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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-BBC onafhankelijk en geen ‘Royal- Taxfree -War Crime- Elite- Fake News’? Wat denkt u zelf: BBC new ‘dr Goebbels- chair’ ‘ex-Goldman Sachs Banker-Elite-Gangsters Richard Sharp’ who advised ‘Psycho  Boris Johnson’ and  Bribe £400k to UK’s ruling  Snake in Suits-party

Fake news By CNN&BBC&NOS to cover failed ‘Steel- the Oil-coup’! Venezuela, Russia respond to Psycho  Pompeo’s claim Maduro almost fled(Video).
It’s Groundhog Day again in Venezuela, as the local conservativecorrupt CIA opposition has launched another ‘Steel the Oil-attempt’ to oust President Nicolás Maduro from power. Surrounded by a few hardcore  ‘CIA-supporters’, ‘Grazy – War Mongol-Washington’ backed self-appointed president‘CIA Puppet  Juan Guaidó ‘on April 30 called on the military to rise up and overthrow the democratically elected Maduro. ‘CIA Puppet Guaidó’, a man who has never even stood for president, attempted the same thing in January, and the ‘CIA-opposition’ has attempted to remove Maduro, and his predecessor Hugo Chávez, on many occasions, including in 2017, 2014, 2013, 2002 and 2001.

Killer,Lying,Stealing and Drugs dealing Pompeo talk of ‘Russian meddling’ is not about democracy, but about ‘Taxfree-Killer-Elite-power’.(Video)

Despite bearing the clear hallmarks of a coup—defined as “the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group”—US corparte Cirme media  and there EU State Outlets  the dr. Goebbels BBC and NOS ( From pimp Frans Klein) have overwhelmingly supported it, as they have past attempts (FAIR.org, 1/25/195/16/184/18/02). CNN (4/30/19) told the United States that it must “root for the people” of Venezuela, before explicitly stating, “Rooting for the Venezuelan people means hoping that Maduro will step down”—thus underlining the phenomenon noted by FAIR (1/31/19) that to corporate media, “the people” of Venezuela are whoever agrees with the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ ‘Puppet government’. The Corporate  crime  CNN (4/30/19) also used images of CIA Puppet  Guaidó’s paramilitaries (identifiable by their blue armbands) to illustrate a report claiming the forces of “socialist dictator” Maduro were “mowing down citizens in the streets.”

Not a Coup, but a…

(The CNN CIA column (4/30/19) helpfully clarifies: “Rooting for the Venezuelan people means hoping that Maduro will step down peacefully.”)
Framing how readers see an issue is an incredibly powerful tool of persuasion. It’s not carpet bombing, it’s surgical strikes. And people are more likely to accept advanced interrogation techniques than they are torture.

NPO van ‘Pooier Frans Klein’: “Terreur terug” ‘vergeet’ ‘Gladio-Prins Bernhard’ (Video).

In their efforts to refrain from using the negative—but accurate—term “coup” to describe events they support, the media have sometimes had to go to bizarre, roundabout and garbled lengths to dance around it. The Washington Post (4/30/19) used the clunky phrase “opposition-led military-backed challenge.”  The Post (4/30/19) also published an article in support of Guaidó headlined “Is What’s Happening in Venezuela an Attempted Coup? First, Define ‘Coup,” arguing that there were such things as “noble” and “democratic coups.”Other outlets also refused to use the most logical word to describe events. CBS (4/30/19), Reuters (5/1/19) and CNN (5/1/19) chose the word “uprising,” NPR (4/30/19) and the New York Times (4/30/19) “protest,” and Yahoo! News went with the phrase “high-risk gamble” (5/1/19). Meanwhile, the Miami Herald (4/30/19) insisted that the “military rebellion” in Venezuela “can be called many things. But don’t call it a ‘coup attempt.’”Even international organizations like the State BBC (5/1/19), The NOS( See Volksnieuws from Amsterdam and the Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV)  ,the Guardian (5/1/19) and Al-Jazeera (5/1/19) only used the word “coup” in quotations, characterizing it as an accusation attributed to government officials media have been demonizing for years (Extra!, 11–12/05; FAIR.org, 5/28/184/11/19). This despite the fact that Al-Jazeera (4/30/19) reported on the day of the Steel the Oil0-coup that Mass Killer Erik Prince, CEO Godfather  of the private military Dead scout contractor Insane Blackwater, tried to persuade Mad Dog Trump D Trump to let him send 5,000 mercenaries to Venezuela to “remove( Murder)” Maduro just like the CIA Killed  Allende Chili .

