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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ‘  Pompeo: We decide what is a human right. Minister Blok:daarom kan ik en Rutte zo goed werken voor Trump& Pompeo(Video).
US-Taxfree—War Crime-Pedo Rapist Epstein & Prince Andrew-Killer-Elite’( Video) President  Mad Dog Trump is “fully prepared” to use military force against Turkey, Cuba, Iran, China, Russia, Nord Korea,EU,Venezuela ,etc. if “needed,”  corrupt Secretary of State ex CIA Mass Killer Psycho Fatman- Mike Pompeo has declared, qualifying the statement by insisting  Grazy Washington prefers to use its “diplomatic black mail war crime sanctions- powers.
“We prefer peace  to steel Oil  to with  war or sacntions ,”  ‘Pschy- Fatman-Pompeo’ told  ‘dr. Geobbels-CNBC’ in a taped interview that aired Monday afternoon.

“But in the event that kinetic action or military action is needed, you should know that President Puppet Mad Dog Trump is fully prepared to undertake that War Crime action”.He stopped short of revealing what action on Turkey’s part would constitute such a “ War Crime need.”
 Ditch the Kurds, Steel the OIL ! Trump says US ‘never committed’ to Syrian allies, but SecDef says Grazy Washington still committed to Steel the oil.

The Mad Dog Trump – art Of Stealing & Mass Killing’: Over $30 billion of Venezuela stolen on ‘Trump’s orders’. Sophie in ‘t Veld’ & Rutte: het is Oke(Video)

(zie hiervoor hoe ‘D66- EU Fractie-Voorzitter hysterica Sophie in ’t Veld’ als een NeoNazi met haar rechterarm schuin omhoog voor de ‘Olie-Coup’ in Venezuela van Trump stemt in het EU Parlement)

Devil-Clinton’ &’CIA-Troll Journalist -Watts’ slams Hero Gabbard for suggesting the US backed Al Qaeda& White Helmets(Video).

Killer, Lying, Stealing and Drugs dealing Pompeo talk of ‘Russian meddling’ is not about democracy, but about ‘Taxfree-Killer-Elite-power’(Video).

De ‘Groningse -Aardbeving Shell-Crime-Queen-Watkins’ betrapt met de ‘US-Elite- Fracking- Gas-Gangster Perry’ & Mad Dog Trump(Video). 

‘Psycho Pompeo’ added that Grazy Washington would use  extrortion economic and “diplomatic Elite Maffia powers” before breaking out the heavy artillery. He did not want to “get out in front of the president’s Puppet decision about whether to take the awesome undertaking of using Americas military  War Crime  might,” he said, indicating that it was up to Mad Dog  Trump to decide whether Ankara had crossed the line.’Mad Dog-Trump’ had earlier touted the  ‘Steel the Oil-wisdom’ of giving  Sultan Erdogan some space to enact its campaign on the border of Syria against Kurdish groups Ankara considers to be terrorists. “Sometimes you have to let them fight a little while, then people find out how tough the fighting is,” he quipped at a  ‘Red Neck-KKK-campaign –rally’ last week. “Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight, and then you pull them apart and steel the Oil and Gold, hihihihihihihi, Heil Trump& OIL&Gold.”

Edrogan: ‘We aren’t Slaves from the ‘US’ like the rest of the NATO: Rutte& Van Oijk & Sophie in ‘t Veld: Nou wij wel en het is Top!(Video)

Sultan Erdogan’ and the US Puppet Mad Dog Trump agreed on a five-day ceasefire last week, allowing the Kurds to clear the area Ankara wants to turn into a safe zone. While both sides have accused the other of breaking the temporary truce, Trump bragged to reporters on Monday that “the ceasefire’s holding.

Psycho’s Bolton & Pompeo & Pence ‘looking to destroy China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba-Puppet Trump trapped in the middle(Video)

Some ‘War Crime- Steel the- US troops’ were withdrawn from northeast Syria earlier this month before Turkey launched its operation, but their future remains unknown. The  corrupt ‘War Crime-Pentagon’ insists they will remain in Syria to guard steel the oil fields while Mad Dog- Trump has said they will be redeployed elsewhere in the Middle East. The extremy corrupt ‘War Crime& Oil and Gold and money- Thief- Pentagon’ has called on  his ‘NATO-Slaves’ to sanction Turkey, despite its being a member of the alliance, and both the president Puppet and  the for the most part ‘War Mongul -Hillary Clinton& Pedo-Bill-Congress’ have threatened their own sanctions against the country.

Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV : Armoede is geen Natuurverschijnsel en Steve Brown Premier van NL. afl 5, 2019(Video)