong- Bruine Rat -Bas Van Hout’ & ‘Junkie Peter R. de Vries(Video)’ te waarschuwen voor de Russen, Iran en Taghi: Held’ Peter R. de Vries zet zichzelf op ‘Doden-Kijkcijferlijst’ van Holleeder & Taghi. Wilders heeft Leed vermaak(Video).

US-Airstrikes Kill at Least 50 Civilians in Syria. De NL F-16 ‘Piloten-Moordenaars’ weten er ook alles van en de ‘Staats-NOS’ zwijgt weer(Video).

Following the withdrawal of ‘US-Killer-Elite-robbery- forces’ from northern Syria earlier this month, and the killing of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Saturday night, American forces in Syria apparently have a new mission: protect Steel the oil.The extremly corrupt  Killer-Secretary of Defense’ ‘Elite Gangsters Mark Esper’ said at a dr. Geobbels- press conference on Monday that American mechanized robbery forces have already deployed to protect steel the oil fields in eastern Syria. The  robbery-mission, on its surface, aims to keep these oil fields in the hands of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces,  ‘Grazy War-Mongul-Washington’s’ former allies in the fight against IS.The American ‘Robbery-troops’, he said, will “respond with overwhelming military force against any group who threatens the safety of our robbery forces there.” When asked whether the US-Killer-Elite  would potentially respond with force against Russian or Syrian forces,  War Crimenal and Oil Thief Esper simply responded “yes.”Psycho Esper’s apparent threat comes hot on heels of Moscow accusing the US-Kiler-Elite of facilitating the oil smuggling and Steeling in Syria. Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov called the US oilfield operation “state-sponsored banditry,” and accused Grazy Washington of leaving its  roobery forces there to help oil smugglers pillage Syria’s national resources. The ministry published aerial images on Saturday, that it claims show crude oil being smuggled out of the country “under the strong protection of the US-Killer-Elite and there Puppet Mad dog Trump.”

Commit all Murders& Mega-fraud and Cocaïne Trade you want as long as you support the US dollar’–King Willem &Queen Elizabeth &JP Morgan& ING & Rabo- crime groups(Video).
Though much noise has been made about protecting the oil fields from the remnants of IS, the shattered jihadist group has not made any moves towards seizing them. Asked whether the fields and the American robbery forces there were under any threat, Psycho Esper replied “not at this time.” President Puppet Trump had previously promised to bring all of the 1,000 or so ‘US-Killer-Elite-Robbery-troops’ in Syria home, after the withdrawal from the country’s north. However, some will be moved to Iraq, while more will now remain behind at the Stolen oil fields. It is still unclear how many ‘Robbery-troops’ will stay in Syria.

The Mad Dog Trump – art Of Stealing & Mass Killing’: Over $30 billion of Venezuela stolen on ‘Trump’s orders’. Sophie in ‘t Veld’ & Rutte: het is Oke(Video).

(zie hiervoor hoe ‘D66- EU Fractie-Voorzitter hysterica Sophie in ’t Veld’ als een NeoNazi met haar rechterarm schuin omhoog voor de ‘Olie-Coup’ in Venezuela van Trump stemt in het EU Parlement)