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Hong Kong CIA- protests: Give us Trump: ‘America-Taxfree-Elite’ first and only ‘America-Taxfree-Elite’ first.


AMSTERDAM-NOIR– #BoycottMulan: Disney star faces wave of ‘dr. Goebbels-  liberal’ rage online over support for Hong Kong police.

Hoe lang slikken de bejaarde ‘Oranje Boven-Kijkers ‘van de Staats-NPO van ‘Pimp Frans Klein’& ‘John de Mol Trol -Marc Westerloo’ & ‘Junkie-BN-Hoeren- RTL Boulevard’ nog de  ‘dr. Goebbels- Oorlog propaganda’?  Nou waarschijnlijk tot ze dood gaan. Dat de ‘Elite- Pedo- Pimp Epstien’ vermoord is  is een Complot volgens de NPO en RTL Boulevard:”Geen Justitie deal voor ‘Royal-Elite -Pedo-Pimp& Blackmailer Epstein ,maar ‘Zelf-vermoord’ in de cel.“(Video).Geen woord van de NPO en RTL Boulevard  over het feit dat de ‘Taxfree-US &EU-War Crime-Rapist-Pedo-Elite’ zijn eigen bevolking systematisch laat vergiftigen door ‘Taxfree- -multinationals-crime groepen voor Bloed-Winst’: “Fake US regulators embrace toxic pesticides who kill children & the ‘Killer-Crime-corporations’ met Dutch VVD Connection Hans van Baalen(Video) En ook geen woord bij de NPO & RTL Boulevard  dat Trump nu ook het Wild Life in de US laat uitmoorden voor Bloed-Winst voor zijn Bazen de Taxfree- Pedo-Rapist-Killer-Elite’: “Trump officials weaken protections for animals near extinction”


YouTube From the ‘Taxfree-Killer-Pedo-Epstein-Eite’  axes anti-protest channels as US Ministry of Truth battles China over Hong Kong.

En al maanden worden de Gele Hesjes in Frankrijk  dood gezwegen alsof ze niet bestaan door de NPO en RTL Boulevard. Alleen de Pedo& Oplichter& aarts Lafaard Kees van der  Spek aka “het Nijlpaard hoofd” scheldt de Gele Hesjes  af en toe uit voor Labbenkakken, die zich niet moeten aanstellen wat ze hebben het volgens hem hartstikke goed.


Maar vlakt u de Ducht Pedo Elite niet uit op het gebied van misdadig Dierenleed. In Nederland staat al decennia lang het grooste ‘Apen -Martel-centrum’ van Europa.

Taxfree-Parasieten Prins Charles&King Willem&’Elite-Rapits-Pedo’s dankbaar voor de ‘Misdaden& Fake News’ van hun Inlichtingendiensten(Video)

Maar de Hong Kong protesteren  voor Westerse Democratie  spat dagelijks van de ‘NPO& RTL Bouvard- beeldbuis’ af. In Hong Kong heeft de massa kennelijk nog niet door dat als zij , God verhoede ooit Westerse democratie krijgen dat zij tot op het bot zullen worden uitgebuit en vernederd als labbekakken, vergiftigd en hun Wild Life uitgemoord en hun kinderen massaal verkracht door de ‘Royal-Elite-Pedo’s’ en in no time in Gele Hesjes lopen en dan wordt dood gezwegen door de MSM en/of als Slaaf  in de cel zitten:Laatste Labbekak-alert: ‘Slavenhouder Van Gool’: Stem VVD&D66 voor meer EU& Arbeit macht frei& ‘Dieren- Martel-Centrums(Video’ !

For the life of him,  PresidentPuppet   retarded  ‘Mad Dog Trump from’ the ‘Taxfree-US –War Crime Killer-Rapist-Pedo-Elite’  and  war propaganda CNN and the State Oulets BBC and NPO(Video) https://stevenbrownsblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/11/geen-justitie-deal-voor-royal-elite-pedo-pimp-epstein-maar-zelf-vermoord-in-de-cel/   can’t explain why critics would associate  ‘Grazy-War Mongul-Washington’ and the CIA with Hong Kong’s unrest, expressing bewilderment in a tweet just before sounding the alarm about a Chinese invasion of the city.

Ex CIA Murder-Boss ‘Fat-man-Pompeo’: We decide what is a human right. Minister Blok:daarom kan ik en Rutte zo goed werken voor Trump& Pompeo(Video). 

In a  retarded tweet on Tuesday afternoon, the presidentPuppet  observed: “Many are blaming me, and the Taxfree-US-War Crime-Killer- Rapist-Pedo-Elite , for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?”Answering his own question, perhaps, he followed up that missive with another tweet five minutes later, ominously warning that “Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong.” Preparations for Chinese military drills in the border town of Shenzhen, however, were reported on Monday by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CPC) own media arm – the troop’s movements did not require secret intelligence to divine.

(Rick Sanchez reports on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and the US’s purported role fanning the flames of unrest. Then RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports on site from the chaos of Hong Kong’s international airport. We discuss the $30 billion merger of CBS and Viacom and calls to de-platform Iran and its Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Twitter. Then we report on the latest in the saga of Jeffrey Epstein and his mysterious death. Finally, we show nail-biting footage of the approach of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu’s plane by a NATO aircraft before the latter is chased off by a Russian fighter jet. )

According to the CPC-affiliated Global Times, the large-scale movements in Shenzhen are tied to exercises, rather than an invasion. Similar drills were carried out by the city’s police force earlier this month, involving some 12,000 officers.Additional answers to the president’s Puppet’s  inquiry might be found in a recent meeting between te corrupt American diplomat  & CIA agent Julie Eadeh and Hong Kong’s protest leaders, prompting suspicions that Grazy War Mongul-Washington may have a greater hand in the dispute than it lets on. While the  corrupte State Department defended the visit, arguing it was something “American CIA- diplomats do every single day,” some remained unconvinced by the reassurance.China Daily columnist Chen Weihua also noted that “It would be hard to imagine the US-Killer-Rapist-Elite reaction if Chinese [diplomats] were meeting leaders of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or Never Trump protesters.”Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, told RT that the Taxfree- US-War Crime- Killer-Pedo-Elite government has long been involved with Hong Kong’s protest movement, adding “it’s widely known that the Taxfree-US-Killer-Pedo Elite, through its National Endowment for Democracy, has bankrolled a lot of these political parties and political leaders.”

 World is watching’: ‘Taxfree-US-War Crime-Killer-Pedo-Rapist-Elite’ reaction points to Hong Kong as a ‘color revolution 

 McAdams explained that one of the protest leaders seen meeting with  corrupt US-CIA- diplomat Eadeh last week was “heavily involved in the 2014 protests” in Hong Kong and maintained close ties to  ‘Grazy War Mongul-Washington’.“When he finished with those protests, he actually went back to the United States and collected an award for the US government-affiliated ‘Freedom for the Taxfree-War crime-Kiler- Rapist Pedo-Elite House ,” McAdams said. “So they and the CIA been joined very closely for a very long time.”

Steun Tulsi Gabberd voor President en redt de Wereld van Puppets Obama Trump& Biden& Timmermans& Rutte  van de ‘Taxfree-US&EU-War Crime-Killer-Rapist-Pedo-Elite(Video)