(By Neil Clark& RT and Steve Brown& Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir )

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Tulsi Gabbard Rips into Anti-American &Racist Trump Rhetoric. Rutte: het is goed Polderen met Racist&Wapenhandelaar Trump (Video).
Corrupt Identity politics is shamelessly exploited by pro-war western Establishments to promote certain candidates Puppets, but only those who promote the ‘right’ Taxfree-Elite-friendly -War Crime -Pedo Rapist Epstein & Prince Edward& Ed Nijpels & Demmink- policy- stances’(Video) .
She’s the first from her ethnic background to make it to Congress, and the first of her religion too. And of course, she’s a Great woman and not corrupt  and War-Veteran(Video) as well.
Tulsi: Our military exists to defend America—not the radical Islamist dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

(Trump is sending young men and women in uniform to risk their lives defending Saudi Arabia’s oil. As president rather than serving the Saudis while they fund terrorists worldwide, my only interest will be serving the American people)
Dem Fake-Debate’ Why is  the Hero of the People Tulsi Gabberd the lone voice against War Mongul-Neocons & Neolibs?(Video)

Now you might have thought that those PC hipsters and Inside the Tent self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ who championed ‘War Criminal-‘Hillary& Pedo Rapits- Bill’ for President Puppet’(Video) not so long ago, and were telling us what a huge advance it would be for women around the globe for the US to have its first female president, would be falling over themselves to endorse the Hero of the Voice of the Street- Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV, Netherlands Tulsi Gabbard, who not only has the right sex, but ticks other diversity boxes too.
Zie in dit verband ook de laatste Hilarische en schokkende Wordt Wakker aflevering van de Stem van de straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV waar Tulsie Gabberd eregast was(Video):

Hero of the People’ Tulsi  Raped’ by the MSM & corrupt ‘Joe Biden-War Mongul-democratic -establishment’ Tulsi Gabbard on the road(Video). 

But guess what? They’re not. Far from it. A lot of these people like the Amsterdam- Mayer Halsema have been at the forefront of those attacking Tulsi. They not only don’t want her as President Puppet , they don’t want her in debates either. All of a sudden ticking gender, race and religious boxes isn’t so important. Gabbard once met Assad, and that puts her out of it.

Gabbard campaign joins voices raising concerns over Democrat debate-qualifying criteria.

(Tulsi: My brothers and sisters in uniform took an oath to support and defend our Constitution and the American people, not the theocratic dictatorship Saudi Arabia which supports al-Qaeda and spreads the ideology of radical Islamist Jihad around the world.)

Wat u nooit ziet bij de ‘Staats-NPO’: Busted:‘CIA Puppet Guaido’ poses with Colombian drug cartel at PHOTOS. Rutte& Sophie in t Veld: Het is Oké!(Video)

It’s also important to note that ‘Taxfree-Elite-Gangster -Wall Street -Democratic -donors,’ the people Snake in Suits who lined up with their check-books behind ‘War- Mongul-Hillary&Pedo-Rapits- Bill’ in 2016, have threatened to sit things out – or even back Trump – if the surging Self declared Capitalist Elizabeth Warren gets the party nomination over the extremely corrupt ‘ Elite- Maffia- Blackmailer #-Metoo-Joe Biden& Suns’. Don’t we want a female President after all, you ‘enlightened’ capitalists?
What this all shows us is that ID politics is used selectively, to maintain the elite-friendly status quo, by giving it a ‘progressive’ veneer.

Snowden Reveals criminal Truth about Biden & Taxfree-Western-Elite dominance, we’re Fake-liberals ass Ducht Mayor of Amsterdam Halsema &’ EU- D66  DDR66-Sophie in ’t Veld ‘so everything’s allowed(Video)

Women to lead the country – great! But it’s not so great if the women in question rail against ‘Iran &Venezuela regime-Steel the OIL-change- wars’, as Gabbard does, or are outspoken critics of the big ‘Taxfree-Elite-Crime& Cocaine- Trade- banks’ like Jp Morgan(Video) and giant ‘Elite- crime- Snake in Suits- corporations’, like Warren.
Trans women in politics – great! But again, it’s not so great if she’s Chelsea Manning, a brave whistleblower who helps us see behind the curtain and exposes imperial crimes.
We need a female POTUS, but not if she’s planning meaningful change!’: How ID politics is used to maintain the status quoMuslim women in politics – great! But not so great if they overstep the mark and criticise entrenched foreign ‘War Mongul- Elite –War- Crime- policy- lobby- groups’, like Ilhan Omar has.

It’s not just in the US where ID politics is used in this way. It happens in Britain too. Consider how the Murdoch press has been promoting the Labour MP Jess Phillips as a feminist icon and potential future leader of her party, most recently putting the ’fearless’ politician on the front cover of last week’s Sunday Times magazine. Now, Phillips has many admirable qualities and I’m not going to denigrate her, but does anyone seriously think that a female Labour MP who was a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn would be promoted in such a way by News Corp?

Puppet Trump offers to Pimp out our military to his Saudi Mass Killers-masters. Koningin Maxima & Hofnar-Rutte & D66 Sophie in ’t Veld het is Ok(Video).

Consider too the treatment of Ed Miliband, who preceded Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. He might have become Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister since the 19th century. Surely a cause for celebration, if you believe in fighting anti-Semitism and promoting religious diversity? But Miliband was lambasted for helping to prevent David Cameron’s drive for war against Syria in 2013, and all of a sudden it wasn’t so cool to have a Jewish prime minister. Support for Miliband within the Establishment disappeared the moment it was clear we were not going to bomb Damascus because of his actions.

Liberal media puzzled: Openly gay Brnabic & Weidel prefer hard work to aggressive PC campaigning.

Politicians who you’d think might be promoted because of their gender, sexuality and/or ethnic background, but who don’t ‘convince’ on foreign policy don’t get the big Establishment media PR push. Have you heard of Sahra Wagenknecht? She’s the leader of the Left Party (Die Linke), in the German Bundestag. She’s bright and has ethnic heritage (her father is Iranian). She’s very photogenic too. And she’s a brilliant public speaker. But how many can place her name outside of Germany? I’m sure if her politics were different, she’d be known across the western world by now.
By applying ID politics selectively, the pro-war neoliberal Establishment is actually putting the cause of genuine anti-sexism, anti-racism and anti-homophobia backwards. Because we know that if there was a candidate who ticked every single diversity box – but who opposed foreign military interventions and who represented the prospect of real, meaningful change, they would be ruthlessly attacked. ID politics is great, and so cool, ok ya, – so long as it doesn’t rock the boat.

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