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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Zoek het verschil tussen Koningin Maxima & Ivanka Trump op de G20(Video).
For many Salman is an international Pariah and Mass Murder, but you wouldn’t know it by the lavish reception Saudi Crown Prince ‘Dictaor -Mohammed bin Salman’ has received at the ‘Elite-Maffia-G-20′ summit this week from T’axfree- Mad Dog Trump’ and his stupid  Daughter Ivanka and ‘Taxfree-Queen Exotica Maxima ‘.

Koningin Máxima privé Tête-à-tête op G20 met Saudische kroonprins & Massamoordenaar Salman(Video).

The ‘Crooked-Real a State- deal’ of the century” from Psycho Kushner &Taxfree-Queen Maxima& King Willem’ in the Middle East and the NL.(Video)
Salman beamed as he stood front and center, sandwiched between ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime- Killer-Elite’  President ‘Puppet Trump’ and Japanese  ‘Whale- Killer- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’, for a group photo Friday. He exchanged an impish grin as he sat down next to Russian President  ‘Capo di tutti capi  Putin’. Salman posed with corrupt South Korean President  coward Moon Jae-in and a group of ‘flag-waving- Hitlerjugend’ ahead of an earlier signing ceremony for $8 billion in ‘Blood-deals.’ Than Salman had a public an romantic   privé Tête-à-tête with the  Ducht ‘Taxfree Ultra-Rich-Shell- Queen Exotics -Maxima'(Video).
Even as rebukes pile up elsewhere — a U.N. expert has called for an investigation of his role in the killing of a prominent journalist, and a growing number of Americans are questioning their nation’s support for his ‘Oil- Dictator’ and its Genocide& War Crime- role in the war in Yemen — some  corrupt leaders and Ivanka &Queen Maxima in Osaka have gone out of their way to make sure the prince feels comfortable and horny.

Hero Tulsi Gabbard :This insanity of the War Moguls with serial Rapist Puppet Trump must end(Video).

‘Huisjesmelker Koning’ ‘verhuurt’ Villa aan Koeweit voor een prikkie.’Hofnar- Rutte’: het is oké(Video).

These high-profile ‘Taxfree-Elite Maffia’ gatherings can often have a crime-club-like feel to them, with well-dressed ‘Elite-Gangsters-leaders’ standing around and talking — sometimes intensely, sometimes convivially — before and after the photo-ops and public statements. In the absence of many details about what for crime’s happening behind closed doors, observers are forced to spend a lot of time parsing body language. And, at least when the cameras were rolling, that language has been overwhelmingly positive for the prince and his G20 romence with teh Dutch Queen Maxima.

In order to take ‘US- Slave-European nations’, with ‘NeoNazi-Ukraine’ included in the list, off Russia’s supposed hook, the ‘US-Taxfree-War Crime-Killer-Elite’ ‘dr. Goebbels -Talking Heads-channels’ millions of dollars into local media to ensure they are truly “independent.”
In addition to standing next to Trump in the center part of the front row for the first group photo, the prince was seated next to the summit’s host, Abe, at the official opening ceremony.

De Hel die Venezuela,&Iran wacht als de US&EU-Elite slaagt met hun ‘Olie-Staastgreep’ is te zien in Honduras(Video).
As the prince Dictator — easily one of the tallest leaders, and striking in his flowing, ankle-length robes — strode from meeting to meeting, or wandered among the other leaders before the summit’s set-piece ceremonies, he seemed completely at ease, often flashing a broad smile and exchanging pleasantries.

Vrouwenmepper-‘CDA -Captain Gay Eurlings’ ‘Directeur–Witwasser’ van de Massa Moordenaar Sjeik Khalifa(Video).
‘Mad Dog-Trump’, who has long been loath to scold authoritarian leaders for human rights abuses, seemed to go out of his way at times to shepherd Prince Dictator  Mohammed just like the Dutch ‘Taxfree-Shell- Queen Maxima’.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Campaign to Challenge ‘US-Killer-Elite-Military-Industrial Complex’ with Puppets Trump&.Clintons&Obama, etc.(Video).

The’ US-Taxfree-War Crime Killer-Elite’ president Puppet sees a close ‘War Crime- relationship’ with  Dictator Salman as a lynchpin to ‘Grazy- War Mongul-Washington’s ‘Middle East strategy to destroy Iran& Syrië& Libanon& Irak&Turkey&Qatar. Trump has brushed aside Khashoggi’s killing and said it has already been investigated by his friend Salman. A  pledge form de Mass Murder Salman to spend billions of dollars on U.S. military equipment,  Mad Dog-Trump said, “means something to me ass Puppet from the ‘US-Killer-Elite-Military-Industrial Complex’ .”Following a months-long inquiry, Agnes Callamard, the U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, recently said she’d concluded that Khashoggi was a victim of a “deliberate, premeditated execution, an extrajudicial killing for which prince Salman is responsible.”Saudi Arabia denies the 33-year-old crown prince had any knowledge of the killing of Khashoggi. The kingdom has put on trial 11 suspects, some of whom worked directly for the prince and the CIA. But his closest former adviser& CIA informer Saud al-Qahtani, who was sanctioned by the United States after the killing, is not among those on the fake trial.

‘Blood-Business ‘concerns have colored ‘Prince-Mass Killer- Mohammed’s’ warm welcome by the G-20. Take South Korea, for instance. In Seoul before the summit, Saudi Arabia and South Korea signed 10 memorandums of understanding and contracts that would be worth $8.3 billion, according to Seoul’s presidential office. Moon, the president, hosted a luncheon at his mansion that was attended by some of South Korea’s most powerful ‘Elite-Gangster-businessmen’.South Korea gets more than 70% of its crude oil from the Middle East. Seoul is the world’s fifth largest importer of crude oil and Saudi Arabia has been its biggest supplier. Prince Mohammed, during his meetings with Moon, promised to help with possible fuel shortages in case of supply disruptions caused by Middle East turmoil causes by ‘Mad Dog Trump’.

Not everyone was happy about his reception.
Some South Koreans criticized the country’s two major English newspapers — The Korea Herald and The Korea Times — for using their front pages Wednesday to publish identical full-page ads by S-Oil, a South Korean oil refining company that is a subsidiary of the giant Saudi oil company Aramco. The ads printed the national flags of Saudi Arabia and South Korea side by side and contained the message, “We welcome HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al-Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minster, Minister of Defense.