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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Lagarde medeplichtig aan fraude van 400 miljoen en geen dag in de cel(Video).

Assange schreeuwt tegen Trump tijdens zijn arrestatie. Wester & Smit vinden Assange geen journalist en begrijpen zijn ‘ontvoering’ naar de US(Video) bij het ‘Subsidie- bral-progamma M.’, het Slachthuis van Margriet van der Linden zonder weerwoord(Video). The corrupt ‘Ecuador -Taxfreer-Killer-Elite’  traded Julian Assange for a loan from the International Monetary Fund from Puppet ‘Mega -fraudster- Lagarde ‘, which can only be handed out with the approval of  ‘Grazy -War Mongul Washington’ with President ‘Puppet Mad Dog Trump’, John Shipton, the WikiLeaks co-founder’s father, has said. Ecuador doesn’t have its own currency. It uses the US dollar,” Shipton told 60 Minutes Australia.

‘You can’t get an IMF loan unless the United States approves it – upon agreement to remove Julian from the Embassy.’

Geen gevolgen ‘Bahama Leaks’ voor ‘Uber-VVD-er- Kroes’ en ‘Mega Fraude Lagarde'(Video).

In late February, Ecuador has reached a $4.2 billion staff-level financing deal with the corrupt IMF from ‘Mega-fraudster Lagarde’  to keep its struggling  ‘US-Taxfree-Killerr-Elite- Slave-economy’ afloat. Such staff-level agreements can only happen if they are greenlighted by the  corrupt Washington-based lender’s ‘executive-Snake in Suits- board’.

Assange  respected us’: Ex-consul debunks MSM claims Assange had issues with Ecuador’s embassy staff .

Less than two months later, Ecuador’s president  ‘US- Taxfree-Killer Puppet Lenin Moreno’revoked Assange’s political asylum. The publisher and journalist was detained by the ‘UK-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’corrupt  police, which dragged him out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He had been holed up there for almost seven years fearing extradition to the US for publishing evidence of its war crimes and shady policies on his whistleblowing project WikiLeaks.

Wat u niet ziet bij de NPO: Ex CIA Secretary ‘Psycho- Pompeo’: “I was Lying, Cheating &Stealing, Drugs dealing and Murder”(Video).

War Criminal Abrams’ calls to ‘imagine’ Venezuela with billions of ‘Monsanto-dollars’ from the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ and to became a poisoned ‘Slave- State’(Video)

RT’s Ruptly video agency was the only outlet present to capture the arrest on video. Shipton commented on the footage describing the “terrible” effect that the pressure has had on his son. “I’m 74, he looks as old as me. He’s 47.”

 IMF- Elite Gangster-Boss Lagarde en ‘privévriend’ van de PvdA Gluiperd Dijsselbloem vervolgd wegens jatten 400 miljoen overheidsgeld.

Assange’s father said his main fear now was that Britain will deport the whistleblower to the US. Formally, the Americans want to prosecute the publisher for an alleged cyber-conspiracy with former ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Eliet-Army soldier’  Chelsea Manning, who passed thousands of classified US military documents to WikiLeaks in 2010. But many believe the number of charges will pile up once the ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’  gets hold of Assange.“The ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ was determined to ruin his life or Kill him, for whatever reason. They want to demonstrate that publishers and whistleblowers will be destroyed,” Shipton said.

Bij de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir /SaltoTv(Video) : Chomsky: Arrest of Assange Is “Scandalous”& Extraterritorial Reach of ‘US-Taxfree-Killer-Elite’. Nu zwijgen van Oijk&. Sjoerdsma(Video)



‘PvdA-Gluiperd Dijsselboem’ nieuwe ‘Maffia-baas’ Onderzoeksraad voor de Veiligheid voor de Taxfree ‘Ultra-Rijken’&Multinationals(Video)

He also laughed at the claims that his son was working with the Kremlin, which were first voiced by the ‘Hillary(Pedo)- Clinton camp(Video)’ “Oh for god’s sake, Russian asset, spare me,” the father said. ‘Mad Dog-Trump’ won the 2016 ‘Freak-presidential’ vote in the US not because the WikiLeaks published the emails of the corrupt Democratic National Committee, but because ‘War Mongul- Clinton’ as corrupt  Secretary of State “destroyed Libya and giggled like a madwoman seeing a bayonet that’s stuffed up Gaddafi’s a**hole,” he argued.

Shipton parted ways with Assange’s mother Christine Ann Hawkins when she was pregnant with Julian, but he kept in touch with his son and reportedly last visited him in the Ecuadorian embassy on Christmas.

WikiLeaks ontmaskert  de ‘PvdA- Gluiperd- Dijsselbloem ‘ en Lagarde en’ Ja-Knikkers Oekraïne Manifestatie’ vallen Steve  Brown van de Stem van de Straat  aan op de Dam(Video).