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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-The Deep State Attacks& Puppet Trump on Ilhan Omar Reveal an  Set Against Muslims.Mad Dog-Trump’ Zaaid Haat tegen ‘Hero Omar’ met als gevolg dat zij dagelijks met Dood wordt bedreigt door zijn ‘Red-Neck-KKK-NAZI-Meute’(Video).
First came the liberal establishment and their conflated accusations of anti-Semitism. Then came the conservatives with their tears. And now, the president has accused her of trivialising 9/11. His supporters, a circus of right wing media and pundits, are insinuating that she is neither fit for Congress nor is she a loyal citizen of the United States.The latest round of attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar seem to have started after a video of Omar describing the 9/11 attacks as “some people did something” began circulating on the internet, giving the right-wing media an opportunity to accuse her of belittling the largest foreign attack on US soil. Omar’s words were taken from a speech she delivered in late March at an event organised by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in which she tried to emphasise that the level of prejudice Muslims faced post 9/11 created the need for a robust Muslim civil society “because they recognised that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.

Given that Omar, a proud, scarf-wearing Muslim refugee from Somalia, says what no one in the establishment ever wants to hear, the right-wing media have found it imperative to skew and distort her words at any given opportunity.

Hero& Surfer Gabbard’ Stands With Omar. ‘Buffer Trump’: Die Tulsi Gabberd grijp ik gelijk in haar Kruis(VIDEO).

The relentless attacks from the media, particularly from the stable of KKK- Red Neck-Rupert Murdoch’s Fake- News Corporation, was followed by President Puppet Trump Hate-tweeting what can only be described as an incendiary video, in which footage of the 9/11 attacks on New York City is interwoven with Omar’s words; the attacks on the Congresswoman moved from the obtuse and the absurd to the downright dangerous.

But the attempts to silence and bully her haven’t just come from Racist  Mad Dog-Trump and the red Neck-KKK-Republican party.
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Omar is an outsider because she brings a perspective that challenges the political mainstream. In contrast to Omar, the corrupt Republican and Democratic Parties are difficult to tell apart. They want her gone because she upsets a cabal that is still essentially ‘Taxfree-upper class-Killer-Elite’, white old man, ‘Christian‘ Devels, instrumentally liberal racist but ultimately Grazy-conservative and war-mongering.

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‘Psycho-Pompeo’ support for ‘Saudi&UK-led -Mass- bombing’ Childeren and Baby’s is the way to ensure’ Genocide- US-Killer-Elite- Peace’(Video).

Whereas  ‘Mad Dog Child-Killer-Trump’s’  ‘Hate-attacks’ on Omar are merely an attempt to funnel fuel to his ‘Red Neck-KKK- base’ of ‘right-Neonazi-wing’ conservative voters as he gears up for elections in 2020, the manner in which Omar has been treated by her own party seems to invoke a larger and deep seated story of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism that has been an integral feature of America – as we know it – for decades.
I find her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and unbefitting of a member of Congress. And I think that it’s a good thing the president is calling her out,”  Insane and  always lyingWhite House press secretary,  ‘Fat-Sarah Sanders’, said in defence of  her ‘Pimp-Trump’s’ ‘Hate-tweets’ about Omar’s words, ignoring, of course, that they had been distorted and taken out of context.
But in truth, the first half of Grazy ‘Fat- Sanders’’ defence could belong to just about most corrupt Democrats.
Over the weekend, after Trump had entered the equation, Tulsi  Gabberd, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,  the presidential candidates on the left of the Democratic party, came out in defence of Hero Omar.
Sanders and Tulsi  Gabberd, particularly, has supported the young not corrupt congresswoman before. But the senator from Vermont remains an independent locked in conflict with the corrupt Democratic party’s mainstream, and the extent to which that mainstream, along with establishment liberals, has allowed American politics to reach this level of hate has become clear through the treatment of Omar.
Look no further than Nancy Pelosi, the  corrupt spokesperson of the House, who among a soiree corrupt Democrats, “admonished” Trump for “using images of 9/11 for a political attack”.

Politics of spectacle

“Uncle Tom”- PvdA-Hoertje-Aboutaleb de Top ‘Rot op- attractie’ van Joe Biden in de Hut van ‘Ome Tom’.

While many have likewise “admonished” Pelosi for failing to mention Hero Omar by name in her chastisement of ‘Mad Dog-Trump’ (at least initially), the outrage over corrupt Pelosi’s purported cowardice belies the fact that most of the disgust for Trump has little to do with protecting Omar and more to do with the politics of spectacle that has become the lifeblood of the American news cycle.
On Sunday, Pelosi asked House officials to review security measures intended to protect Representative Omar after President Puppet ‘Mad Dog- Trump’s’ Hate-tweet. According to a senior Democratic aide, Pelosi called for the review based on dozens of threats made.
Even then, some of the most senior extremely corrupt  members of the Democratic party have yet to speak up in defence of their colleague. If they did, would it matter? Most party leaders only want  ‘Mad Dog-Trump’ out and ‘War Mongul-Mad Dog -Joe Biden’ in the White House. This much is clear.
The very moment it became obvious this strong black Muslim congresswoman would not toe the line, she was always going to be maligned.

Salacious and vindictive
By abandoning Omar and fuelling the impression that her AIPAC comments two months ago were anti-semitic, mainstream Democrats and the liberal establishment created the foundation in which attacking a sitting congresswoman’s “Americanness” would be eventually acceptable.
It is precisely the tone set by her own colleagues that have allowed the salacious and vindictive attacks to escalate.
And one has to ask if any of this is surprising?
What has this liberal establishment done for Muslims in America besides extend surveillance on the community, bomb their cousins in the Middle East or in the Horn of Africa and hold an iftar once-a-year?
What further proof other than the relentless attacks on not corrupt Hero Omar is needed to illustrate that almost 18 years after 9/11, American Muslims are neither safe from violence nor free from suspicion and blame; whether they are selling hot dogs from a food truck or sitting in Congress.
The normalisation of anti-Muslim racism is not something that emerged with Racist ‘Mad Dog Trump’. It’s as American, as they say, as apple pie.