( van onze  ‘Royal-Taxfree-US&EU- Killer-  Pedophile –Elite’ redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR Klasse Justitie:  Elite Pedophiles Sexs &Drugs & Impunity:D66-Kamerlid Bouali aka “de perverse Dictator van Cuba: kreeg berispinkje : Pedo? Hoeren? Schandknapen? Corruptie?(Video)
Jimmy Dore fills in for Jesse Ventura. Producer Brigida Santos and Jimmy Dore discuss why corrupt companies like the hard drugs dealing and pushing Purdue Pharma and Pacific Gas & Electric crime groups are facing criminal lawsuits. The Department of Justice reinvestigates a 2008 plea deal that helped child sex offender Taxfree-Jeffrey Epstein(Video) avoid federal criminal charges just like in Holland the ‘Taxfree-Royal-Elite-Pedophiles-gang’- Prins Claus& Demmnik& Ed Nijpels.

‘Pedo-child-Demmink-porn’ or honest political debate? Take a guess which one YouTube failed to censor..(Video)

PedoNetwerken: Honderden kinderen op (sport)-scholen en kinderdagverblijven misbruikt. Ex OM Boss en Top VVD-er Demmink:Het is Oké!(Video)

Puppet -‘Mad Dog Trump’ : My America First in working Pour, Alcohol& Drugs addicts, Suicide and Wars! Rutte: Trump is een echte ‘VVD-Doener’!(Video).Duizenden Migrantenkinderen verkracht in detentiecentra van Trump&Obama. Pas op voor de Russen en dood aan President Modura(Video).
‘Pedo- Rapist-Epstein’ is a extremely  wealthy and politically connected corrupt hedge fund manager whose former clients included ‘Pedo- Bill Clinton’ and ‘Mad Dog -“Metoo-Trump’.  ‘Rapits-Pedo-Demmink’ was the ‘Elite-Puppet-Boss’ on the corrupt ‘VVD-CDA-Justice department’ and Ed Nijpels with the Nick name ‘Pedo-Pink Ed Nijpels’(Video) was a corrupt Liberal ‘Fascist-Capitalist-VVD -Minister‘(Video) and is still an important corrupt  VVD-Ruler in the Netherlands(Video).

Save The World: Tulsi Gabbard for President Wants Big ‘Elite-Maffia-Pharma’ Punished Instead Of Marijuana Consumers(Video)