( By RussiaToday en ondersteun door onze ‘Zwarte Pieten in de ‘Getto-School- Redactie’)

(Have you seen lately a poor White Kid? ‘No Zwarte Piet (black Face)took them all to the ‘Black&White-Ghetto’ where they freeze to dead and have no food and bad schools and ‘high-Junkie- crime’.’Green-SS-party’: ‘that’s how we want it’.)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Jihadi rehab: Swedish & Amstderdam city’s plans free driver’s license, housing & tax perks for returning fighters& Illegale Vluchtelingen : Islamists have successfully infiltrated Sweden’s& Dutch Green Party(Video).

GroenLinksRechts is het voorbeeld bij uitstek en de  Führer( Video)van de  corrupte  en laffe ‘Gevestigde Orde-Elite-partijtjes’ de ‘PvdA-hoertjes’, de VVD-misdaadgroep,D66 DDR66 en de ‘Nep en Fop Christen-CDA’ en de ‘CU-Incest-Bijbelbelt -kliek’. Zij staan Pal voor ‘Zwarte Scholen’ voor de Laagste Klasse of te wel door de VVD-misdaadgroep genoemde Labbekakken, maar sturen net als de Queen van GroenLinks Rechts ‘Halsema-Elite-Maffia-familie’ (Video) hun ‘Buitenzorg-kinderen’ naar Elite-Top-Witte scholen.

‘GroenLinksRechts Burgemeester Femke Halsema’: Mijn kinderen gaan naar een Witte school om GroenLink te integreren.

Alleen Zwarte Piet is nog welkom in de ‘Zwarte’-Witte- Volksbuurten van de Laagste Klasse bij de maatschappelijk kansloze  ‘Witte’&Black- Getto- bevolking’ alwaar de arme sloebers dood vriezen(Video) en amper te eten hebben and have no food and bad schools and ‘high-Junkie-crime’ en de enige ‘Buurt-Bank’ de mensonterende ‘PvdA-Kapo Kltijnsma-Voedselbank'(Video) is .’

Zwarte Piet steelt niet, Rutte wel & ‘Mocro Maffia’ helpt Armen. Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir.SaltoTV (Video)Promo afl 10(Video).

Washington Post&State NPO&BBC shows how to ‘lose the information war’ by peddling DISinformation on Ukraine& Politie& bolle dronkenlap GroenLinks Provocateur valt Steve Brown aan(Video).

 The ‘Elite-SS-Guardian’s’ latest  ‘dr. Goebbels-piece’ on modern schoolchildren trying to make sense of 20th-century tech is indicative of the times in more ways than one. None of the kids can use a rotary phone – and none of them are white, either.The ‘Elite-SS-Guardian’ has published a feel-good Greenparty article describing how modern-day 15-year-olds try to complete everyday tasks using old-timey equipment (actually, it’s not even all that old-timey, it was mostly still widely in use in the 1990s). It’s a tried and trusted trope – Youtube is full of ‘modern teens react’ videos – that stokes older readers’ nostalgia, employed in a light-hearted manner, with kids even given grades for their (lack of) success in adapting to old tech.But there’s a subtler aspect to it as well. Intentionally or not, none of the six “kids these days” fumbling around with clunky old phones and cassette players in the Guardian’s pictures are white.T’s not a piece about race, or inclusivity. That aspect isn’t even touched upon. It, presumably, doesn’t need to be – the goal has been achieved, inclusivity is now part of the mindset. Just look at all the different-race kids and… why do I have this feeling that we excluded someone?

Wordt Wakker advertentie: De Stem van het Volk nomineert Steve Brown voor Nobelprijs Literatuur en AIVD laat Prijs op Brown zijn hoofd zetten door  ‘Hoerenjong Bruine Rat-Bas van Hout'(Video). 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s awesome that media coverage is reflective of reality, and that non-white people, including children, are no longer seen as an oddity, shunned or sidelined. But how do we go about that without shunning and sidelining white ones?“Move aside whitey, you’ve had your time in the spotlight” isn’t inclusivitiy. Inclusivity is a diverse cast of kids having fun with the old gadgets together. Imagine if all the children in the pictures were white? That wouldn’t be very inclusive either.

BAFTA’s  Elite Fake diversity quotas want to counter hate. Instead they’ll make producers & audiences hate TV.

Modekoningin & Parasiet-Maxima’ steekt de armen de ogen uit met haar Heilige Dutch Melkkoe King Willem & peperdure ‘VIP-WIP-jurkjes’ in India(Video). King Willem: onze kinderen gaan  net als die van onze Puppet Halsema ook naar peperdure Witte scholen.

Then again, this is the same Elite-Guardian whose  Grazy ‘Elite- SS-writers’ took turns telling off a four-year-old child in a Mississippi restaurant for his “white supremacy.” To borrow a phrase beloved by Guardian ‘Grazy -EliteSS- writers’, any situation can be bent into a ‘teachable moment;’ an opportunity to spread the Elite-gospel of  Fake-diversity.A conspiracy theorist would mutter about “subtle  dr. Geoobbels propaganda” and “indoctrination,” but that  dr Goebbels – propaganda would be unnecessary. Britain’s demographics are changing, and the majority-white school is already going the way of the rotary phone.

(Screenshot: Children of all races, including white ones, attend the school featured in The Guardian’s piece)

The school in question, Loxford Academy, is situated in the London borough of Redbridge, which has seen its white British population fall from 57 percent in 2001 to 35 percent in 2011. Meanwhile, the borough’s Asian and Asian-British population increased from 26 to 42 percent in that same time. So pronounced has been the demographic shift in the area that middle-aged, British-born Asian residents of Redbridge told academic researchers in 2012 that they missed the older, more diverse Redbridge they grew up in – diversity here meaning more white people.So, was the Guardian’s decision to exclude white children a deliberate choice, an unintentional blunder, or a simple oversight? Who knows. But in an era when we often hear the phrase “diversity is our strength,” its writers would do well to remember that white kids are still a part of that diversity.

Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV : Armoede is geen Natuurverschijnsel en Steve Brown Premier van NL. afl 5, 2019(Video)