(door George Galloway’s political talk show ‘Sputnik’ en ondersteunt door onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Judge Jeanine: “Grab Your Popcorn,” The Deep State(Video)  Is About To Be Exposed(Video).
Taxfree-Crime Corporations& Banks& Deep State’(Video) motivated by insatiable greed endanger us all and must be stopped before it’s too late, veteran journalist Chris Hedges told RT, warning that future generations will suffer immeasurably unless action is taken now.Appearing on George Galloway’s political talk show ‘Sputnik’, Hedges decried how the “psychopaths” who run the world’s largest Taxfree-(Shell-Rutte)-multinational corporations are “hurling us all over a cliff” in the pursuit of “short-term profit.

Even in a strong ‘Snake in Suits-economy’, millions of hardworking Americans are being left behind net als in ‘Doender-NL’ van Rutte&Co(Video)
We’re going to talk about the destruction of the ecosystem that sustains life. And [that’s] what is happening in the hands of the ‘Oligarchic-Mass -War Crime War-Taxfree-Elites’ in the fossil fuel industry – and let’s not forget the defense industry, the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses is the’ Taxfree-US&EU-War Crime-Killer-Elite-military’.”

Pompeo’s Gulf of ‘Tonkin- dr. Goebbels-incident’: Wie gelooft’ Psycho- Fat-man- Pompeo'( en ‘PvdA-Hoertje-EU Zakkenvukkel-MH17-Huil-Komediant Frans Timmermans’& VVD Godfather Rutte(Video)) die heeft bekent altijd te liegen en te Moorden.Dat is VVD Minister Blok!(Video)

Corrupte VVD-er’Snake in Suits Gerrit Zalm’ van Minister van  corrupte Financiën tot ABN & Shell&DSB CEO tot Informateur ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte3’ tot CEO Elite-Gangster bij ‘Nep en Fop Rating bureau Moody’.(Video)

Asked by Galloway if their grandchildren will “have a world to live in,” Hedges offered a grim assessment:“Not unless we – and I don’t use this word lightly – overthrow corporate crime &Bank power. Otherwise it’s very clear that these  Snake in Suits-people will kill us.”Watch the full interview(VIDEO)here.

Tot slot: Partijleider van de Stem van de Straat Steve Brown legt hierna uit hoe de ‘Ping Pong democratie’ in ‘Slaven-Nederland van Rutte & Co misdadig werkt(Video) om de Status qua van de Rijken worden rijker en de arme worden armer te handhaven.