(By RussiaToday (RT) en ondersteunt door onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NBOIR-Hong Kong-CIA-protesters’ cozy up to ‘US-Killer-Elite’, ask to ‘liberate’ city just Like the EU, Vietnam,Afghanistan, Irak, libië, Yemen, Syrië,Venezuela ,Oekraïne ,Iran and Cuba(Video).

Hong Kong police have seized weapons, armor and materials used to create Molotov cocktails just like who the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ started the Ukraine Coup, which they said belonged to radical groups who are financed by the CIA among the protesters labeled ‘Pro-Royal-Elite-Pedo Rapist Epstein& Prince Andrew-Taxfree-Mass Killing-democracy’(Video) by Fake News Western corporate crime media CNN CIA and there ‘dr. Goebbels-  State- EU- Outlets’ BCC en the Dutch NPO with ‘AIVD- Troll -Boss Pimp Frans Klein’.

Ukraine–Masks of revolution, de andere kant van de revolutie die u niet mag zien(Video) van Rutte en zijn Side Kick ‘PvdA-Playboy and EU  Zakkenvuller- Samsom& Callgril Saar van Bueren ’(Video).


Commit all Murders& Mega-fraud and Cocaïne Trade you want as long as you support the US dollar’ – King Willem &Queen Elizabeth &JP Morgan& ING & Rabo- crime groups(Video).

According to the police, on Monday and Tuesday they targeted 48 locations throughout the city that they suspected were connected with violent protesters, who have been waging street battles against the police force for several months.The police arrested 51 people, including seven women, who were aged between 15 and 44, and charged them with various crimes related to the rioting.

Washington Post&State NPO&BBC shows how to ‘lose the information war’ by peddling DISinformation on Ukraine& Politie&GroenLinks Provocateurvalt Steve Brown aan(Video).

Snowden Reveals criminal Truth about corrupt  Joe Biden & Taxfree-Western-Elite dominance, we’re liberals Facist  ass Ducht Mayor of Amsterdam Halsema so everything’s allowed(Video) 

The corrupt authorities of Emperor Xi Jinping  published photos of the items they discovered during the raid, which include several suits of body armor, various melee weapons as well as chemicals and glass bottles used in the manufacturing of petrol bombs – a weapon routinely deployed by the protesters to cause chaos in Hong Kong.

Tear gas, petrol bombs and live fire at fresh clashes between police & CIA-protesters in Hong Kong (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Oliver Stone: ‘CIA met Maffiafamilie Joe Biden zit achter Maidan-revolutie Oekraïne(Video) ’.

Mass anti-government protests first gripped the Chinese city in March, when thousands took to the streets to protest an extradition bill that they deemed an attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy under the so-called “one country, two systems” arrangement. The bill has since been revoked, but the protest movement’s demands have continued to grow and it has become more violent in its approach.

Self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ Like the Queen of Holland Maxima & Mayer of Amsterdam Halsema& EU-Sophie in ‘t Veld who championed ‘Hillary for President attacking Tulsi(Video)


Peaceful protest demonstrations in Hong Kong, which have been the prime focus for the dr. Goebbels  Western media coverage, take place against the backdrop of vandalism, harassment of businesses deemed loyal to the central government and outright rioting.