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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- The Mad Dog Trump – art Of Stealing & Mass Killing’: Over $30 billion of Venezuela stolen on ‘Trump’s orders’. Sophie in ‘t Veld’ & Rutte: het is Oké (Video).

De Franse Gele Hesjes  bestaan al maanden niet meer voor  het Corpate crime Media a La CNNCIA en zijn EU  State  Outlets BBC and the Ducht NPO, maar de Hong Kong demonstratie  komen de Westerse (bejaarde) Tv-kijkers zo langzamerhand uit de oren, zo vaak zijn die dagelijks op de ‘dr. Goebbels-Zombie-TV’: “Gele Hesjes bestaan niet meer in de Media & Pers. Afgelopen week was de ‘007- Held-AIVD-Informant-Van Hout’ het Fake-News van de week over de rug van Brown” (Video).

Pompeo’s Gulf of ‘Tonkin- dr. Goebbels-incident’: Wie gelooft Pompeo die heeft bekent altijd te liegen en te Moorden.Dat is VVD Minister Blok!(Video)

‘Hong Kong- CIA-protesters’ rallied in their thousands and clashed with police in fresh unrest.They even called on ‘Grazy -War Mongul-Washington’ to “liberate” them from Chinese rule of Emperor Xi Jinping , suggesting some may now view the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime- Pedo-Rapist Epstein- Killer Elite’(Video) with Puppet ‘Pedo-Rapist- Mad Dog Trump’  as their patron Emperor.

Poroshenko ‘Blood-income’ jumped 10,000% thanks to Rothschild.Waar zijn de ‘NL- Pro Poroshenko- Gevestigde Orde’ partijtjes nu(Video)

De Hel die Venezuela,&Iran wacht als de US&EU-Elite slaagt methun ‘Olie-Staastgreep’ is te zien in Honduras(Video).

US-Killer-Elite’ levert wapens aan IS& Al Qaida en Assange wordt door ze vermoord. Rutte&CO: het is Oké(Video)

Thousands of demonstrators marched to the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Pedo-Rapist Epstien-Killer-Elite’(Video) Consulate&CIA in Hong Kong on Sunday, in what they said was an appeal to President ‘Puppet- Mad Dog Trump ‘to intervene in the weeks-long political turmoil. Videos of the rally show ‘CIA-protesters’ waving American flags as they sing the US national anthem and play ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ through the speakers on their phones and have no idee of Black Live matters and  the uncountable CIA-Oil-Coups of the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’(Video).

Trump has no idea why anyone would relate Hong Kong protests to CIA&Youtube meddling en Moord ondertussen het Wild Life en zijn eigen bevolking uit(Video)


CIA – Venezuela- opposition’ caught embezzling ‘$213 million- humanitarian aid’ -cash for Drugs, Hotels, and Callgirls. Sophie in ’t Veld: het is Oké, wij doen het ook(Video).

‘CIA-People’ also carried banners, urging  Puppet Trump to “liberate” Hong Kong. American lawmakers are currently mulling the so-called ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’. The legislation would require Washington to annually assess Hong Kong’s level of autonomy from Beijing and react with economic countermeasures if self-rule is compromised.

Hong Kong’s political heavyweights & their peculiar ties to Washington&CIA .

Footage from the city also documented flagrant acts of vandalism targeting the infrastructure and public transportation. In one video, a staircase was spray-painted with an inspiring message, “fight for freedom,” accompanied by a swastika.Beijing has repeatedly accused ‘Grazy -War Mongul-Washington’ of fueling the political turmoil, a claim that became more difficult to refute after a senior American diplomatCIA agent was seen meeting with here corrupt and paid protest ‘CIA-Puppets-leaders’.

The Ukraine, Corrupted Dutch Journalism, and the Atlanticist Faith in ‘Tokkie’s- Propaganda’(Video).

Outrage after ‘US-Killer-Elite’& Mass ‘Killer Crown Prince Salman’ Block UN Resolution on Yemen Ceasefire(Video).

With their direct appeal to  ‘Mad Dog Trump’, it appears that many of the protesters are not interested in negotiating directly with the government. Hong Kong had already officially withdrawn the controversial extradition bill with China that sparked the  more or less ‘CIA-unrest’ just who it went in the Oekraïne and  is going on in Venezuela with ‘CIA- Puppet-Guaido‘.

Rigged Debates, Media Smears, & Taking On The DNC | Tulsi Gabbard: Hero of the People’ Raped’ by the MSM & corrupt ‘Joe Biden-War Mongul-democratic -establishment’ Tulsi Gabbard on the road(Video).


Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Tulsi Gabbard (Presidential Candidate for The People of the World ) about the lack of transparency of the democratic debates, suing Google, smears from the media, challenging the corrupt ‘War Mongul-Democratic Party –Pedo Clinton-establishment’, the 2020 election, the future of the Democratic party, Donald Trump, and more.