(van onze wordt u nou nooit Wakker redactie)

(US ‘President- Puppet Mad Dog Donald Trump’ tours the Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex with ‘U.S.-Killer-Elite Secretary of Energy’ ‘Elite -Maffioseo Rick Perry’ and ‘Royal-Shell Oil -crimegroup’ ‘Elite- Crime -Company President Gotmohetr Gretchen Watkins’ in Monaco, Pennsylvania ( August 13, 2019 ). ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte’ en zijn Boss King Willem: Het is oke!!!!!

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ‘US-Killer-Elite -Ambassadeur &NSB-er Hoekstra’:Boycot Russisch gas en koop ons Fracking Gas. GroenLinksRechts CIA-Trol- Van Oijk’ is het er gelijk mee eens(Video).
Wat u nooit ziet bij de dr.Goebbels -‘Staat-AIVD-NPO’(Video)  en of leest in de laffe en corrupte ‘Gevestigde Orde Fake News kranten’ tot aan de Untergang van de ‘Taxfree-Royal-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist Epstein& Prince Edward-Killer-Elite’(Video): Creepy Elite Pedo-Rapist- dresscode’: ‘Pedo Bill Clinton’& ‘VVD-Massa-Moordenaar -CEO-Shell- Gerrit Zalm’ dragen zelfde blauwe Drag Queen Jurk(Video).

Freezing to ‘Death-Genocide’ of the poor: Unheated homes killed over 16,000 people in the UK last winter& Hoeveel mensen per jaar vriezen dood in NL (Video).
Wie zijn de ergste ‘Taxfree-War Crime-Elite-Pedo-Maffia-families’? Is dat de Trump Familie en /of de Joe Biden familie en/of de King Willem familie(Video) en/of de Clinton familie(Video) en/of op zijn Hollands de Femke Halsema familie(Video)  en/of de VVD misdaad –familie(Video)  en/of de D66 ‘DDR66-Corruptie Sophie in ‘ Veld&Penthouse Eloe-Pedo Pechthold- anti democratie- familie'(Video). Oordeel u zelf. Energy secretary ‘Elite- Mafioso-Snake in Suit -Rick ‘Freedom-extortion-Gas-Perry’ leaving corrupt&Grazy-Trump cabinet:’ By our Gas our we sanction you to dead’.
Duivelse ‘CDA -Rat -Elco Brinkman’: Laat de armen, zieken en bejaarde Labbekakken en dieren aan het gas gaan, Praise the Lord, Halleluja!(Video)

Gifmenger Rutte’ liet gisteren met zijn Wiebes aka “Alle armen aan het gas” de Groningers weer aan het Gas(Video).  
‘Energy Secretary Snake in Suits- Rick Perry’, known for liaising with the corrupte government in Ukraine and aggressively pushing overpriced US-Killer-Elite Fraxking  gas down European allies Slaves’ throats, has notified President Puppet Mad Dog Donald Trump he would resign by the end of the year.Perry has dropped hints about retiring from the Crazy- Cabinet for months – since April, actually – without mentioning the exact departure date. Asked about it on Thursday evening, Trump said he has already identified  a Snake in Suit replacement and would nominate one Devil “soon.”One of the original members of Trump’s Crazy cabinet, Perry has been responsible for US-Killer-Elite energy policy – including safeguarding the nuclear arsenal – and the controversial rebranding of US liquefied natural Fracking  gas (LNG) as “molecules of pollution-freedom for the ‘Taxfree-Royal- Ultra-Rich’ and dead to the common people ” in an attempt to make it more  very dangers to  Elite-buyers in the EU than the far cheaper, more easily available and cleaner Russian gas. ‘By are expencive and pollution Fracking Gas or else EU Slave State’s

Molecules of freedom’?! ‘US-Killer-Elite- Energy Department ‘ and there’ Ducht CIA-Trolls’ Green party  Bram van Oijk& ‘Fake Liberal D66 DDR66 -Sjoerd Sjoerdsma’ rebrands LNG as ‘freedom gas.
He has also been under increased scrutiny lately over his role as a liaison with the new corrupt government in Ukraine, as the corrupt Democrats seek to impeach Trump over allegations he “pressured” Kiev into “digging up dirt” on former Vice President Joe Biden. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Wednesday, Perry said that  Mad Dog Trump had asked him to reach out to Grazy corrupt  Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, after the ‘CIA Puppet -Volodymyr Zelensky’ was elected in the April presidential runoff.

NATO-Top: Rutte voor nog meer Wapens & Fracking-gas aankopen van Trump(Video) .

Van Kwaadaardig ‘Genie’ tot ‘VVD-brokkenpiloot’: corrupte Wiebes raakt verstrikt in eigen ‘Pluk de Massa Kaal-Leugen-web’(Video).
And as I recall the conversation, [Giuliani] said, ‘Look, the president is really concerned that there are people in Ukraine that tried to beat him during this presidential election’,” Perry told the WSJ. “‘He thinks they’re corrupt and… that there are still people over there engaged that are absolutely corrupt’.”Perry said that Giuliani had blamed Ukraine for the so-called Steele Dossier, a collection of claims about Trump compiled by a British spy funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, used since to investigate the president for “Russian collusion.”The former Texas governor (2000-2015) made two unsuccessful presidential bids, in 2012 and 2016. His appointment to lead Energy was particularly ironic given that he could not recall the department’s existence during a 2011 Republican presidential debate, when he tried to name three Cabinet portfolios he would abolish if elected.

No Surrender Captain Henk Kuiper:” Het ergste is dat Steve Brown nog de waarheid spreekt ook als het gaat om de NSB-ers en Nederlandse SS-er  en de Konlijkijke Familie en hun steunpilaar  de Nederlandse  extreem corrupte Bloedzuigers Elite.”