Stenographers for Power:Save The Word: Tulsi Gabbard for US- President, Smashes ‘CIA-CNN’s & ‘Staats-NOS & BBC’s’ ‘Pro War Horribleness’.
The reasons for the reluctance of the media to use the word “coup” can be found in official announcements from the government. With all the credibility of an armed man in a mask repeatedly shouting “this is not technically a bank robbery,” national security advisor for the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich ‘Psychophat’ John Bolton’ told reporterson April 30, “This is clearly not a coup,” but an effort by ”the Venezuelan people” to “regain their freedom,” which the US “fully supports.”Likewise,  the ex CIA Mass Killing and drugsdealing  Boss Secretary of State  Fat –man-Mike Pompeo announced that what we are seeing in Venezuela “is the will of the people to peacefully change the course of their country from one of despair to one of freedomSlave and  Fake-democracy.”Soon after Psycho  Bolton’s comments, Bloomberg published a series of articles (4/30/19; 4/30/19; 4/30/19), all by different writers, on why the events did not constitute a Steel the Oil- coup attempt. This, despite Bloomberg’s reporter Andrew Rosati revealing that coup leader Leopoldo Lopez told him and the rest the international media core that he wants the US-Taxfree-Killer-Eliet to formally govern Venezuela once Maduro falls.

( “We lied, we cheated, we stole,” Pompeo declared—but trust him, Maduro only stayed in power because Putin told him to (CNN CIA, 5/1/19)!

Unlike CNN&NOS, we and the Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV get to tell the truth!’ Now-unblocked Maffick hosts flip off censors(Video).

Deep State,‘Mass Murder-Mad Dog Trump’& ‘Serial Killer& Drug dealing CIA’(Video).
This is not the first time the corporate  media have lined up behind the government on a Venezuelan coup. As detailed in my bookBad News From Venezuela: Twenty Years of Fake News and Misreporting, the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ media also endorsed the April 2002 coup against Chavez, using euphemisms such as “popular uprising” (Miami Herald, 4/18/02), “unrest” (New York Times, 5/23/02) or “Chavez’s temporary downfall” (New York Times, 4/29/02) to frame events more positively. Only after an  corrupt official  War Mongul-White House spokesperson used the word “coup” on April 15, 2002, was the word frequently used in the corporate crime  media, suggesting a close synergy between government officials and those supposedly employed to hold them to account.After barely 12 hours, the most recent ‘Steel the Oil-coup’ attempt appeared to have failed under the weight of its own unpopularity. According to the New York Times (4/30/19),  ‘CIA Puppet Guaidó’ failed to attract meaningful support from the military, his co-conspiratorand ‘CIA Puppet Leopoldo Lopez’ had sought refuge first in the Chilean then in the Spanish embassy, and 25 of his ‘Killer- paramilitaries’ had done the same in the Brazilian one. The ‘CIA Puppet  Guaidó’ did not win over the Venezuelan majority, who had previously chased his motorcade out of a working class district when he tried to enter. Ordinary Venezuelans continued their lives, or even rushed to the defense of the government. As USA Today (5/1/19) summed up:The ‘CIA Puppet-Guaidó’ called it the moment for Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy once and for all. But as the hours dragged on, he stood alone on a highway overpass with the same small cadre of soldiers (CIA actors) with whom he launched a bold effort to spark a military uprising.It appears that the main base of support for the ‘Steel The Oil-coup’ was the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ ‘Puppet  government’…and there corporate  crime  media. The press’s extraordinary complicity, lining up with the  ‘dr. Goebbels- State Department’s’ Fake version of the world in the face  of empirical evidence, highlights the worrying closeness between  the corporate crime CNN, etc, and dr. Goebbels- State BBC and’ Dutch State- NPO-media’ from ‘Pimp Frans Klein ‘(Video) and ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ ‘Puppet government’. When it comes to foreign  ‘War Mongul-policy’, there is often no difference between Deep state and Fourth estate.

Partijleider van de Stem van de Straat partij & Underground Presentator Steve Brown van de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV heeft zich in navolging van de Venezolaanse ‘CIA Puppet- Guaidó’ uitroepen tot Premier van Nederland en gaat beslag leggen op het ‘VOC-Bloed-goud’ van De Nederlandse Bank om het te verdelen onder de 3 miljoen mensen die op of onder de armoedegrens(Video)moeten zien te overleven.